can acrylic paint be used on wood

Can Acrylic Paint Be Used On Wood?

Can acrylic paint be used on wood? Acrylic paint is the best type of paint used in many art projects and DIY crafts. It has amazing properties making it great on almost all surfaces including wood. It dries- fast and is easy to use. Acrylic paint does not leave any worrisome fumes so it’s okay to work with acrylic paints indoors.

Acrylic paints are perfect on wood and in fact, it is easier to paint with acrylic paints than other types. You’ll find a lot of acrylic paint colors to choose from that will work with your particular project. But to use acrylic paint on wood, you need to prepare wood beforehand. Wood should be properly sealed so acrylic paints can last longer.

A primer is applied to wood to prepare its surface. After applying acrylic paint, a sealer should be applied to the surface. A sealer will also keep the surface of wood free from marks, prevent water damage and keep boring insects and mold away.

How to prepare the wood before applying acrylic paint?

You don’t need to apply primer but it helps make the paint last longer. Primer is important when you’re painting wood or any wooden surface that’s found outdoors or it’s something that’s touched a lot. If you’re working on a piece of furniture that needs a good paint job then you should start with a primer.

Start by wiping the surface of the wood to remove dirt and any debris. Avoid using water when you’re cleaning the surface of the wood. The surface must be completely dry before applying acrylic paint. If you used a lot of water to clean the surface, you will end up waiting too long for wood to dry up completely.

Apply the primer evenly on wood. Look for a good, high-quality wood primer from local hardware stores. Most experts recommend using Gesso as it works best for acrylic paints. Another good brand is KILZ Premium Wood Primer as this easily sticks to any surface especially wood. KILZ is easy to use and it’s available in most hardware stores.

Apply a thin layer of primer using a brush or a paint roller. It’s best to use a roller as it can apply the chemical evenly and creates a smoother and more professional finish. If you think that the first layer is not enough to provide coverage, let it dry and add another. Make sure that the primer is all over the wood even along the sides. Give the primer 12 to 24 hours to completely dry.

How to apply acrylic paint on wood?

Test the surface for dryness. Feel it with your hand and check the area for any wet areas. Apply the acrylic paint with a paintbrush or use a paint roller. Apply in an even manner, and make sure to protect the parts that you don’t want to paint with plastic or newspaper. Let acrylic paint completely dry.

How to seal acrylic paint on wood?

You should seal acrylic paint as soon as it is dry. A sealant will make sure that paint will last a long time. Also, a sealant will prevent scratches and peeling. It will also keep liquids, moisture, and dirt out. There are many types of sealant and the most common is wood varnish.

If you don’t seal acrylic paint, it will eventually chip and peel away. This is true for painted outdoor wooden structures and surfaces that are exposed to harmful UV rays, wind, acid rain, and extreme cold.

If you’re working on a wooden table and you’re going to place the table outdoors, it should be primed before painting and sealed with a clear varnish. You can buy varnish in just about any hardware shop. Varnish is very easy to use and will last longer. Varnish is a great sealant as it protects the surface from water, scratches, and elements.

Application of varnish is done in layers. Apply a layer of varnish at a time and let it dry before applying another one. Some experts carefully apply varnish in four or five layers before they’re satisfied.

How long to wait until acrylic paint dries?

Acrylic paint dies differently depending on where it is applied and how many layers you’re using. Acrylic paint usually dries in an hour but a thick layer can take from 2 to 48 hours. You will know that acrylic paint is ready and dry when there are no saturation spots.

How to paint acrylic paint on furniture

To use acrylic paint on wooden furniture, you should prepare the piece carefully. Most wooden furniture is sealed with varnish. So the first step is to remove the varnish or the protective topcoat before applying primer and painting with acrylic.

To remove the topcoat, sand the furniture starting with larger grit sandpaper and then, fine-grit sandpaper. Do this until you have completely removed the protective cover. The surface should not just be free from old topcoat paint but should also be smooth and clean.

Use a damp cloth to remove all dirt and dust before applying primer. Make sure that the primer is applied evenly on all areas, nooks, and crannies of the furniture piece. You can also apply two or more layers of primer as long as the previous layers are dry.

Apply the acrylic paint using a brush or a roller. Wait until the paint is completely dry before applying another layer. Let the acrylic paint dry overnight and check the next morning if the surface is wet before applying a sealer.

Finally, apply a sealer to protect the acrylic paint. For furniture, a clear matte varnish would be perfect. Apply several coats of varnish to ensure enough protection.

There’s no need to ask the question “Can acrylic paint be used on wood?” Acrylic is great on wood and will make wooden furniture and surfaces look brand new. But make sure to use primer on wood before applying acrylic paint and apply sealant or varnish to fully protect your wooden furniture.