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The Best Track Saws (2022 Reviews & Buying Guides)

A track saw looks like a circular saw but comes with a long rail at the front. This type of saw can make seamless cuts on different materials including trim and wooden boards. A track saw also works as a plunge saw when set to a specific depth. You have amazing control over the stock material with a track saw. 

From our list of the best track saws, the WEN CT1065 circular saw remains supreme with its ability to rip wooden boards and for creating internal plunge-type cuts. And if you’re looking for a good track saw, we know you’ll find the right one from our top list for 2021.

Quickly Review

WEN CT1065 10-Amp Circular Track Saw

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 

Best Plunge Cut, Circular Track Saw from WEN

Product Description

  • This track saw can cut and rip wooden boards up to 2 1/3 inches in thickness. Cuts are splinter-free.
  • You can make internal plunge cuts on your projects. 
  • This track saw comes with a 6.5-inch, 24 teeth carbide-tipped saw blade. 

The WEN CT1065 is a 10-amp circular track saw with a very powerful motor that can rip through boards as thick as 2 1/3 inches thick. The cuts are clean, smooth, and free from splinters thanks to its sharp teeth and high-powered battery-operated motor. 

This track saw can also make 45-degree bevel cuts even on wooden boards that are 1 5/8 inches thick. You can count on this saw to make internal plunge cuts. It comes with a very strong, durable 6.5-inch carbide tipped blade with 24 teeth and a 20 mm arbor. 

This saw does not come with a track so you need to purchase these separately. Be sure to buy the WEN CT9502 track, a 100-inch circular saw track together with the WEN CT992F clamps for the best performance.  

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions –  14.06 x 11.61 x 10.63 inches, 13.55 pounds
  • Power/Motor –  10-Amp motor, 5500 RPM, lithium-ion battery
  • Cutting Capabilities –45 – degree bevels for 1 5/8- inches thick cuts, cut capacity up to 2.33 inches thickness, the base is 12 x 6.625 inches
  • Special Features –  carbide-tipped blades, 100-inch track 
  • Accessories – none


  • This track saw can cut, rip, and bevel.
  • These can produce internal plunge cuts.
  • Your purchase comes with a very durable carbide-tipped blade. 
  • This saw is easy to operate and works with all types of wood.


  • Does not come with a track. You need to purchase this separately along with the clamp
  • Complaints with the anti-kickback feature. 

Evolution – 027-0004C Power Tools R185CCSX 7 Circular Track Saw Kit

Star Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Best Multi-Material Circular Track Saw from Evolution

Product Description

  • This track saw can cut a wider range of materials with no blade changes.
  • This saw comes with a powerful 15-Amp, high-torque motor to cut different materials. 
  • Bevels 0 to 45 degrees and can pivot to create precise cuts. 

The Evolution 027-0004C is a multi-material circular track saw that comes with a 40-inch track. This saw works on a wide variety of materials and all these without changing the saw blades. It has a strong 15-amp motor with a high torque capacity which can make very accurate cuts.

This track saw will move seamlessly over the 40-inch track. It has an ergonomic grip that’s soft, comfortable to use even if you need to track cut for a long period. You can also use this track saw to make bevel cuts as it can bevel tilt from 0 to 45 degrees. You’ll get precise results plus, you can use this on different intricate cutting projects. It is lightweight and thus, easy to carry anywhere you need to work. 

This Evolution track saw comes with a three-year limited manufacturer’s warranty which adds value to your purchase. 

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions –  15.3 x 11.9 x 9.9 inches, 18.06 pounds
  • Power/Motor – 15-Amp motor, corded electric
  • Cutting Capabilities – 2.5 inches depth, fully adjustable, 0 to 45 degrees bevel tilt
  • Special Features – can cut through different materials without blade changes, 40-inch track, ergonomic handles, with a dust extraction port, adaptor, bevel tilt, and pivots, with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Accessories – track, blade, dust extractor port adaptor. 


  • This track saw has a powerful motor. 
  • It can make different accurate cuts and even bevel cuts. 
  • Your purchase comes with a 40-inch track.
  • With a soft, ergonomic handle to minimize operator fatigue.
  • It has a dust extraction port to remove sawdust from the cutting area.


