how to use a miter saw

How to Use a Miter Saw – Tips & Guides

Do you want to learn how to use a miter saw? Well, you are about to discover from this article the different tips and guides on how to proceed with the usage of this tool. These tips can specifically turn a complex woodworking task easier.

A miter saw is a useful device for any wood project. It can simplify complicated cuts. However, if you want to maximize the use of a miter saw, you must familiarize the little ways that could help you improve your skills in using the miter saw.

#1 Do Repetitive Cuts by Employing Stop Block

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Doing repetitive cuts are very likely to happen whenever you are working on a construction task on a certain site or creating a new piece of furniture in a workshop. If you have been into woodworking, then these things aren’t new to you. By this time, you should know this guideline already. There is no need for you to label the same measurement again and again.

Fix the measurement in your miter saw. Use a stop block and clench it to the stand following the accurate length that you need to repeatedly cut. You can then cut as many times as you want.

#2 Attach a Movable Miter Saw Stand

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It would be very difficult for anyone to use a miter saw without settling it on a miter saw stand. However, if you are working in a workshop, you may simply put the miter saw on an available workbench and just continue with the operation. Working on a job site, on the other hand, will require the movable miter saw stand since it will be likely that you will have to move the tool from one place to another.

Obviously, you cannot easily move the miter saw around if you simply put it in a workbench. So, consider getting a mobile miter saw stand and experience a more comfortable usage.

#3 Mount a Laser

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Most of the latest miter saw models come with a laser. The laser spots a sheer line throughout your piece of work, aiming the specific line where the cutting through of the blade will be done.

The attachment of the laser to the miter saw will let you do faster cutting since you do not need to bring down the blade to the marked line to ensure it is aligned. You can run the saw the moment the laser line settles on the mark. You can then bring the saw down on your workpiece.

In case your saw is an older version and it does not have a laser, you can opt to purchase a laser guide.

#4 You can Cut with Bigger Boards

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The ability of non-sliding miter saws when it comes to cutting broader boards is normally confined. However, it is possible to cut boards with wider width through your miter saw even if it does not have a sliding feature.

Simply position a board below the wide board you intend to cut. You can then proceed with cutting. You will notice that your cutting inclination improves by half or one inch, banking on the board’s thickness you put under.

You can also cut boards with wider width by cutting first one side, then twist it to approach the other side for cutting.

#5 Let the Blade Get the Maximum Speed and Consider Upgrading it

This tip and guide are one of the things you should know when using a miter saw, specifically for your safety.

When you press the “power” of the miter saw, you should wait until the blade reaches the maximum speed. You should only let it down on your workpiece once it is already at the maximum speed level. There is nothing to be anxious though as it only takes several seconds.

Once the cut is done, you should also let go of your hand that is holding the trigger and let the blade rest without lifting it from your piece of work. Firmly hold the workpiece on the table.

If you wish to have better cuts with a miter saw, then you must consider upgrading the blade. You would really want to upgrade the blade if you are working on cabinetry or carpentry. With these types of work, you have to make flush and smooth cuts. A quality blade can make a great distinction. Thus, you should also consider investing in your blade.


Those are the tips and guides on how to use a miter saw. If you learn to maximize the use of this tool, then you can potentially improve the quality of your woodworking projects. Furthermore, a miter saw is portable and easy to use. As long as you take time reviewing the tips and guides featured above, you can master the use of miter saw in no time.



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