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7 DIY Dovetail Jig for Beginners

Dovetail jigs are amazing tools when it comes to producing accurate joints. Beautiful dovetail joints can be made out of the right jig. Dovetail joints are used typically for holding drawers right in place. For most construction tasks, these jigs come in handy for these types of output.  

While it is easy to find a tool for urgent tasks from local hardware stores, you can also make your DIY dovetail jig. This tool is very easy to make. The sense of accomplishment in knowing that you created a tool while saving some money is quite satisfying at the end of the day. In this article, let us look at 7 dovetail jigs that are ideal for beginners and even professionals alike. 

1. Blind Dovetail Jig

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William Ng is a designer who needs to produce several benches fast. To beat the time, he made this blind dovetail jig with just a trim router and a table saw. First, he cut the joint, finishing in just around 10 minutes rather than the 1-hour total when done manually.

In this video, you will learn about a non-conventional style of creating a dovetail jig. Have an open mind as you learn how about the process using his method. 

2. Scott’s Homemade Dovetail Jig

This dovetail jig is handy in creating boxes, joints, or corners for every workshop. While it may not be a big jig, but it is designed to do the job. This instructional video is easy to follow, and the maker shares how it is done step-by-step, including the measurements and dimensions as he is making the cuts. This tutorial does not come with a plan, so make sure to take some notes. 

3. DIY Dovetail Jig

This comprehensive video, while quite long, is not very instructional. However, it is easy to follow and clear enough. To create a dovetail jig using this method, you need some MDF or plywood, ruling measures, clamps, table saws, and other tools. While watching, note the important steps, because there are no mentions of measurements, dimensions, or plans. It also does not come with a written version. 

4. Dovetail Jig for Router Table

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This dovetail jig is a great way to reduce the overall effort that you would have otherwise exerted in creating tight-fitting joints. For this project, prepare a metal base, pressure bars, a clamping system, a template, or a comb for cutting. The tutorial does not come with step-by-step instructions, though you can find some details on how you can make your version. Read through this tutorial and have your list. Make sure that you have all the materials that you would need before starting. It is recommended to note the considerations and tips while working so that you can expect the best output when done. 

5. Dovetail Jig for Table Saw

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The design came to life because the creator could not search for tutorials on how to produce this type of jig with a table saw. For this method, you can prepare a ½-inch MDF, and adjust to size as needed. This tutorial also features an embedded video, if you prefer watching. It might be a lengthy tutorial but filled with plans, dimensions, and pictures, making it easy to follow and understand. 

6. DIY Dovetail Jig for $19.99

The designer of this project wanted to create a professional dovetail jig, so he made this with a cost of only $19.99. With this project, he was able to create more than 500 drawers. This tutorial is written, with many steps. It does not come with pictures and is not listed in a step-by-step form. Read thoroughly and follow along. The tutorial begins by showing you how pins are cut. 

7. Simple Homemade Dovetail Jig

What makes this instructional material interesting is that the designer offered a very detailed introduction to dovetail joints, along with other things that you need to know. Among the materials that he used for this project include a pressure rod, a clamping device, and a comb. Within this tutorial is a list of jigs that are also compatible with the output that you will be producing. A link to the tutorial is also included. 


Making a DIY dovetail jig is as easy as 1-2-3! While you can always have the option of buying a ready-to-use one from a local store, but it would be more satisfying and helpful to try out the tutorials mentioned above. They are very easy to follow and understand and can be made at a fraction of the actual cost. After successfully being able to create any of these jigs, you can finally make your corners and joints as perfect as they can be, ready for your next project! Why not share your thoughts in the comment section below! Share this article with your friends too!





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