  • Complaints that the clamp for the track is not as durable.
  • Does not come with a carrying bag.

DEWALT (DWS520K) TrackSaw Kit

Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Best TrackSaw Kit from Dewalt

Product Description

  • With a zero-clearance track system to give you splinter-free, precise and straight cuts. 
  • With a very powerful motor at 12-Amps, 1300W.
  • This saw has a continuous anti-kickback system to avoid kickback. 

The Dewalt DWS520K is a circular track saw kit that can make precise, smooth, and splinter-free results. This saw has a zero clearance cutting system when you use it with the dual-edge track to give you accurate and very straight cuts in any direction. 

This offers a variety of cutting depths giving you the exact results you’re looking for. You can check the depth scale on the saw which tells you the exact cutting depth considering the thickness of the track. 

This saw comes with a very powerful motor that can eat through hardwood. It has anti-kickback features and a riving knife which helps avoid mishaps and kickbacks. Be sure to engage the riving knife before you start cutting.

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions –  12.38 x 1806 x 12.13 inches, 18.25 pounds
  • Power/Motor – 12-Amp corded electric motor, 4000 RPM
  • Cutting Capabilities – 2 1/8 – inch cuts at 90 degrees, 1 5/8- inch cuts at 45 degrees 
  • Special Features –  zero-clearance track saw, anti-kickback
  • Accessories – none


  • Can give you precise, smooth cuts on all types of hardwood.
  • Will work efficiently when used with the dual-edge track. 
  • With a powerful motor that will let you cut through different types of wood. 
  • With safety features like the anti-kickback mechanism. 


  • This saw is heavier than other track saws.
  • Does not come with an onboard tool holder.

Bosch Tools GKT13-225L Track Saw

Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Best Track Saw with Plunge Action from BOSCH

Product Description

  • The BOSCH GKT13-225L is a track saw with a convenient plunge action. 
  • This produces easy and fast cuts in wood and also in laminated particle boards, plywood, and wood-based sheets. 
  • This connects to a track to make accurate and safe cuts on different materials. 

The Bosch Tools GKT13-225L is a plunge-action track saw that can produce fast and precise cuts. It is easy to set up and is very comfortable to use making it the best track saw to cut plywood, laminated particle boards, and other wood-based materials.

This track saw is capable of producing bevel and non-bevel cuts with its track. Unfortunately, the track must be purchased separately with this saw. 

In the heart of this Bosch track saw is dependable electronics that maintain speed load especially needed for very tough applications. This saw also has overload protection which can secure the motor when the tool is overheating. 

You won’t have to worry about dust and other obstacles while cutting as this saw comes with a reliable dust extraction system. Just connect this to a compatible vacuum cleaner port. 

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions –  14.4 x 9.5 x 9.45 inches, 10.2 pounds 
  • Power/Motor – Corded electric motor 
  • Cutting Capabilities – a variety of bevel and non-bevel angles
  • Special Features – plunge mechanism, overload protection, dust extraction, connects to a track which is sold separately.
  • Accessories – 48 teeth track saw blade, wrench, carrying case, vacuum hose adapter


  • This track saw can make bevel and non-bevel cuts. 
  • This is easy to set up and can make smooth and clean cuts. 
  • Will work better with the Bosch saw track.
  • With motor overload protection to avoid overheating.
  • With a dust extraction system to improve visibility while cutting.


  • Problems with stops and bevel adjustments.

Makita SP6000J 6-1/2-Inch Plunge Circular Saw Kit

Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Best Plunge Saw and Circular Saw from Makita

Product Description

  • This track saw comes with a powerful 12-Amp motor with variable speeds (2000 to 5200 RPM).
  • This saw comes with a built-in limiter to avoid motor overheating.

The Makita SP6000J is a 6.5-inch plunge circular saw that provides precise cuts, smooth and completely free from nicks and splinters. This saw comes with efficient electronic speed control which keeps a constant speed under load to give you smooth cuts when used in different materials. 

This track saw has variable speed controls with 2000 to 5200 RPM. These controls will let you match the type of material you’re cutting to give you the best results. It’s common for power tools like this Makita saw to overheat especially when you’re using it for a longer period. But because of the saw’s built-in limiter, you can prevent critical motor burnout.

