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DIY Wood Clock – 8 Easy Project Instructions

DIY clocks are actually better than those you can buy from the market. Why? Well, this creation involves some personality. Just like other DIY home decors, it is more exciting to design your own item.

A DIY wood clock would make a great addition to your home. You can nicely hang it on your wall and receive appreciation from your guests because of your artistry and unique concept. And yes, everyone needs a clock – so this little piece can be very useful! You can utilize your phone to check the time, but clocks symbolize the transition of time.

If you are planning to make a DIY wood clock but wonder how to do it, this article can give you detailed instructions. This is an easy project that can look impressive.

What you will need to follow this Tutorial?

To get ready with the tutorial, you should then collect first the following:

  • Materials and Supplies

Get ready with a clock kit. This should come with a movement motor, clock hands, and numbers. You can check online to look for an affordable item or you can check your favorite stores for this kit.

You will also need a double-A battery, a wood, and a keyhole hanger. You should also prepare a chisel, hammer, screws, drill bit, palm sander, and fine sandpaper. These items are widely available in the market so it should be easy for you to collect them.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Get the Diameter of your Wood and Place the Tip of the Clock Movement Motor

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The first step in making a DIY wood clock is to get the diameter of your wood and mark the center portion with a dot. After marking the center, place the tip part of the clock movement motor on the dotted portion.

Sketch the motor to give you the wood’s framework which you will have to chisel out.

2. Drill Multiple Holes

See to it that the sketch is properly measured. Get the measurement of the four corners against the outlying edge of your wood to make sure it is perfectly centered. After confirming the measurements, proceed by drilling many holes. Use a drill bit. Just be careful though that you won’t drill very deep.

3. Start Chiseling Out your Wood

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By using a hammer and a chisel, chisel out the part of the wood that is inside the outline. Keep chiseling out the wood until such time that you see the entire material out. Make sure that that your work is deep enough so it can properly hold the motor.

4. Drill a Hole in the Center

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Find the best placement for a center hole by measuring the four sides diagonally. Make sure you properly measure from all corners. The center hole will play an important role as it will hold the clock motor shaft. After you determine the perfect location for your center hole, start drilling the hole.

5. Sand the Part Used for the Clock Face

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You must then prepare the wood by placing the side intended for the clock face up. Sand that side of the wood. Get a palm sander and fine sandpaper to execute sanding. Your goal is to smoothen the clock face so it would be suitable for a DIY wood clock project.

6. Remove Dust and Dirt from the Well

Making use of a chisel, thoroughly clean the well that is intended for the clock motor and check its measurement to make sure it comes with the right depth within the entire points. After cleaning it, place the motor with the clock motor shaft in the hole. Use a double-A battery and install it into the clock motor.

7. Sketch the Outline of the Clock

This time, you should start sketching for the numbers. You can use any available circular template. Then mount the hour hand, followed by the minute hand, and then the second hand. Then fix the numbers on the sketch. Make sure that all numbers are equally centered.

Make sure that the hour and minute hands are properly aligned with your numbers. Using your finger, rotate the minute hand to finish a complete 12 hours to make sure the hour hand will properly point to your number.

8. Mount a Keyhole Hanger

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Get the measurement of a central line at the back portion of the clock. The centered line will be used when installing the keyhole hanger. Hook it up with two screws.

You now have a DIY wood clock. You can decide where to hang your clock. Ideally, find a spot that is visible to the people in your house.


These are the steps on how to make a DIY wood clock. With the right materials and the willingness to execute the steps properly, you would be able to create a beautiful DIY wood clock. Whether you are new to this project or have tried making several DIY items, this tutorial can give you easy-to-follow steps. It means that it will not take you a long time to finish this project. However, do not try to hurry the steps without ensuring the quality of your work.





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