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Basic Woodworking Tools: Every Woodworker Must Have

Woodworking could mean different things to various individuals. To some, woodworking is a way to make ends meet. Some consider it a hobby, a platform that will allow them to explore their creativity and create long-lasting and useful pieces that will help them relieve their stress. Professionals, on the other hand, are compensated for the pieces that they create. Whether you are a professional or a simple DIYer, knowing about the basic woodworking tools that every woodworker must have. Let us take a look at these tools and see their uses. 

1. Handsaws

Handsaws play a huge role in the accomplishment of any woodworking project. They are easy to use and are ideal for work that requires precision and detailed cuts. With handsaws, there is no need to deal with batteries that die, clumsy cords, or bulky weight. They are always on the go. Plus, they are very affordable. 

2. Planes

A plane is categorized as a cutting tool. All planes feature a fixed blade that shaves off wood fibers, allowing them to form a shape and become smoother. The depth and size of the blade are the most important factors in the amount of material that may be removed at a given time. There are different types of planes for different applications. 

3. Orbital Sander

If you plan to get a piece of electric wood-finishing equipment, getting an orbital sander is a good choice. This machine is fast-acting, removing the strain from your hand while sanding. It makes the process faster too. An orbital sander uses sandpaper pads that revolve in an orbital or circular movement. 

4. Hammer

Note that you can never find a single, universal hammer. While a carpenter’s claw hammer can do a lot of things, there are dozens of types of hammers. Hammers that are used for woodworking perform two general tasks – pounding and prying. 

5. Hand Files

A hand file is used for shaping and smoothening wood. They are inexpensive, and given the right care, could last a long time. You can get ones that are made out of quality steel as they are more durable. Once dull, the best option is to replace them than attempt to sharpen them. 

6. Power Drill

Power drills can prove to be a woodworker’s friend. Electric-powered models are not just designed for drilling holes. All types of attachments can also be used, turning a power drill into other types of tools as well. If you are looking at getting your first power drill, a corded model is an option to consider. They offer more longevity and torque than cordless models. Note that corded drills are rated according to their chuck size, with 3/8” chunks as the most common size. 

7. Tape Measure

A tape measure is another very important tool that should always be in the toolbox of any woodworker. While there are different types of tape measures out there, the basic ones include retractable steep tapes, flexible reel tapes, folding rules, and yardsticks, and straight edges. 

8. Screw Gun

Screws are considered the best all-around fasteners for any type of woodworking project. They are designed to hold tight, and can easily be removed and disassembled. They can be used for creating temporary joints that can be removed when mistakes happen. Even though screwdrivers should always be around, getting a powered screw gun can make driving screws easier and faster. They are valuable especially when you need to complete a job that uses multiple screws. 

9. Sawhorses

Sawhorses are among the very first tools that you can invest in as a woodworker. Sawhorses are four-legged tools that offer good support and balance for heavyweights and long lumber lengths. They usually come in pairs though many woodworkers have more of them in their shed. Aside from purchasing ready-to-use sawhorses, you can also make your own from scrap materials though you can always go for available ones that are made out of sturdy materials such as fiberglass, steel, and plastic. 

10. Workbench

Investing in a good quality workbench should be taken a consideration if you are working towards being a professional woodworker. While you can always create your workbench using plywood and 2x4s, you will never be able to experience the practicality and usefulness of a quality, professional-grade workbench. A workbench is something that you will need all the time. 


Beginners often find it overwhelming to know that there are a lot of tools that they can use for woodworking. While you may need the more advanced ones at one point or another, there are basic woodworking tools that should be present in your toolbox. Most of these tools do not have to be extra costly or elaborate. Rather, they are simple and functional, allowing you to accomplish any type of work. What are your woodworking stories? Share them in the comments section! Feel free to share this article if you like! 





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