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions –  16 x 12 x 13 inches, 17.6 pounds
  • Power/Motor –  12-Amp motor, 2000 to 5200 RPM
  • Cutting Capabilities – 2 3/16-inch at 90 degrees, 1 9/16 inches at 45 degrees
  • Special Features – with electronic speed controls, variable speeds, current limited, soft start
  • Accessories – carrying case


  • This track saw works with different types of wood.
  • You’ll get precise cuts with splinter-free results.
  • Comes with electronic speed control and a current limiter to protect the motor. 
  • With a soft start for easy start-ups.
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case.


  • Problems with the dust collection port. 
  • Complaints with the track system.
  • Does not come with a track. 

SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw

Star Rating: 4 out of 5

Best Track Saw from Shop Fox

Product Description

  • This track saw has one of the fastest blade rim speeds at 9070 feet /min.
  • Comes with a large dust port to remove sawdust effectively from your line of sight. 
  • This is a very portable and compact saw. 

The Shop Fox track saw is a corded electric saw with a powerful 9 –amp motor at 5500 RPM. This makes this track saw very efficient in cutting all kinds of wood even engineered wood. The blade is very sharp, durable and has a 160 mm diameter with a 20 mm arbor to make precise cuts. 

The handle of this Shop Fox track saw has an ergonomic design. It’s comfortable to use and it’s easy to hold. It also comes with a dust extraction port that connects to your shop vacuum to quickly remove all sawdust from your cutting area. 

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions –  10.63 x 13.38 x 9.5 inches, 12.79 pounds
  • Power/Motor – 9-Amp motor, 5500 RPM
  • Cutting Capabilities – without rail 2 5/32-inch at 90 degrees, with rail 1 31/32-inch at 90 degrees, without rail 1 5/8-inch at 45 degrees, with rail 1 7/16 – inch at 45 degrees
  • Special Features –  faster blade rim speeds, dust port, portable saw, spring-loaded riving blade to avoid kickback
  • Accessories – none


  • This track saw has a strong motor. 
  • Has a fast blade rim speed.
  • With a very tough, reliable saw blade. 
  • With a convenient dust port to make cutting safer.
  • Has a large, comfortable, and ergonomic handle


  • Does not come with any accessories.
  • Complaints about the dust collection system. 

Kreg Adaptive Cutting System Plunge Saw

Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Best Plunge Saw with Kreg Adaptive Cutting System from Kreg

Product Description

  • The Kreg plunge cutting circular saw can cut solid wood and other wood materials like plywood using the Kreg 62-inch track. 
  • Comes with a variable speed motor to make powerful cuts. 
  • The blade is completely shrouded with an electronic brake and kickback-free system.

The Adaptive Cutting System Track Saw is a plunge track saw that can cut through solid wood and even plywood especially when connected to a 62-inch Guide Track from Kreg. This saw has a powerful motor capable of providing variable speeds. 

The blade is very sharp and effective but is safe because it’s completely shrouded. You’ll also get a retracting blade, electronic brake, and riving knife for added safety. 

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions –  8 x 10 x 10 inches, 17 pounds
  • Power/Motor – 12-Amp motor
  • Cutting Capabilities – 2 1/8 – inch at 90 degrees and 1 ½ – inch at 45 degrees
  • Special Features – retracting blade, electronic brakes, riving knife, shrouded blade, anti-kickback features. Optimized for right-handed users. 
  • Accessories – 48 teeth carbide-tipped blade, carrying case, dust-collection bag


  • This track saw can cut through all kinds of wood.
  • With a tough motor.
  • Very safe to use with a shrouded blade, riving knife, and an electronic brake.
  • Capable of high-capacity cuts. 


  • This does not come with a track.

Triton TTS1400 6-1/2-Inch Plunge Track Saw

Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Best Plunge Track Saw from Triton

Product Description

  • This track saw is compatible with the TTSTP or the TTST1500 track saw from Triton. However, these tracks are sold separately.
  • This saw comes with an accessible lock shaft to make quick saw blade changes. 
  • This comes with an ergonomic handle to reduce operator fatigue.

