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How to Cut Particle Board – Complete Guide

Particle boards do not have grains and cave-in to almost any kind of saw. It is the blade that identifies the cleanliness, accuracy, and efficiency of any cut. Typically, these boards are available in ¾ x 48 x 96” sheets.     

So, how to cut particle board? You simply cut a particle board the same manner as the other woods. You can cut it with a table saw, jigsaw, or circular saw. However, the most ideal saw for a particle board is the table saw. It will be best if you can find the resources where you can use a table saw. 

What Do You Need to Follow this Tutorial?

To efficiently cut a particle board, you will need the following item:

Table Saw

For this tutorial, you need to secure a table saw. You can also use a circular saw depending on your needs. But for the sake of following this tutorial, we will use a table saw. The ideal blade for cutting the particle board is a 10” 80-tooth carbide blade.

Before you proceed with this tutorial, it is then important that you know how to operate a table saw. The use of a table saw is quite complicated. Familiarize yourself with the operation of the table saw first.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Learning how to cut particle board is possible when you have the resources. Cutting a particle board is made easier with this tutorial. Comprising of detailed instructions, you can cut a particle board as smoothly as possible. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Practice Safety Precautions

The moment you begin cutting the particle board, wood dust is freed into the air. Hence, it is recommended that you wear a safety goggle as well as a dust mask to prevent eye irritation and respiratory problem. You should also wear leather gloves since you will double-cut the board.

The safety gears are important. You do not want to risk yourself with some unexpected incidents during the process of cutting the particle board.

2. Make Markings on the Board and Prepare it in the Saw

Get a pencil and straight edge to make markings on the part of the particle board where you plan to cut.

Place the particle board on top of the table saw. Adjust the railing of the saw to make sure that it is of similar width as the markings made on the board. Ensure that the marking on the board is aligned with the blade.

3. Attune the Blade

Fix the blade downward in such a way that it is nearly entirely beneath the table. The exposed portion of the blade over the table must be a bit more than one-half the solidity of the particle board.

Place the board through the blade with the support of the two hands. The particle board should be at least 6” over the blade. Sawhorses should reinforce it.

4. Start Cutting

Turn on the saw and gradually feed the particle board through it to ensure that the saw will not completely cut through the particle board. After the initial pass, you should notice the particle board has a cut that is more than one-half the solidity of the board.

If the particle board is wrapped with a veneer on a particular side, then you must cut with the good part facing upward since the table saw can leave a coarse edge on the base side.   

5. In Case of Coarse Edge, Cure with a Throat Plate Insert

For coarse edges, you can cure it through a zero-clearance throat plate insert. You can browse the web to check how to create one. You may also want to purchase an especially designed saw blade used for cutting melamine and use good-2-side custom-made sheet material. The blade’s teeth feature a negative hook. Hence, it will not whack out the bottom face when it is being fed to the table saw.

6. Cut the Opposite Side

Toss over the board and align the groove from the previous step with the blade. Without altering the height of the blade, run the particle board through the saw another time. The blade must completely cut through, leaving an even edge on the particle board. This is the approach to achieve that smooth cut!


Learning how to cut particle boards can be quite time-consuming and discouraging for beginners. However, you can lessen the damage by making sure that the saw is aligned properly and the blade is razor-sharp. Gradually feeding the particle board through the saw will lead to a precise, clean-cut, and nice-looking particle board.

You can also use a circular saw when cutting a particle board. However, if you want to achieve a clean and smooth finish, you might want to use a table saw. Just follow the instructions featured above and you can expect the finished product to be smooth and satisfying. 



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