About Us

Getting ahold of the right tools and the best techniques in woodworking is essential in achieving the most satisfying end results. While this can be challenging, our team at woodworks hub can help you in terms of providing you with options to take into consideration. Our expertise is providing much-needed knowledge in the field of woodworking.

Our website was established as a result of our love of natural materials, wood included, along with the desire to create only the best wood products. Through the years, our team has gained recognition in this field for offering creative solutions and producing fine craftsmanship.

Meet the Team

Luis Parker

woodworks hub was established by Luis in 2020. He considers himself an artisan maker of furniture with over two decades of experience working in the field. His skills are backed up by experience, starting off as a specialist in architectural furniture, and eventually moving into creative interior design. He creates products for both commercial and residential clients.

Luis is well-loved for his keen eye and reasonable attention to detail, taking a personal interest in all details of each project. His ultimate goal is to make sure that the team only implements the highest standards in each phase of a project.

Collin Jones

Collin has a degree in Graphic Design and has been exposed to the world of art and woodworking at a very early age. He is a son of a self-proclaimed carpenter and woodworker and takes pride in serving as an assistant to his father when they built their own home.

With skills in manual labor related to woodworking, combined with his knowledge in technical stuff related to his practice, Collin has contributed a lot to the entire team. He is the technical go-to person in word works hub as he offers his expertise and artistic knowledge, along with a love for design into the artistic world of woodworking.

Brad Andrews

Brad takes pride in his passion for all things that are related to working with hands. With over a decade of experience in woodworking under esteemed people in this field, he has established a reputation for himself being a creative woodworker. He has a knack for all things related to woodworking, including making miniature designs of different items. He is also interested in the art of wood design, which includes staining and painting.

His approach is applying modern techniques in production to the art of traditional making of furniture. Brad believes that this is a good way to enjoy the best of both worlds – producing high-quality, cost-effective, and highly consistent output combined with artistic flair.