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Best Scroll Saw Blades in 2023 – Choosing the Right Blade

Are you looking for the best scroll saw blade for your woodworking project? A scroll saw blade will make a difference in the success of your project. With so many choices, it can be very confusing on which one to get for your project.

In this post, we’ll share our top picks for the best options for scroll saw blades in 2023. We’ve covered all the basics and the frequently asked questions about scroll saw blades. 

Our Top Picks

When it comes to the best scroll saw blades, our top picks include the Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse Scroll Saw Blade Variety Pack and the OLSON SAW FR49501 Pin End Scroll Saw Blade.

The Flying Dutchman blades have a pinless design and are 5 inches long. They’re well-milled for sharper and more precise cutting edges. The unique design prevents splinters and allows for faster cuts. Made of hardened steel, the pack contains 52 blades.

On the other hand, the OLSON SAW blades are durable and come in an 18-pack set. Made of strong carbon steel, they provide more value for money. The pin-end design makes them suitable for cutting larger holes, making them perfect for wood and light materials.

Top 8 Scroll Saw Blades in 2023 – Review and Comparison

Read the review and comparison of our top 8 picks of 2023 below:

Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse Scroll Saw Blade Variety Pack

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5


  • These sharp and efficient blades have a pinless design and are all 5 inches long.
  • These are well-milled blades so you can guarantee sharper and more precise cutting edges.
  • The Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse has a one-of-a-kind design that prevents splinters and makes faster cuts. 


  • Dimensions – 9.2 x 6 x 0.3 inches, 1.58 ounces
  • Material – hardened steel 
  • Number of Blades – 52
  • Can Be Used On – wood
  • Special Features – milled blades, ultra reverse, pinless design, more blades in one pack
  • Accessories – none

There are many reasons why the Flying Dutchman scroll blades are the best. First, these are pinless blades all 5 inches long. These are milled blades giving you sharper and smoother cuts each time. 

Your Flying Dutchman blades are made from high-quality steel alloy and thus, these are very strong and ready to cut any material. This set is the Ultra Reverse blade kit, the most popular blade from the manufacturer. These blades come with a reversed 3rd tooth which keeps the blade from splintering along the underside of the material. Expect aggressively fast results without compromising the outer appearance of the wood. 

These Flying Dutchman scroll saw blades have a dozen 2/0, 1, 3, 5, and 7 blades. You’ll always have a spare in case one blade starts to dull out or rust. 


  • These are pinless blades for smoother and seamless cuts.
  • These blades have sharper edges.
  • With Ultra Reverse design to make faster and smoother cuts. 
  • You’ll get a dozen each of the 5 most popular blade sizes. 


  • Complaints that these blades are too short.
  • Problems fitting with some scroll saw models. 

OLSON SAW FR49501 Pin End Scroll Saw Blade

Star Rating: 4 out of 5


  • These are very durable 5-inch saw blades in an 18-pack set.
  • These are very strong carbon steel blades. 
  • You’ll get more value for your money with this 18-pack saw blades set. 


  • Dimensions – 3.7 x 8.5 x 0.3 inches, 3.2 ounces
  • Material – carbon steel
  • Number of Blades – 18
  • Can Be Used On – wood
  • Special Features – with pin ends, comes in a complete set
  • Accessories – none

The Olson FR49501 is a set of pin-end scroll saw blades made from top-quality carbon steel. These are 5-inch blades, 18 blades in a pack. These scroll blades are very strong and will resist warping and rusting because of their durable coating. 

You will get pin-end blades which are best for cutting larger holes. These blades can cut through different kinds of wood including softwood and hardwood. You’ll get three of the most common blade sizes: 15 TPI, 10 TPI, and 18.5 TPI which are mostly used on wood and other light materials. 

Olson is one of the oldest saw blade companies in the US. Since 1918, Olson has made tough, durable, and versatile saw blades for different applications. 


