how to unlock a miter saw

How to Unlock a Miter Saw – Power Tool Guide

Industrial tools are definitely a great help to people. If you plan to engage in a woodworking project, you should know that you can be the most productive if you have the right tools. Miter saw, in particular, is certainly one of the innovative creations for woodworking. This tool can easily cut woods in various angles, sizes, shapes, etc.

If you are an expert and you have a miter saw in your area, it is recommended that you learn the basic steps on how to unlock a miter saw. Seasoned users are likely familiar with the steps, but entry-level workers and beginners may find it confusing to unlock the tool.

If you are still clueless about how to proceed with the unlocking, this article can help. You are about to learn the easy steps of unlocking a miter saw.

What is a Miter Saw?

A miter saw does miter cuts, just as how the name implies. By using this tool, you can create corner and bevel cuts. It is carried out by pulling down the attached circular saw blade into the material that has been positioned on an even surface.

To use your miter saw, you should first unlock it. When operating it, the workpiece is commonly put against the fence of the saw, giving it an accurate cutting angle. For many users, this tool is practically used to cut down bigger pieces into little parts so they can be easily refined with the use of other kinds of a saw.

This does not suggest though that a miter saw can only do 90-degree cuts. One of the great things about the tool is the ability to rotate the blade to different angles, most often 45 degrees. That permits users to do fast cutting in angle for any workpiece volume.

Should you find an Expert to help you Unlock the Miter Saw?

Well, for someone who has not tried unlocking a miter saw yet, the task may be very complicated. But the truth is that unlocking a miter saw is very easy and it is not necessary to call an expert.

However, if you wish to get an expert to do the task, then you may do so. However, you should know that this can cost you money. You may not be able to find an available expert, too, each time you need to unlock your tool.

The Process of Unlocking a Miter Saw

To ensure their safety, people will normally lock their miter saws. 

Therefore, it will be a good thing if you know how to unlock a miter saw. Unlocking a miter saw is relatively easy. Depending on your tool, there can be several steps involved to unlock it.

You should start by unlocking the miter saw head. To do it, you have to apply some pressure on that part and check for a pin, lever, or any part that is meant to keep parts together. Most of the new versions of miter saw feature a pin or knob that is made to obstruct the mechanical ankle. Most of the time, the pin or knob is placed at the back portion of the blade close to the center of the main base.

Simply pull the pin out. You will then see that the head is unlocked! However, if you are using a sliding miter saw, you should see a lock placed on the side part which you need to loosen to activate the mechanism by moving forward and backward.

After unlocking the head of the miter saw, the next element that you should work into is the table. Many miter saw models feature a visible knob attached to the base. Obviously, the purpose of this knob is to let you move the base and get the angle you were opting for. Moreover, many of the miter saw models today are already marked with 45 and 90 degrees angles.

Rather than using various ways to figure out the appropriate angle, simply adjust the rotating portion of the base through the static one that has pre-set angles.


If you are a complete beginner and you do not know about the facilities of your miter saw, then you should really check this article. The simple guides above are meant to assist you to get your task started without wasting hours checking how the tool works.

As you can see, unlocking a miter saw is not a big deal. Nevertheless, you must be aware of the steps you are taking while you are doing adjustments to prevent any risks and avoid harm. Some people may take the risks for granted and they end up getting hurt in the end.

You should also remember that not all models work the same way. Therefore, before you begin using the miter saw, make sure to check first the user manual and know the basic concepts.



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