How to Use a Sawhorse

How to Use a Sawhorse: Tips and Safety Guides

You may have tried using one – a sawhorse. This tool is made out of sturdy frame support that is usually made out of wood, metal, or plastic. It is designed to provide support to a piece of material that is cut using a hand saw, circular saw, jigsaw, or similar other tools. A sawhorse is one of the favorite tools used by carpenters, though they are also used in some households for completing household projects. Learning how to use a sawhorse the right way will not only be convenient but also comfortable on your part. This article will highlight some tips and safety guides in using a sawhorse.  

What You Need

  • Glasses
  • Sawhorse boots
  • Safety hand gloves

Step-by-Step Instructions


There are many ways to learn how to use a sawhorse. At times, for a specific task, you would require something that is sturdier than a simple scissor ladder when trying to reach a height. In these situations, scaffoldings can offer better support and stability, with less transmission of vibration. However, they can be too costly, and huge for basic tasks at home.

As an alternative, a sawhorse can serve as your scaffolding. Make sure that you use wooden braces to provide more support to the structure. In this way, there is less likelihood for the legs to break apart and tumble over to the ground.


A workbench can be heavy and costly. It may also tend to consume too much space at home. As an alternative, a pair of sawhorses, used with a flat surface placed on top is what you need to create your very own sawhorse. The best part is that there is no need to spend a lot of money on this. Also, assembling the entire thing will not consume too much time.

To make sure that your workbench will be sturdy enough for the work, you can also attach a plywood panel to the sawhorses with long screws. For better stability, a third sawhorse in the middle may also be added.

Jobsite Table

If your sawhorse is already serving as a workbench, you can simply add extra wooden panels to the braces. In this way, you can create more space where you can place other things. A sawhorse can easily turn into a job site table if you wish to, a good place where you can put your laptop, books, and notebooks, and other things.

Rack for Drying

While doing your projects in carpentry, you will definitely need a place where you can place your pieces for drying when doing varnishing or painting. All you have to do is to assemble a pair of sawhorses, placing them outside on a flat surface, and use its top as a rack for drying.

This type of configuration may also be used whether you are drying out paintings, ceramic pieces, as well as food items.

Cutting Grid

If your project requires the cutting of wooden boards, time is very important. You may not have all of the tools at hand, and bringing your wood to a carpenter’s workshop may not be an ideal option. With this said, you can simply create and assemble your very own cutting grid.

This can be done with a pair of sawhorses with a rigid and sturdy surface. For a rigid surface, using plywood panels may not be a good option, but you may want to use rigid foam panels for insulation, which are generally lighter. These types of foam do not wear the blades you cut, making an ideal surface for the cutting grid.

Buffer for Spaces

At times, specific conditions in the job site could prove to be dangerous to some. This is where you see those yellow and black tapes which say “Do Not Cross”, to keep individuals who may be curious about the place.

In these situations, you basically need to put tape on things that you have, including barrels or poles. However, if the area is completely cleared, using sawhorses may just do the trick. You may want to put sawhorses in a specifically chosen area in order to prep the corners of the area that are restricted. Put something weighty on the sawhorses to ensure that they do not get carried away by the wind.


A sawhorse is an effective tool for different purposes. Because of their use, some even attempt making their own sawhorse. By simply altering a sawhorse, you can already complete a lot of things using one. You can cut wood pieces, and make them storage for your tools. Sawhorses are easy to use, versatile, and light. By applying the tips and safety guides mentioned in this article, you can learn how to use a sawhorse the right way. If this article is helpful, feel free to share it. You can also leave your thoughts in the comments section below!