  • This saw scroll blade set is composed of the most popular blade sizes and designs.
  • You’ll get 18 blades in a pack so you’ll have a replacement no matter what type of blade you need.
  • These blades have a durable coating.
  • With a pin end to fit larger holes.


  • Pinless blades are much better for smaller holes.
  • There’s no carrying box or case.

Proxxon 28743 Pin End Scroll Saw Blades

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5


  • These blades are very durable, made from the best quality steel. 
  • These blades are best for cutting thinner materials but they can also cut plastics, hard and softwoods. 
  • These are standard-sized blades with a toothed design.


  • Dimensions – 5 x 0.07 x 0.01 inches, 0.02 kgs
  • Material – steel
  • Number of Blades – 18
  • Can Be Used On – wood and plastics
  • Special Features – with pin ends, 18 teeth/inch
  • Accessories –  none

The Proxxon scroll blades are a set of 12 pin end blades at 5 inches in length. These blades are designed to provide the best results thanks to their top-quality stainless steel construction. You can use these blades to cut thin materials including soft and hardwood including plastics.

These Proxxon blades have pinheads which are great for making larger and deeper holes. These blades come with 18 teeth per inch which are standard sizes and designs for good quality saw blades. And because of the design of the Proxxon blade, you can count on these blades to last longer and can be used on different construction and material-cutting projects. 


  • These are saw blades made from quality materials.
  • These are designed for extended usage.
  • You can use these pin-end blades to cut through softwoods, hardwood, and plastics. 
  • You’ll get more value for your money with 12 saw blades in one pack.


  • These blades don’t have a carrying case or box.
  • These won’t cut thicker materials and thin metals. 
  • Complaints that these blades won’t last long.

SKIL 80182 Plain End Scroll Saw Blade Set

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5


  • These scroll blades are made from top-quality steel which improves blade life.
  • These are precision-sharpened which helps the saw cut all kinds of intricate shapes and designs.
  • You can use these blades to cut through plastics, woods, and other non-ferrous materials. 


  • Dimensions – 9.02 x 3.5 x 0.12 inches, 0.06 pounds
  • Material – alloy steel
  • Number of Blades – 36
  • Can Be Used On – woods, non-ferrous materials, plastics
  • Special Features – will fit all popular scroll saw brands and models, precision sharpened
  • Accessories – none

The Skill 80182 is a set with 36 blades. You’ll get 12 blades with 28 teeth/inch, 12 blades with 11.5 teeth/inch, and 12 blades with 9.5 teeth/inch. These are made from top-quality steel so you can guarantee these will last longer. 

Each blade is precision-sharpened which can help you make intricate shapes and designs. These can fit standard scroll saws but will work best with Skill saw models. With these blades, you can cut almost all types of light materials from wood to plastic. You can also work these blades on non-ferrous materials. 


  • You’ll get 36 scroll blades in each pack.
  • This set has more blades for each size/TPI. You can replace a blade once it’s dull. 
  • These blades are precise and sharp. 
  • You can use these blades on non-ferrous metals, wood, and plastics. 
  • You can use this with major saw brands even non-Skil saw models. 


  • These scroll blades don’t come with a case or box. 
  • Complaints that these won’t fit some saw brands and models. 

RYOBI 15 Teeth per in. Regular Tooth Scroll Saw Blades

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5


  • These blades were made for general purpose scroll cutting.
  • These are compatible with a wide variety of saws.
  • You can expect these blades to last longer because of their carbon steel construction.


  • Dimensions – 8.5 x 1.8 x 0.3 inches, 0.32 ounces
  • Material – high carbon steel
  • Number of Blades – 4
  • Can Be Used On – wood and plastic
  • Special Features – pinned blades, general-purpose blades
  • Accessories – none

The Ryobi scroll saw blade set is a 4-piece set for general purpose cuts. You can use these to cut all types of soft and hardwood as well as plastic materials. It will retain its shape and sharpness thanks to its HCS construction.

