how much is a cord of wood

How Much Is A Cord of A Wood?

Getting an excellent fireplace for the winter season is a solid investment. However, along with this comes the notion of stacking enough wood to last you for the whole season. However, if you’ve been buying wood for your fireplace ever since, you may be familiar with the cord. After all, most wood gets sold in a cord. 

Yet, how much is a cord of wood? What does it mean? The ways of selling and buying wood for your fireplace may surprise you a bit. After all, it has a system that is unique on its own. People respected and used this traditional system. Thus, to help you get acquainted with the ways of buying a cord of wood, here are the essentials. 

What is a cord of wood? 

It is necessary to understand what a cord of wood is. You may have seen this before, written in placards alongside a large pile of wood. The cord is a standard measurement commonly used by firewood suppliers. 

In a more concrete number, the cord is equal to 128 cubic feet. To help you imagine it better, picture this out. It is a stack of wood that is 4 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 8 feet long. It is only the general size assessment. It could vary, depending on the firewood supplier and how the wood is. 

For example, the woods have different lengths. Some could be wider and taller, while others are not. Also, stacking all firewood in place can be different. Some get stacked tight, while others get carelessly piled on top of one another. It could result in several air spaces. Seeing these could be confusing since the prices, quality, and kind are different. 

Full Cord and Face Cord

Now, there are usually two types of cord. The general 4 x 4 x 8 is a full cord. The standard size length of firewood is 4 feet long. A full cord has different rows of wood stacked together, measuring 4 feet in height and 8 feet in length. 

Meanwhile, a face cord marks up to 4 feet high and 8 feet spread, just like the full cord. The contrast rests in the extent of the wood. The face cord has 16 to 18 inches in width. 

Thus, a face cord only as one-third of a full cord depth. So, when buying your firewood, make sure to ask for the measurements and whether you are getting a full cord or a face cord. Some suppliers may offer the same price even with the vast difference. 

If you want to stock firewood for several weeks or shorter, you can gather them in a stack. A firewood shed is most suitable when you need sufficient supply to last you a complete winter season. It will help you choose whether you need a face cord or a full cord. 

The types of Firewood 

There are varying types of firewood you can buy out there. Some offer the most desirable fire and warmth, while others don’t. If you are looking for the most fitting woods for your fireplace, try reviewing woods like ash, oakwood, maple wood, or walnut. This type of wood burns slowly and gives off barely a slight spark and smoke. 

Remember to focus on hardwoods. They won’t be cheap, but they are the best quality that is worth your money. Softwoods are extremely dangerous. Aside from burning out too quickly, they can give more smoke and spark. Thus, it might cause house fires. 

Check the wood you’re buying to make sure you have the hardwood without compromising the quality and the price. If a supplier offers a low price on the hardwood, be vigilant. They might give you softwood instead. Always check to make sure you don’t get scammed. 

How much is a cord of wood? 

The price in one country or state can be different from the other. Though generally, for split firewood, the price ranges between 120 up to 180 dollars. However, this is only the general average. Most states can get expensive and would go over the 200-dollar mark and even reach 400. 

It is better to research your local firewood suppliers to compare their prices and see which one fits your range. 

There is an added cost you may need to pay, especially if you want added services. Some suppliers may ask for extra payment if you require your firewood delivered and stacked into your storage shed. 

There might be an extra cost if you want a specific size cut, so they are short and uniform. Firewood that is clean, dry, and of good quality comes at a higher price range. People wouldn’t mind paying more if they can have these convenient and worry-free services. 

Storing Your Wet Firewood

If you don’t want to pay for the extra price and ordered the wet and green hardwood instead, you will need to do more work. You may need to split the wet hardwood into small pieces that make them easy to carry and burn. 

The drying process is crucial as well. It will ensure you will get quality wood for the winter season. The essential part of drying hardwood is the way you stack the wood. You need to provide excellent circulation to allow air to come through. 

Stock the oldest and already dry wood on top so you can easily take them out to burn when needed. The wet and green ones will be on the bottom, so they have time to dry. You can use racks and wood holders to keep the firewood in place. Or, you can stack them in perfect order to make sure they get stored and aired nicely. 


Before you decide to buy your cord of wood, you need to research very well to get the best deal. Knowing how much is a cord of wood is one step to understanding the ways of buying your firewood. After all, having firewood at hand can help you save electricity. You will get to enjoy a warm and cozy house without getting a hole in your wallet.

Yet, hardwood doesn’t come at a low-cost price as well. Knowing a reliable supplier will help you a lot in getting quality wood at a great price. It pays to buy some too before the winter season. This way, you will have time to prepare, research, and choose the best cord of wood in your area.   



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