How to Remove A Stripped Screw from Wood

How to Remove A Stripped Screw from Wood

A DIY can be all fun and games until problems leave you scratching your head. But still, in this modern world, all problem has its solution. An example would be a stripped screw. Now, you might have encountered one while you check your wood or when you’re trying to build a piece of furniture. 

The stripped crew is damaged crew head due to numerous reasons. It could be because of the incorrect tool used, paired with sloppy efforts and the need to finish the work in haste. The stripped crew isn’t very appealing to look at, and it might be for the best to remove rather than leave it be. It is a grave problem, and discovering how to remove a stripped crew from wood is a good skill you must learn.  

The good news is, it’s easy to remove a stripped crew, given you have the proper tool and the knowledge to dislodge a stripped screw. Even a common item found at home has all it takes to remove one. Get your tools ready and moving and learn how to remove a stripped crew from wood. 

Tools to Remove a Stripped Crew

To effectively remove a stripped crew, you need a trusted tool to help you. There are different and successful ways on how to remove a stripped screw. Experts reveal the easiest ways to do them, as well as the best tools to use. These different tools consist of easy-to-find tools to expensive ones. 

You will need the following: 

  • Rubber Band
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Electric Drill 
  • Rotary Tool 
  • Screw Extractor Kit 

Stripped Crew and How to Remove it

To efficiently remove a stripped crew from the wood, use the different tools and follow the step-by-step guide to extract the unwanted stripped screw from the wood. 

1. Using a Rubber Band

The most uncomplicated and simplest way you can initially try is to remove a stripped screw from wood using a rubber band. Thicker rubber bands work best in this problem. The intention is to use the rubber band to give a tighter grip on the screw’s head, making it’s easier to remove it. You will additionally require the aid of a screwdriver.

First, put the rubber band on the head of the stripped screw. Get your screwdriver and insert it with firm into the stripped screw head. The rubber band is between the stripped crew and the screwdriver. Then, with a gentle but firm grip, turn the screwdriver and unhook the screw.

Take your time and make necessary adjustments until the stripped screw begins to move and loosen. Avoid exerting too extreme force, or you might chew or cut off the rubber band.

2. Using Pliers

It’s time for your trusted pliers to steal the show, especially with the stripped crew that isn’t fully embedded yet into the wood. The pliers will make it easier to unscrew the stripped screw.

To begin, position your pliers and let them grip the screw head firmly. Then, give it a good turn to loosen the screw until it gets removed from the wood.

3. Using Screwdriver

Now, if you are lucky and the screw head isn’t in dire shape, then a larger screwdriver can help you remove it. Take a screwdriver that will fit the stripped screw and gently turn it until it starts to loosen. You can try this before certain damages fall onto the stripped screw.

4. Using an Electric Drill

The electric drill will work the same with the pliers. Luckily, screws that aren’t rooted deeply are easier to remove.  You can use the electric drill, then set it on the reverse. Place the chuck on the screw head and check to ensure the grip is tight and secure. 

Now, you can quickly ease the stripped screw out of the wood.

5. Using Rotary Tool

The Rotary tool can help you get a clean cut on the screw’s head. This cut will act as your leverage as you try to remove the stripped screw. You will need the use of a screwdriver as well. Try to cut the top center of the stripped screw, just a little line enough for the screwdriver. Once done, place the screwdriver on the cut, and then carefully twist the stripped crew out of the wood.

6. Using a Screw Extractor Kit 

If you happen to have a screw extractor kit, then the work will be easy. With the drill, you can easily remove the stripped screw from the wood in no time. First, you must choose the perfect size that first the stripped screw head well. Put the extractor into the drill and tighten it in place. Make sure the drill’s chuck grips the extractor firmly. Have the drill on reverse, then carefully ease the stripped screw out of the wood. 


Getting a stripped screw may sound like an unfortunate and impossible problem to solve, but it isn’t really. Though some cases need expert advice, stripped screws on DIY projects are easy to solve. 

These different ways on how to remove a stripped screw from wood give you endless possibilities. From simple tools to a complete set, there are easy ways to complete good projects and save time. This skill can save you your time and effort. Once you know the situation, it’s easier for you to think of the best possible solution. 

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