How to Get Candle Wax Off Wood Floor

How to Get Candle Wax Off Wood Floor: 4 Easy Methods

If you are a fan of candles, you may have experienced getting candle wax on your floor. As pretty and therapeutic as the candles may be, their wax can still be tedious to remove. Once it hardens and leaves a stain, you must quickly take precautions when removing it. However, there is no need to stop your candle splurges in favor of your wood floor. There are several ways on how to get candle wax off the wood floor.

You might have tried one method or another, but there are different ways for you to try when one method isn’t enough to wipe your wood floor clean. These methods are not only easy, but it doesn’t require any unnecessary products as well. All these easy methods on removing candle wax off the wood floor require home products you sure have. Learn how to get candle wax off the wood floor with four easy ways.

What do You need?

Before you start trying to get the candle wax off your floor, you need to prepare some of these different items. The items you will need depends on the easy method you’ll choose. There might be too stubborn and too hardened wax on the wood floor that would require two ways to remove.

Learn these different products and see how you can use them to eliminate candle wax off your wood floor.

Wax removing product

Removing wax is getting easy with the different wax-removing products available commercially. These products are the best option for you if you want to get an instant result without damaging your wood floor. Stack a couple of was removing products on your storage in case of any candle wax accidents.

Unused Credit Card/ ID / Spoon

You will need any of these to scrape the candle wax off the floor. You might need to choose a hard-plastic spoon to avoid scratching the wood floor instead. The unused card is a great alternative, but you can use other things such as a plastic knife or spatula to scrape the candle wax.

There are different items you need to use. There are likewise different ways on how to get candle wax off the wood floor. The list will include the following:

  • Hairdryer
  • Ice
  • Clean cloth

How to Get Candle Wax Off Wood Floor

1. Wax-removing product

Using a wax-removing product is easy. These will let you wipe the wood floor clean. However, you may need to scrape the candle wax first, especially when too much wax has hardened on the floor already. Most wax-removing products work when the candle wax on the wood floor is minimal. However, you may need to do a follow-up method for a grave situation. 

Follow the product’s instructions on what to prepare and do. They are convenient and easy to do, so using the wax removing products available is one of the easiest ways to get candle wax off the wood floor.

2. Scrape the Candle Wax off

Another easy method of removing the candle wax is simply scraping it off, using either a card, a plastic spoon, knife, or spatula. Make sure the one you used wouldn’t cause any harm or dents to your wood floor. Sharper objects tend to leave scratches on wood, so you might want to rethink using silverware or stainless steel.

One trick to always remember is to let the candle wax hardened first before trying to remove it. Get your trusted tool and gently scrape the wax. You may have to repeat the scraping until all the wax is gone. To check your progress, sweep the scraped candle wax away. Then, carefully inspect the wood floor for any stubborn wax left.

Once done, you can wipe or sweep the wood floor clean.

3. Freeze the Candle Wax off

Freezing the wax is another way on how to get candle wax on the floor. The ice allows the candle wax to be breakable. Once it’s brittle, you can easily scrape it off from your wood floor. You will need a firm tool to help you, like your card, spoon, or spatula.

First, take a handful of ice cubes and put them in a plastic bag. Don’t use too much ice, or you’ll end up getting your wood wet. Sealed the plastic bag safe and put it on the melted wax. Let it sit for a minute or two. Once the wax gets cold, it will be easier to break and scrape them.

4. Heat the Candle Wax off

If you’re facing not just a couple of wax droplets on your wood floor, then this method will work best. Heaps of melted wax on your floor might be too hard to remove with the removing products and scrape technique. Thus, the most effective way to remove it is by heating the wax and letting it go soft. Soft wax is easier to remove than the already hardened ones. You can use your hairdryer for this method.

When using your hairdryer, hold it at least a few inches away from the melted wax. Choose the lowest heat setting and let the warm air melt the candle wax. Once they start to get soft, you can easily peel and take them off the floor.


If you’re used to stressing over candle wax on your wood floors, then there’s no need to worry further. You have all the ways to get the candle wax off. These trusted methods are the easiest and most recommended by many. Knowing how to get candle wax off the wood floor sure has a lot of advantages. You get to keep your wood floor safe and clean and your candle wax removed in no time. The next time your candle drips its wax all over the floor, you know the best possible method to get the job done. Now, you can enjoy your candles better.

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