These Ryobi saw blades are compatible with all scroll saw brands and models that use pin blades. This type of blade is useful for many cutting tasks at home or the worksite. 


  • These scroll blades are regular scroll blades with 15 teeth per inch design.
  • You can use these blades for general cutting and sawing tasks. 
  • These blades are compatible with most scroll saws because of their pined design.


  • You will only get 4 saw blades in a pack. 
  • Complaints that these are not durable blades. 

Delta Power Scroll Saw Blades

Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5


  • These scroll blades were made for straight-line cutting.
  • These are versatile blades made from very strong steel.
  • You’ll get more value for your money with 12 blades in one pack.


  • Dimensions – 0.75 x 2.5 x 9 inches, 1.6 ounces
  • Material –steel
  • Number of Blades – 12
  • Can Be Used On – wood 
  • Special Features – in line cutting blades, number 12 blades
  • Accessories – none

The Delta Power 40-521 scroll blades are very sharp because of their precision ground design. You will get 12 blades in one pack, perfect if you need to work on a project longer. With more blades at hand, you can easily replace broken, chipped or bent blades to make blade changes faster and more convenient. 


  • You’ll get more blades of the same size for your project.
  • These blades are made from high-quality metals. 
  • Will last longer than other scroll blade brands. 
  • You can use these blades for easy and efficient straight line cuts.  


  • The blades look flimsy.
  • Complaints that some of the blades may not cut well. 

WEN BLMG03#3R Modified Geometry Pinless Scroll Saw Blades

Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5


  • These blades have an improved geometrical design to create fast and accurate cuts. 
  • These blades are capable of making splinter-free cuts. 
  • These are compatible with almost all scroll saws.


  • Dimensions – 9.5 x 7.25 x 0.5 inches, 0.211 ounces
  • Material – steel
  • Number of Blades – 12
  • Can Be Used On – wood
  • Special Features – geometrical designs, 12.4 teeth/inch
  • Accessories – none

The WEN BLMG03#3R scroll blades have a unique design. These are geometrically designed pinless blades which will produce faster and more accurate cuts without burning your blades. These blades come with the #3R design measuring .0126-inch thick and .0335-inch width. 

You’ll get blades with 12.4 teeth/inch which is the most popular type of blade. Use these blades with any scroll saw as it’s compatible with most saw models and brands. These 5-inch saw blades are best used with a WEN scroll saw.


  • You’ll get a dozen saw blades for easy blade changes
  • These blades have a modified design for more accurate and faster cuts. 
  • These are 5-inch blades that are compatible with more scroll saw brands and models in the market. 
  • You’ll get splinter-free cuts.
  • You can cut different materials with less blade burning.


  • Complaints that these blades are not compatible with some scroll saw brands. 

Bosch Plain End Scroll Saw Blade

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5


  • These scroll blades are from premium-quality steel. 
  • You can use these to cut through plastics, woods, and non-ferrous metals.
  • With pin and plain style, scroll saw blades.


  • Dimensions – 0.25 x 1.81 x 9.88 inches, 0.01 pounds
  • Material – steel
  • Number of Blades – 12
  • Can Be Used On – wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics
  • Special Features – precision sharpened, pin and plain styles
  • Accessories – none

The BOSCH scroll blade set comes with a plain end so these are compatible with more scroll saw models and brands. These are made from top-quality steel material so expect these blades to last a long time. 

These blades are best for sawing many types of wood, plastics, and even non-ferrous metals. These are precision-sharpened blades so you’ll enjoy precision cutting especially when you’re working with intricate designs and shapes. 

This scroll blade set can be used for general cutting purposes as well as worksite cutting tasks. You will find BOSCH saw blades in different TPIs and blade widths so you can use these in different materials and applications. 


  • These blades are sharp and long-lasting.
  • These are precision-sharpened blades so it’s easier to cut different shapes and forms. 
  • You can use these blades to cut all kinds of materials including wood, plastics as well as non0ferous metals. 


