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DIY Bed Frames Made Out of Pallets – Woodworking Ideas and Guides

These days, pallets are not only for storing or carrying different kinds of materials. Today, there are countless ideas people have to get the most out of their pallets. You may have found all these pictures online. It is exciting to see how a simple pallet can turn into something beautiful and even expensive-looking. 

One of the most common ones is the bed frames made out of pallets. These bed frame pallets are easy to work with and improvise. Styling and fitting them into your desired aesthetic require no great effort. Because of this, pallets became popular and the first choice of many for their bed frames. 

If you are looking into bed frames ideas you can copy, check these different DIY bed frames made out of pallets. 

What are Pallets? 

There are different kinds of pallets. Usually, we see the wood pallets. There are plastic, metal, special pallets for food, and those made in recycled materials. The primary use of pallets is to give stable support for different goods when in transport. 

They get a lift into the air either by a forklift or any loader. The pallets allow efficient support without any problem. When goods get strapped securely on the pallet, they get delivered and transported anywhere. 

Choosing the Safe Pallets for Bed Frames 

You can either buy pallets or recycle some discarded and free ones from companies and factories. Either way, you will still get excellent quality pallets once you know how to find the safe ones. Here’s how you choose the safe pallets for your bed frames. 

1. See if they are clean. 

You would want to use pallets that look clean even when you haven’t washed or cleaned them yet. You wouldn’t want to choose the with paints or color. Though they are generally safe, the fumes from those unknown paints may be dangerous. 

2. Look for stamps and markings. 

Generally, the marking and stamps on the pallet will tell you whether they are safe or not. For example, MB letters marked on the pallets mean they get used to transport highly dangerous or toxic chemicals. 

Pallets with the logo of the IPPC are safe, and it is all right for you to use. Pallets with this logo stamp get usually used for international shipment. Though you may want to check the domestic use ones since they are safer. Yet, still, check what the pallets get used before to be sure. 

3. Look for cracks and tear. 

Inspect the pallets beforehand. Don’t settle with those having notable cracks and tears, even when you know you can fix it. It will cause more damage than you think. Choose those that are dry. Pallets that look and feel dry are the ideal ones. 

Test the pallet out. If it isn’t too sturdy and easily bends, you may need to find other pallets available. 

4. Know the type of wood. 

When hunting for wood pallets, check the type of wood. Ask the people in there for more details. The more you know about the pallets, the better. It will help you decide whether the pallet is in excellent condition or not. 

5. Get Pallets from a Reliable Source.

Visit multiple pallets suppliers to help you compare all the quality. Don’t simply buy in the first store or get the free pallets you see and receive. It’s always a must to check the quality and the history of these pallets. 

DIY Bed Frames Made Out of Pallets 

Here are the several DIY bed frames made of pallets you can take inspiration from and copy for your projects. 

1. Nature Inspired Pallet Bed Frame 

Image source

The outdoor-inspired bed pallet bed frame will help make your room look fresh and clean all the time. When you combine the colors of nature, such as green, blue, and white, you will get an excellent combination that’s a wonder to the eyes. 

Add your plants into the design as well. Potted green plants will blend well with the design. Choose minimalistic and simplistic furniture to compliment the fresh vibe of the room. Wood accents will likewise give a nice pop of color and highlight a few parts of the room. 

2. Simple Bed Frame Pallet and an Illuminated Headboard


Image source

Make it simple by stacking a few wood pallets in place. It will create a make-shift bed frame that is higher than the others. The highlight of this bed frame is the illuminated headboard. You can add fairy lights to give that glow when you turned off your primary source of light. 

The lights will help illuminate the highlights of the room. Even without much furniture, your room will feel at home and comfortable. You can add a few pieces of furniture to compliments the look. 

3. Elevated and Closed Bed Frame Pallet

Image source

If you want to get a little crafty or get too uncomfortable with the spaces in your pallet, you can create your closed bed frame. It has a nice finish, and you can paint it with any color you want. Plus, this one is studier and more durable than the bed frames you can buy in different stores. 

It may take time and effort. Plus, you will have to spend more money, but it will be worth it. It is excellent to create a quality bed frame that will fit well in the room.

4. Pastel Beach Inspired Pallet Bed Frame

Image source

Step into a beach-like hotel room every time you enter your room. This pastel beach-inspired pallet bed frame actuates a girl, comfortable, and hotel-like feel on your room. To highlight a few features, paste colors of different shades are noticeable. 

Add a few touches to create that soft look. You can put a nice and comfy rug and white curtains. Wood furniture will complement the aesthetic as well. Add a full-length mirror to make the room feel big and clean. Either you use a color theme or throw different hues of brown and pastel.  

5. Pallet Inspired Bed Frame

Image source

If you are apprehensive about buying or asking for pallets from different stores or factories, you can order a pallet-inspired bed frame online. You can choose from different colors as well. What makes this a good investment is the quality and the designs. 

You can be sure that the wood is of excellent quality. There are different designs and colors for you. Either you want white, natural, or rustic, the brand has several choices ready. 


You can find a lot of inspiration for bed frames made out of pallets online. You will never run out of ideas. But first, before you get to design and make your ideas into reality, you have to choose the pallets you will need for your bed frame. 

Don’t be in a hurry. It is crucial to stick to the guidelines. There will be many pallets from different sources to always take your time in choosing. Getting the ideal pallets is the main priority for your DIY bed frames. 





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