how to cut wood without a saw

How to Cut Wood without a Saw

Cutting woods without using a saw could sound absurd to you. Perhaps you are one of the many people who a saw should be used when cutting any wooden material. Woods have been around ever since ancient times. Typically, woodworking is a demanding skill and professionals often materialize portraits of people saw-wielding. However, there are several interesting ways of cutting wood without utilizing a saw.

A saw isn’t the only tool you can use to cut wood. In fact, you might be surprised to know that it isn’t the best cutting tool depending on the purpose of your work. To clear things out, there are numerous ways of cutting wood. However, for the sake of making a more comprehensive discussion, this article will feature one method which is through a sharp knife. You will later learn how to cut wood without a saw.

What You Will Need to Follow this Tutorial?

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Before you proceed with the steps involved in this tutorial, you should first equip yourself with the following things:

  • A knife and a File

Obviously, you will need a knife to do this tutorial. Every household has an available knife, so you do not have to go out to buy a new one. However, you just have to prepare your knife as you need to sharpen it so it can carry out the cutting.

You should prepare a file to sharpen your knife. You can find many files in the market but make sure that you get the best one as you would like to ensure the sharpness of your tool.

  • Gloves

Since you will be working with a very sharp knife, it could bring you to some danger. You might find it best to take some precautions before you begin the task. In this tutorial, you are advised to wear gloves.

The gloves do not have to be new but make sure that it is good enough to protect you from the sharpness of the blade. In case your old gloves are no longer good, you can buy one from the market. These are affordable safety gear so you shouldn’t worry about the cost.

Step-by-Step Instructions

In this tutorial, you will be maximizing the use of a knife to cut wood without a saw. Here are the steps on how to cut wood with a knife:

1. Sharpen your Knife

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Obviously, it will be useless to get a dull knife into your woodworking project. You need to prepare the knife for the task. You should understand that not all knives in the household can be used in cutting woods, however, you can enhance the traits of your knives so they can be used in cutting.

Sharpen your knife, specifically the edges. You can use a file to sharpen it. Choose a quality file so you can properly sharpen your knife. Sharpening the knife is an important task and it actually consumes half of the work.

2. Use the Right Technique

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Now, you should start with the cutting. Different tools in cutting involve different techniques, too. Hence, you simply cannot keep your wood log and begin cutting just as how you cut using a saw.

To use a knife in cutting wood, consider employing the slanting technique. Hold the blade of your knife across the wood and do an angled cut. Begin cutting the wood slowly. See to it that you keep the correct angle. If you find it difficult to perform it by yourself then you may consider asking the help of someone so he can hold the wood while you are doing the cutting task.

3. Trim the Edges

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Perform the same steps on the opposite side so you can make a V-cut. Continue repeating the previous steps until such time that the wood is split into two.

Once the wood is cut, the next thing to do is to start trimming the edges. Doing so will provide finishing to your wood. Hence, you should trim the edges to excellence. You’d want to achieve great finishing, right?


You now know how to cut wood without a saw. It can be a difficult task to cut wood without using a saw, but finding the right alternatives and using them with the right techniques can make your task more manageable. By utilizing other tools in cutting wood, you do not only enhance your skills. You also improve your flexibility being a woodworker.

If you will choose to use a knife to cut wood, then you must make sure to make your tool sharp. If you want to be successful with this task, you have to properly maintain your knife. This will give you a trouble-free life when you begin cutting woods. By following the steps above, you should be able to cut your woods smoothly and easily.



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