  • Problems with the type of material to cut.
  • Complaints that the blades don’t last long

Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Scroll Saw Blade 

Consider the Scroll Saw Blade Materials

When choosing scroll saw blades, you’ll want to consider the different materials available. The material of the blade greatly affects its durability, maintenance, compatibility, versatility, and performance.

One popular option is carbon steel blades. These blades are known for their durability and can handle a variety of cutting tasks. However, they require regular maintenance to prevent rust and maintain their sharpness.

Another material to consider is high-speed steel (HSS). HSS blades are known for their longevity and ability to cut through various materials with ease. They’re also more resistant to heat, making them ideal for prolonged use.

Lastly, there are bi-metal blades, which combine the durability of carbon steel with the cutting performance of HSS. These blades offer excellent versatility and can handle a wide range of materials and cutting tasks.

When deciding on the right scroll saw blade material, consider your specific needs and the type of projects you plan to tackle.

Determine the Right Teeth per Inch (TPI

To find the right teeth per inch (TPI) for your scroll saw blade, you should consider the thickness and type of material you’ll be cutting. Here are some tips to help you choose the right TPI for different materials:

  1. Thin materials like plywood or veneer require a higher TPI (around 20-30) for smoother cuts.
  2. Thicker materials like hardwood or metal need a lower TPI (around 8-12) to prevent blade breakage.
  3. Understanding the importance of tooth geometry is crucial. Skip-tooth blades are great for fast cutting, while double-tooth blades offer more control and precision.
  4. To optimize blade performance, avoid common mistakes like using a dull blade or applying too much pressure. Let the blade do the work and let the teeth do the cutting.

Determining the lifespan of a scroll saw blade depends on factors like frequency of use, material being cut, and proper maintenance. Regularly inspect the blade for signs of wear or damage, and replace it when necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Understand Skip Tooth Blades

Understanding skip tooth blades is essential for achieving fast cutting speeds and efficient performance in your scroll saw projects.

Skip tooth blades have widely spaced teeth, which allows for efficient chip removal and prevents the blade from getting clogged.

The teeth spacing also helps in reducing friction and heat buildup, resulting in improved cutting efficiency. These blades are known for their durability, as the wider gullets reduce the chances of blade breakage.

Additionally, skip tooth blades are versatile and can be used for cutting various materials, including wood, plastic, and thin metals.

To maintain the blade’s performance, it’s important to perform regular maintenance, such as cleaning and lubricating the blade.

Explore Different Types of Teeth

Exploring different types of teeth can help you determine the most suitable blade for your scroll saw projects. Here are some key considerations when it comes to tooth design:

  1. Different tooth configurations:
  • Blades can have various tooth configurations, such as standard, reverse, or spiral.
  • Each configuration serves different purposes and produces different results.
  1. Tooth spacing options:
  • The spacing between teeth can vary.
  • This spacing affects the blade’s ability to clear sawdust and prevent heat buildup.
  • Fine tooth spacing is ideal for intricate cuts.
  • Wider spacing is better for thicker materials.
  1. Tooth angle variations:
  • The angle of the teeth can impact the blade’s aggressiveness and cutting speed.
  • Steeper tooth angles offer faster cuts.
  • Shallower angles provide smoother finishes.
  1. Tooth durability factors:
  • The material and hardness of the teeth play a role in the blade’s durability.
  • Carbide teeth are more durable and suitable for cutting harder materials.
  • High-speed steel teeth are more affordable but may require more frequent replacement.

Considering these tooth design factors will help you choose the right blade for your specific scroll saw projects.

Find the Ideal Blade Length

When finding the ideal blade length, consider the thickness of the material you’ll be cutting. Choosing the right tension is crucial as it ensures a clean and precise cut.

Blade flex is another factor to consider. A flexible blade is ideal for intricate and detailed cuts, while a stiffer blade is better for straight cuts.

