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MDF Wood Furniture: What You Need to Know

There are various factors when buying and crafting wood furniture, such as color, quality, and cost, to name a few. Most importantly, you need to decide the type of wood you get. There are basically three types of woods commonly used in furniture-making-plywood, solid wood, and MDF. Given these types, there are low quality and high-quality versions that might affect the furniture’s price and long-term durability. 

This article will reveal helpful information about MDF, a good option for natural wood. We will also explain the advantages of using MDF and why you need to invest in high-quality MDF wood furniture. As you read further, you might find answers to common questions about MDF lingering on your mind. 

What’s MDF Anyway?

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Medium Density Fiberboard, shortly known as MDF, is an engineered wood compound crafted from leftover softwood and hardwood. This type of wood begins to replace the use of wood in modular products and pieces of furniture. Some say that MDF is a low-grade composite and breaks quickly under pressure or swells the moment this is exposed to water. In many instances, its shelf life and durability are questioned, but MDF has its way of proving itself. 

This is an affordable wood ideal for the construction of different types of furniture. If you’re interested in creating and placing new furniture pieces for your home, MDF wood furniture can be your best bet. MDF is the perfect composite for any furniture-making job. 

MDF is a low-cost building material, easy to use, durable and resistant even to intense temperature changes. No wonder this has been a highly favored wood for furniture-making. But know that MDF can’t tolerate moisture; thus, avoid using this material in places prone to moisture or dampness. MDF is used to make shelves, cabinets, trims, wardrobes, and many more pieces of furniture. 

There are times that MDF is confused with particleboard, also called chipboard, which is less sturdy and composed of larger wood chips bound together with resin and glue. Though the particleboard is cheaper, we would suggest that you push clear. The space between wood chips on particleboard actually makes it more vulnerable to damage and less durable. Considering this, not all engineered wood composites are low quality and cheap. 

Medium Density Fiberboard is also used in other applications. You can find this in media cabinets since it does not warp from the heat coming from electronics. Many bookcase shelves are also MDF since this can hold more weight and prevents warping. Most dressers also include MDF on the side to mitigate weight and cost and ensure long-term stability. 

These are many other interesting details about MDF that you should learn. As you read further, you will also discover more about MDF wood furniture, its durability, the advantages of using this material for your home furniture, and more. We will also unveil helpful tips on how to use MDF properly. 

MDF Wood Furniture: Is it Really Right for Your Home 

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These days, Furniture makers seek new means to lower costs by utilizing inexpensive materials. Two materials topped the list, particleboard, and MDF. Because of its high density, fiberboards hold much better to hinges. Unlike the particleboard, MDF does not crack quickly when exposed to humidity and temperature fluctuations. For this reason, numerous builders use this for cabinets’ center panels, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. 

MDF wood furniture is right for your home because of its excellent features. MDF is fire and moisture resistant and ultra-light. Moisture-resistant MDF boards are appropriate for wet areas like bathrooms. The fire-retardant MDF woods can be used in kitchens. Ultralight MDF boards that are more lightweight than the regular MDF board are used where weight is a factor to consider, such as in furniture.

The Advantages of MDF Wood Furniture 

Furniture crafted from solid wood is usually high quality, timeless, and beautiful. Whether it is maple, oak, or pine, there are various choices in using wood for furniture pieces. 

MDF is typically an affordable substitute to solid woods. Once was claimed to be low in quality, MDF has proven its durability and its instant resurgence in furniture-making shows this material is now becoming in demand. In comparison, Medium Density Fiberboard comprises recycled fiber and timer materials combined with resin-based glue and compressed tightly together. The advantages of MDF are as follows: 

Pocket Friendly 

MDF wood furniture is produced by making use of waste wood. It, therefore, costs less than plywood and solid wood. MDF wood furniture can be your best option if you are on a budget. This works for lightweight chairs and beds. We have discovered some people who even use MDF to fabricate wardrobes, tables, and chairs that need some improvements. Considering this, you’ll now better understand that the cost of MDF wood furniture might increase depending on the materials used and the type of finishing. For example, finishing wood with spray paints costs less than laminate or veneer. 

The primary ingredient of MDF is small timber chippings and sawdust. These are waste products collected from the machining process. These are contributing factors that make the cost of MDF lower than other types of woods. 

Smooth finish 

MDF material does not have splinters and knots. Thus, you can effortlessly obtain a smooth finish. If you use wood, it will need additional steps to achieve the look you want. What is more, MDF finishing works out smoothly using other materials like veneers and laminate. This paves the way for an even smoother finish. 

Since this MDF is considered a homogenous material, furniture makers can work with this effortlessly. It’s, therefore, easier to get multiple designs and shapes. Perforated panels, 3D patterns, and furniture decorations can be incorporated. These are not possible with some woods or materials. 

Easy and Ready to Install 

MDF is easy and ready to install. In many instances, MDF wood furniture can be assembled on site.  You just need to transport this, and you are all set. If you are the type of person who wants hassle-free installation, MDF is the key. MDF wood furniture saves you from the hassle of looking for somebody to install your furniture and allows you to save money for the installation process as well. 

Resistant to Pests or Insects 

MDF is resistant to certain wood insects or pests. The material’s resistance is due to the combination of MDF wood furniture manufacturing chemicals. When pests or insects come close to these chemicals, they eventually die. Such chemicals also serve as insect repellants; thus, you do not have to worry about damages from infestation. 

MDF wood furniture

MDF furniture can take any color. It takes too long for staining in woods to kick in, particularly when it comes to bright colors. Wood does not always provide the best results until you put lots of paint on it. This is not the case with the MDF. This material is an excellent option if you are considering colored furniture. 

Size variety 

MDF sheets are available in more than a hundred different thicknesses. The many available options make it a lot easier to get the required wood thickness for the job or application at hand. 

Consistency of the material 

Since MDF lacks directional grain-like solid wood and plywood, this is suitable if you are molding and cutting intricate details. Other materials tend to splinter, or their cuts won’t be as smooth. 

Minimal Warping Issues 

MDF remains strong in high moisture and humidity areas because it can shrink consistently and expand even without the grains working against each other. 

Recommended Uses of Medium Density Fiberboard 

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Every type of material comes with its weaknesses and strengths, making it confusing to tell which material is better than others. But it is imperative to use an array of materials for varied situations at home. We suggest that MDF should be used for the following home furniture: 


MDF makes good and beautiful shelves. It’s essential that shelves crafted from MDF have robust underframe to avoid sagging at the center part. This can even make awesome floating shelves inside cubicles. 


MDF is such a great material to be used in kitchen cabinets and storage areas in your home. When numerous boards are combined securely, this can enhance structural integrity. Nevertheless, it’s not really recommended to use this for weight-bearing items like benches since they’re more likely to break. 

Detailed or decorative moldings 

MDF is ideal for architrave, skirting, and decorative pieces for the home. They have a consistent and smooth finish that looks even greater when properly painted. 

Final Thoughts 

MDF wood furniture is versatile and stunning. Since MDF is durable and strong, you can expect your furniture to turn out functional and serve you for long years. A wide range of furniture crafted from MDF wood is now available at affordable prices. But remember that despite its lower price, the quality and beauty of MDF wood furniture are never compromised. MDF wood furniture is suited for your home and guarantees to deliver fantastic benefits for those who choose to invest in these quality items.



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