diy horizontal murphy bed without kit

DIY Horizontal Murphy Bed Without Kit

Horizontal Murphy beds are designed to open up sideways. This type of bed is most suitable in rooms with low ceilings. Homeowners also opt to have this kind of bed if there is a limited projection in the room. You might even see other people who love horizontal murphy beds even if their rooms have high ceilings and the projection is wide. They just love the idea of having this kind of bed in their area.

Now, if you want to buy a horizontal murphy bed but are hesitant because of its price, then why not consider making a DIY horizontal murphy bed without a kit? You’ll be surprised how easy the steps are when making this project.

What Do you Need to Follow this Tutorial?

Although the steps involved in making a DIY horizontal bed without a kit are quite easy, you can never actualize your project if you do not have the right materials. These are the things that you need to secure to follow this tutorial:


Secure a mattress. This is where you consider your preferences. Choose the mattress that you love most. However, if you want to maximize your horizontal murphy bed, you have to use mattresses that are of excellent quality. There are several options out there that are affordable and elegant. 

Get an extremely comfortable mattress. It will surely give your murphy bed a perfect warmth during nighttime. However, if you do not want to spend on a new mattress, you can simply use your existing mattress.

2x6x8 boards

Another item that you should secure is the 2x6x8 boards. You will be needing these boards when assembling the frame for your horizontal murphy bed. These should be enough to give you a nicely assembled frame. You can trim down your expenses with these boards and still make a nice and affordable bed option.

You can buy it from a nearby store and have it ready for assembly. Of course, you might have to use several boards depending on how many beds you will make.


You will need plywood for the rest of the bed. But what kind of plywood should you use? There is no exclusive plywood when making a horizontal murphy. You can check around and go for affordable plywood. You will still have a good-looking horizontal murphy bed. 

There are different types of plywood. You may want to value the quality of this item to ensure the lastingness of your bed. Check around and you can also ask your friends for recommendations.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Identify the size and the details of the design

The very first thing that you should do is to decide the size and details of the design that you intend to create. After finalizing the size and design, cut the plywood sheets based on the size you have obtained. You should also measure and identify the placement hardware that uses.

2. Assemble a frame

Begin assembling a frame using 8-foot lumber. The size of the frame will be determined based on your preferred size. However, you might want to consider having a bigger frame to make sure that your mattress will not fit too tight when placed inside. Doing so will also give you a more comfortable experience.

3. Attach the plywood

After assembling the frame, you should continue by attaching the plywood sheets to the frame. You can have the plywood screwed straight into the frame after cutting it into parts. Remember, the measurements can vary depending on the size of your bed. Thus, it is crucial that you accurately get the dimensions of your bed.

If you have bigger mattresses, you may have to use two or more sheets of plywood.

4. Create another frame

Create another frame although this time, this frame will have to be constructed with a wider built as compared to the first one you assembled. You will not attach any plywood sheet to this frame. Rather, you will place the first frame inside it. Leave enough space to attach the swivel brackets.

5. Mount the swivel brackets

As mentioned, you will install the swivel brackets into the wider frame and the first frame will be attached to them. You need to set it up this way to make sure that the first frame, wherein the mattress is placed, can swivel out and down of the wider frame.

6. Lock up the outer frame

After attaching everything, the next thing that you need to do is to lock up the second frame to the wall. To do this, you should use those that could offer good support. You can get a stud to lock up the outer frame. A plaster or standard drywall will not be enough to hold the outer frame in place.


These are the common steps on how to make a DIY horizontal murphy bed without a kit. The instructions are very helpful and they also come with detailed images so you can visualize how the procedure is carried out. With the right materials and a good attitude to learn and understand, you can make a beautiful horizontal murphy bed.

You may also want to incorporate some embellishments or shelves on your horizontal murphy bed if you will find it suitable. This will make your product even more beautiful.





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