Blade durability is important, as a durable blade will last longer and provide consistent performance. Understanding blade vibration is essential as excessive vibration can lead to inaccurate cuts and discomfort during use.

Lastly, evaluating blade compatibility is necessary to ensure that the blade you choose is suitable for your scroll saw.

Evaluate Blade Thickness

To evaluate blade thickness, you’ll need to consider the type of material you’ll be cutting and choose a blade that’s suitable for it. Here are some factors to keep in mind when evaluating blade thickness for your scroll saw:

  1. Blade sharpness: A sharp blade will ensure cleaner and more precise cuts.
  2. Cutting speed: Thicker blades are better suited for slower cutting speeds, while thinner blades are ideal for faster cutting speeds.
  3. Blade tension: Thicker blades require higher tension to prevent bending and breaking during use.
  4. Blade durability and flexibility: Thicker blades are generally more durable and less likely to break, but they may be less flexible and limit your ability to make intricate cuts.

Consider Kerf Width

Consider the kerf width of the blade to ensure that it’s compatible with the type of cuts you want to make. The kerf width refers to the thickness of the cut made by the saw blade. It’s important to choose the right kerf width as it can have a significant impact on the quality of your cuts.

A wider kerf width may result in a rougher cut, while a narrower kerf width may produce a smoother cut. When comparing kerf widths, keep in mind that thinner blades tend to be more fragile and may break easily. To ensure the best results, consider the material you’re cutting and the desired precision.

Additionally, when using a scroll saw, it’s advisable to follow manufacturer recommendations for kerf width to achieve optimal performance.

Select the Appropriate Shank Size

To ensure compatibility, make sure the shank size of the blade matches the size of the chuck on your power tool. Shank size selection is crucial when it comes to using scroll saw blades effectively. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Shank compatibility: Different scroll saw models have specific shank size requirements. Check your tool’s manual or specifications to determine the suitable shank size.
  2. Shank size options: Scroll saw blades are available in various shank sizes, such as 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch, and 1/4 inch. Choose the size that matches your tool’s chuck.
  3. Shank size importance: Using the correct shank size ensures that the blade fits securely in the chuck, reducing the risk of accidents and providing optimal performance.
  4. Shank size considerations: Consider the type of materials you’ll be working with and the level of precision required. Thicker shank sizes are sturdier and suitable for cutting thicker materials, while thinner shank sizes are more delicate and precise.

Balance Price and Performance

When balancing price and performance, you want to find a scroll saw blade that offers both affordability and high-quality results. It’s important to consider the performance vs. cost trade-off when choosing the right blade for your needs.

Finding the perfect balance between price and performance can be challenging, but there are a few factors to consider. First, think about your budget and price considerations for scroll saw blades. Determine how much you’re willing to spend and what performance level you’re looking for.

Next, focus on maximizing performance within your budget. Look for blades that offer good quality and durability without breaking the bank. By doing your research and comparing different options, you can find the best scroll saw blades that provide excellent performance without compromising your budget.

Asses Blade Quality and Construction

You can assess blade quality and construction by examining the materials used and the overall design. Here are four key factors to consider when evaluating scroll saw blades:

  1. Blade Sharpness: Look for blades that have a sharp cutting edge to ensure clean and precise cuts.
  2. Blade Durability: Check for blades made from high-quality materials like carbon steel or tungsten carbide, which are known for their durability and long lifespan.
  3. Blade Flexibility: Opt for blades that offer a good balance between stiffness and flexibility. This allows for better control and maneuverability while cutting.
  4. Blade Heat Resistance and Vibration Control: Consider blades that are designed to dissipate heat effectively and reduce vibration. This helps to prevent overheating and ensures smooth and accurate cuts.

Check Manufacturer’s Reputation

Now that you’ve assessed the quality and construction of the scroll saw blades, it’s time to dive into researching the manufacturer’s reputation. This step is crucial in ensuring that you make a wise purchasing decision.

