How to Remove Dark Water Stains from Wood

How to Remove Dark Water Stains from Wood: Tips and Guides

Using wood is always a good choice. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, wood furniture makes the room a little bit cleaner and better. However, they can be high-maintenance. Wiping them clean is not always enough. One of the downsides is the stain. It is perhaps why you have multiple coasters at home to prevent water from spilling on the wood. But still, accidents may happen.

Learning how to remove dark water stains from wood is easy, considering the different known ways on how to eliminate the bad white marks. Good for you if you’ve only noticed white or lighter stains on your wood. However, when you failed to check it on time and see a darker or more obvious blot, you need to consider your option.

While some only tend to wipe the furniture and do the trick, some stubborn stains need extra attention. These varying sizes of stains stay and cloud the wood white and leave a light stain. However, the light hue means that the water hasn’t infiltrated the wood’s core, but rather it stays trapped in its finish. Darker stains are trickier. It means the wood already consumed the moisture. Hence, a darker wood.

Your Guide in Removing Dark Water Stains 

When removing the older stains in your wooden floor or furniture, you need to get help from expert cleaners. It means you have to research as many options as possible to see which one works best for your wood. There are many different commercial products sold which you can check in your local store. You can check the following:

Watermark Remover products

There are several watermark remover products sold and available for you. They expertly remove different water stains in just one try. It’s likewise easier and more practical to use since this formula is tested and made by science. Getting one of these products will make it easier to remove stains caused by watermarks or other unfortunate exposure. 

Hardwood Floor Cleaners

There are also different products for different types of wood. Hardwood floors have specific hardwood floor cleaners that make it easier to remove any dark stains and keep your wood floor shiny and clean. 

Wood Bleach

On the other hand, regular bleach will do, but the recommended product is wood bleach. This product aims to restore wood with older stains. 

However, if you prefer a more natural way of dealing with your dark wood stains, there are also different home remedies and products you can choose to remove dark water stains from wood. The list will include: 

  • Baking soda
  • Toothpaste 
  • Vinegar

Removing Dark Water Stains from Wood

Checking your wood furniture is helpful when you don’t want any stains to stay and ruin the look. However, some stubborn stains need more than just your patience. They need the right tool and product as well.

The first thing you must do is carefully assess the extent of the damage to the wood. See if the stain gets easily removed with a swipe of a clean damp cloth. If this doesn’t work, you need to think of a better option for yourself. Some stains are so stubborn that the only option is to refinish or replace them.

The next matter you necessitate to grasp is how to utilize the different products and efficiently fix and eliminate dark water stains. Then, your wood will go back to its prior top condition. 

1. With commercial products or cleaners


If you choose to remove the dark water stains using commercial products, simply follow the instructions usually written on the back. You need to follow them correctly as well. Some products will require minimal things, such as a cloth or a brush. However, some brands will advise you to use gloves and other protectivegear to ensure safe cleaning.

2. With Wood Bleach


When using wood bleach, it is required for you to remove the wood finish. Some wouldn’t want to use this method as sanding off the wood may diminish its worth.  

You can start by scraping the finish of the wood using sandpaper. You can scrape where the dark stain is. Then, get a trusted brush or a discarded toothbrush.  Use it to spread bleach on the wood. You must wear gloves to prevent any products from spilling on your skin.

Scrub the dark stain gently, then leave it for a couple of hours. Follow the hours stated on the product’s instruction. Some products will require you to leave it for four hours, while some might encourage you to leave it overnight. You can decide according to the degree of dark water stains. Lastly, check the wood, and once the dark water stained are gone, pat the wood dry and refinish it

3. With Baking Soda


Begin by creating a paste mixture using a tablespoonful of baking soda and a teaspoonful of water. Put an added spoonful, depending on the extent of the spot. Then, mix it properly. Next, spread the mixture directly into the dark water stain. Once done, let it rest for a few minutes.

With the use of a clean cloth, rub the dark water stain. Do it gently or adding enough pressure to scrub without trying to remove the wood finish. For some stubborn stain, apply the paste overnight and wipe it clean the next day.

4. With Toothpaste


You will an old toothbrush and your trusted toothpaste. Apply a generous amount on the toothbrush and gently scrub the wood stain in a circular motion. Insistent and rough scrubbing may ruin the wood finish, so you have to be careful. You can check the wood for any improvements and focus on the darker and more stubborn stain. Once done, you can take a cloth and wipe the wood clean. 

5. With Vinegar


Vinegar can help you get the dark water stains from wood. Use white vinegar to avoid adding any discoloration to your wood. To make the solution more effective, mix white vinegar and oil, preferably olive oil. Use an equal amount on both and mix it well. Once it’s ready, get a clean cloth and use it to rub the mixture into the dark stains. After removing all the dark spots, get another clothe and wipe the wood clean. 

Pro Tip After Removing Dark Stains


After getting your wood cleaned and beautiful again, you can add wood varnish to give it a sleek finish.  First, choose the color that matches the wood. Add it nicely to create the perfect finish. Then, use a trusted floor cleaner for your wood floor. Then, a wood cleaner will help you get the shiny look of your wood furniture. It will leave your wood polished and squeaky clean. 


Hard work is needed when it comes to removing stubborn dark water stains from wood. That’s why most people constantly check their wood furniture and do the proper maintenance to let the wood last for a longer time. However, stain due to unpredictable circumstances is unavoidable. Thus, learning how to remove dark water stains from wood is very important. Good thing there are dependable and useful tools to help you save your wood and bring it back to normal. 

Next time you notice dark water stains on our wood, get your tools ready and follow the different ways we taught you!