how to remove scratches from wood with vinegar

How To Remove Scratches From Wood With Vinegar

Through time and with an active lifestyle, you might just notice your wooden furniture incurring scratches and stains. Each day, as you allow these elements to accumulate, you will notice how your wood turns dull and displeasing to the eye. Surely, you want to revive the elegance and beauty of your furniture. But how?

The good thing is that you do not have to shell out a big amount of money to restore your items. You can actually utilize ingredients that are already available in your home. You can employ affordable methods such as using vinegar if you want to learn how to remove scratches from wood with vinegar.

What Do You Need To Follow This Tutorial?

You might want to try this tutorial to rescue your wooden furniture from minor scratches. But before anything else, make sure that you come equipped with the necessary materials. These are the things that you need to secure when doing this tutorial:

White Vinegar

White vinegar is composed of 95 percent water and 5 percent of acetic acid. Its composition makes it perfect as a cleaning solution and further helps fix minor scratches. Its acetic acid works into the finish surrounding the scratch to fill it.

Vinegar has enough acid content that could cut through the entire dirt and cleaners congesting the scuffs and scratches. You can use the vinegar that is in your kitchen. Or if you have a particular brand that you want to try, you can also do so.

Olive Oil

You will need a solution that is stronger than the vinegar to fix the minor scratches in your wood. The use of olive oil in this method could enhance the overall desired output as it penetrates the uncovered wood within the scratched spot. This works in achieving a darker shade complementing the entire finish, while also securing the wood against moisture. You should not hesitate to incorporate this ingredient in your solution as this is a natural formulation that is safe for foods.

Step-by-Step Instructions

You should be abrupt in addressing the scratches in your woods. There are several ways available that do not demand expert services or expensive products. If you can be resourceful, you will be surprised how some kitchen ingredients make a good solution for wood scratches. To help you restore the wooden furniture in your home, this article will discuss one of the cheapest ways to do it. 

These are the steps on how to remove scratches from wood with vinegar:

1. Mix Vinegar with Olive Oil

Combine 100ml of white vinegar and 200ml of olive oil in a cup. Make sure that you mix them well to obtain a perfect solution. This is regardless of the brand of the vinegar and olive oil you used. Combining these two incredible kitchen ingredients, you can solve your problem with wood scratches. 

2. Soak a Cotton Rag in The Cup

Get a soft cotton rag and moisten it into the cup. Make sure that it reaches the solution and that the solution will penetrate the rag. After the rag absorbed the solution, clutch the rag to make sure that there is no moisture plopping of it. Consider it a critical step for effective scratch removal.

3. Rub the Rag in your Wood

After drenching the rag, rub it to your wood, particularly the scratched spot. Rub the affected area in a circular motion. After that, finish the task by rubbing the cotton rag with the grain. Wait for 2 minutes so that the solution can thoroughly get through your wood. This is also enough time to let the oil immerse into the scratched area.

4. Wipe Excess Solution

Get another rag and use it to clean off the excess solution. Next, you must proceed by rubbing along the grain. Make sure that you completely wipe off any residue.

Now, there might be a need to repeat the process a few times until you notice the scratches essentially fade. However, if you do not see these steps as efficient because the scratches in your wood are still there, it could mean that your wood has incurred extremely deep scratches.


The best thing about learning how to remove scratches from wood with vinegar is that it carries out a method that makes use of a natural solution. It also uses ingredients that can be seen in the kitchen. Since it does not feature any chemicals that could deteriorate the respiratory system, there is also no need to drag the wood outside to keep it away from the family members. This method can work effectively for light and dark woods. However, they may not work for floorboards.

Gather the ingredients now and make an effective solution to finally address your concern about the minor scratches that occur in your woods.



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