metal drill bit vs wood

Metal Drill Bit vs Wood

Any boatbuilder would agree that a power drill is one of the fundamental and versatile tools in the profession. Nevertheless, this tool is practically no use if no drill bit comes with it. The drill bit is the component you hook up to the chuck of the tool and it is replaceable.

However, you might find it overwhelming to learn the various types of drill bits and discover their differences. To ensure the excellent performance of the drill bits, you have to choose the right one. Would you know the difference between metal drill bit vs wood?

This article will tackle the significant information about metal drill bits and wood drill bits. Read on so you can easily and quickly differentiate the two.

What is a Metal Drill Bit?

Metal drill bits are employed to bore holes in metal surfaces. Compared to wood drill bits, these drill bits are quite more powerful. You may also utilize the features of these drill bits to drill wooden surfaces. However, you should be mindful if you use it on a wooden object as you may end up damaging your object if you carelessly perform the drilling.

You can find a lot of metal drill bits. One of them is the center and spot. This drill bit is mainly used to label the portion you intend to drill. This type of metal drill bit is characterized by a spiked head tip. Thus, it becomes more manageable for you to label a certain part on a workpiece.

Another type of metal drill bit is the Core drill bit. This drill bit performs two primary functions in drilling. The first one is to magnify an existing hole and the other one is to create an annular cross-section as you are making a hole.

You also have indexable drill bits. These drill bits are very pricey compared to other types of metal drill bits. They feature two inserts. You should use one of the inserts in the inside radius and the other one in the outer.

What is a Wood Drill Bit?

Just as how its name implies, a wood drill bit is used to drill holes in any wooden surface. This drill bit was devised to guarantee wood cutting without breaking the splinters or ripping the wood completely. Through the years, a lot of wood drill bit variations were introduced to improve their facilities. Although these large variations may happen to be confusing, it is particularly easy to get to know them.

Wood drill bits are made in different shapes and sizes so users can drill holes in various wood types. Brad-point bits are one of the most common types of wood drill bits. It is mainly used to help users in firmly setting a brad point bit into a wooden object before starting the drilling to make sure it remains in line.

Paddle bits or spade bits are other types of wood drill bits. They are the best drill bits when drilling huge diameter bores. Nevertheless, they also create rough cuts during drilling. This happens because of the broad-cutter feature of the paddle bit.

Other types of wood drill bits are the auger bits, installer bits, and Forstner bits.

Differentiating the Physical Traits of Metal Drill Bits and Wood Drill Bits

In the eye of the inexperienced, all types of drill bits can look the same. However, you can check certain elements to differentiate metal drill bits and wood drill bits.

Metal drill bits are more susceptible to chipping and overheating. Because of these tendencies, some metal drill bits are covered with cobalt, titanium, and black oxide which lead to a dark gray, black, copper, or gold body. On the other hand, wood drill bits do not have any coating. Thus, you can find most types of wood drill bits in a silver body.

Moreover, metal bits can dig into tougher material due to their tip that is slightly angled. Wood drill bits, on the other hand, are more susceptible to drift from their central point. Hence, they feature a pointed tip for precision and better control.


After going through this article, you should have a deeper understanding of the difference between metal drill bits vs wood. The knowledge that you obtained here will improve your drilling skills. Moreover, it will help you determine the right tools to use when drilling various objects. Once you get the right equipment, you can then start drilling through any surface without ruining the surface.

After acquiring the basic knowledge about metal drill bits and wood drill bits, you should then try to lunge further to discover their differences. Although wood drill bits are very soft to be used with metal surfaces, metal drill bits are more adaptable as they can be employed on any type of surface.

Regardless if you are just trying to finish a DIY task or you are a professional carpenter, learning the distinctions between metal drill bits and wood drill bits is important.





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