The Triton TTS1400 plunge track saw requires a reliable TTSTP or TTST1500 track to improve performance. However, the track is sold separately. This saw has a soft and comfortable handle so your hands won’t get tired from constant use. 

You can also free your cutting area from sawdust thanks to this saw’s universal vacuum adaptor with an easy-to-use rotational outlet. You’ll also get carbon brushes, a dust outlet, and a 48 teeth saw blade but won’t come with a track system. 

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions –  13.19 x 9.25 x 9.84 inches, 6.5 pounds
  • Power/Motor –  12- Amp motor, 2000 to 5000 RPM, 
  • Cutting Capabilities – 5/8 inch from wall close cutting, bevels from 0 to 48 degrees
  • Special Features – shaft lock, soft-grip saw handles, universal vacuum port with rotational outlet, dust outlet adaptor, anti-kickback, dust port, different blade, and cutting modes.
  • Accessories – dust outlet adaptor, carbon brushes


  • With a shaft lock for easy blade changes.
  • With a soft, comfortable handle.
  • With a vacuum system with a rotational outlet.


  • Does not come with a track.
  • Complaints about the anti-kickback feature.

Buyer’s Guide

How to use a track saw safely?

Track saws are only for wood; don’t cut other materials.

If you’re looking into cutting metal then you must use another type of saw because track saws are just for cutting wood. Do not use this saw to cut non-wood materials like steel, metal, ceramic tile, and plastics as this will only damage the saw blade and the saw motor. 

Always use the correct saw blade.

The right saw blade will give you smooth, nice cuts. A sharp blade will help you cut easily. Make sure to use blades of the proper size. Never use damaged blades as these can be dangerous and will no longer be efficient to cut materials. 

You must always adjust the riving knife correctly.

The riving knife in a saw prevents any kickbacks and protects the material and the user from any damage. So before you power on the track saw, be sure that the riving knife is at the correct distance.  

Set the correct saw blade cutting depth.

The cutting depth is how deep the saw blade can cut through the material you’ll be working on. So before you power on the track saw, adjust the blade depth. A well-adjusted blade depth will cut smoothly and will also avoid kickbacks.  

Always hold the track saw firmly when in use. 

Hold on tight. If you don’t the saw may kick back and you’ll only injure yourself. You must remain in control so you can make smoother cuts. Use both handles especially when you’re working with long materials and projects.

Plunge release + power trigger.

Activate a track saw power by pressing on both the plunge release and the power trigger. Most beginners make this honest mistake!

Always wear safety gear.

For all types of power saws, always wear safety gear including a face mask or respirator mask, goggles, safety work gloves, and earplugs. Work in a well-lit area.


These are the most frequently asked questions and answers to buy and use a track saw.

Is it worth using a track saw?

Indeed it’s worth using a track saw because this type of saw can make precise and longer cuts quicker and more efficiently than a circular saw or a table saw. Track saws are also more portable and are lighter. You don’t need to use clamps when using a track saw and these can be set up quickly.

Can you use a track saw even without a track?

You can use a track saw even without using a track. But, if you want to make precise, very accurate, and cleaner cuts, use a track with your saw.

What are the differences between a track saw and a circular saw?

Track saws may look like circular saws but these come with a long track. Track saws have limited movements and are not as portable as table saws and circular saws. Meanwhile, track saws can make rip cuts, crosscuts, and angle cuts while circular saws can only rip cut and crosscut.

Are track saw guides universally compatible?

Some track saw guides are compatible with all track saws while some are not. Always check the compatibility of a track saw guide and as much as possible, use the same brand track as your track saw.


From our list of the best track saws, we recommend the WEN CT1065 10-amp circular track saw. It has the best features that woodworkers, contractors, and homeowners will love. It has a powerful motor and sharp teeth to give you clean, smooth, and splinter-free cuts. This saw can make 45-degree bevel cuts on wooden boards and internal plunge cuts. 

This WEN track saw does not come with a track and you need to purchase these separately. But this setback has been overlooked by its many good features. So if you’re looking for a good track saw then the WEN CT1065 could be the one for you.





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