Start by checking customer reviews to get insights from people who’ve already purchased and used the product. Analyzing product ratings will also give you an idea of the overall satisfaction level among customers.

Next, investigate the manufacturing process to ensure that the blades are made with top-notch materials and craftsmanship. It’s also important to examine the warranty and return policies provided by the manufacturer to protect your investment.

Lastly, don’t forget to research the customer support services offered by the manufacturer to ensure that you’ll receive assistance if any issues arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions and answers about buying and using the best scroll blades

Q: Are all scroll saw blades the same?

Scroll blades may look the same but upon closer inspection, you will see that these blades are in different sizes with the cutting teeth having varying TPI or teeth per inch. Also, some scroll blades have unique designs like those with twisted tips for every other tooth or every other two teeth. Some blades also have varying teeth sizes while some have wrapped around teeth like spiral scroll blades. 

Q: Are spiral scroll blades better than other scroll blades?

Spiral blades are very sharp and the teeth are located on every side of the blade. Because the blade has a twisted design, the cuts produced are smoother compared to other saw blades in the market. 

Q: How long will scroll saw blades last?

Scroll blades will only last 15 to 45 minutes of non-stop use at moderate speeds on wood.  Using a scroll blade on thicker materials can affect the blade’s lifespan. Other factors that can affect a scroll blade’s lifespan are higher operating speeds, tool tension, and the type of wood or material you’re cutting.

Q: Why does a scroll blade break?

The most popular reason why scroll blades break is due to incorrect tension. If the blade is hogging the wooden material too quickly and working with a lot of pressure then expect blades to break faster. Other reasons to consider are defective blades, rusting, poor blade holders or problems with the scroll saw.

Q: How tight should your scroll saw be?

To find out if your scroll saw has the right tension, move the blade using your fingers after installation. The blade should have enough tension. When the blade has correct tension, it should not move or twist when it’s pushed. 

Q: What are the different types of scroll saw blades?

A: There are several types of scroll saw blades, including spiral blades, pin-end blades, and plain-end blades.

Q: What is the difference between spiral blades and standard blades?

A: Spiral blades have teeth all around the blade, allowing you to cut in all directions. Standard blades, on the other hand, have teeth only on the bottom of the blade, allowing you to cut in either direction.

Q: Which type of scroll saw blade is best for cutting intricate designs?

A: Spiral scroll saw blades are generally considered the best for cutting intricate designs. Their ability to cut in all directions makes them ideal for detailed work.

Q: Are there different blade types for cutting hard and soft wood?

A: Yes, there are different blade types for cutting hard and soft wood. Blades with smaller teeth are generally better for cutting soft wood, while blades with larger teeth are better for cutting hard wood.

Q: What do scroll saw blade reviews say about the top scroll saw blades?

A: Scroll saw blade reviews often mention top scroll saw blades, such as premium blades or blades from reputable brands. These blades are known for their durability and cutting performance.

Q: How many blades are usually included in a scroll saw blade pack?

A: Scroll saw blade packs typically include multiple blades, ranging from 5 to 25 blades, depending on the pack size and brand.

Q: What is the recommended thickness of the blade for a scroll saw?

A: The recommended thickness of the blade for a scroll saw depends on the type of cutting you plan to do. Thinner blades are better for intricate cuts, while thicker blades are better for cutting thicker materials.

Q: Can scroll saw blades cut faster than other types of blades?

A: Scroll saw blades are designed for precision cutting rather than speed. While they can cut quickly, their main advantage is their ability to make detailed and intricate cuts.

Q: What are the advantages of using pin-end blades?

A: Pin-end blades are easy to install and remove, making them ideal for beginners. They also allow for tight corner cuts and can cut in all directions.

Q: Is it recommended to use a specific type of scroll saw blade for cutting softwood?

A: For cutting softwood, it is generally recommended to use blades with smaller teeth. These blades provide finer cuts and minimize splintering.





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