Milwaukee vs. DeWalt

Milwaukee vs Dewalt – Which Has the Better Tools?

When you’re shopping for power tools, two names mostly come to mind: Milwaukee and Dewalt. But which brand has better tools, the more durable saws, and the more powerful drills? Let’s find out in this Milwaukee vs Dewalt comparison review. We’ll know once and for all, if Milwaukee tools are worth your money or Dewalt is something better. 

Company Background

Milwaukee is known as Milwaukee Tool. It is an American manufacturer initially based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It eventually became a subsidiary of TTI or Techtronic Industries which is a Hong Kong company. TTI manufactures other power tools like Ryobi, AEG, RIDGID, Hart Tools, Dirt Devil, and Hoover.

Milwaukee was the first one to introduce the first lightweight and portable ¼ – inch drill. During World War II, Milwaukee manufactured tools used in the United States Navy. The company is now more popular because of its cordless power tools with the MX FUEL battery.

Meanwhile, DeWalt is also an American company under the Stanley Black & Decker tools. DeWalt’s parent company owns other popular tool brands like Porter-Cable, Craftsman, Vidmar, Bostitch, and Proto among others. In 2011, DeWalt concentrated on hand tools, and in 2016, introduced FlexVolt, the industry’s foremost hybrid-voltage battery power pack.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Milwaukee offers a 5-year warranty on almost all of its cordless tools. Its hand tools and RedStick models come with a limited lifetime warranty. Cordless outdoor tools come with 3-year warranties. You don’t need to register your Milwaukee tool to take advantage of its warranty.

DeWalt has a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on almost all of its cordless tools. It also provides a year of free tool service and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Meanwhile, DeWalt Mechanics Tools come with a lifetime warranty and this means, for any kind of problem with these tools, DeWalt will replace them. Some hand tools have a limited lifetime warranty for all defects. DeWalt pneumatic tools have a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty and a year of free service.

Products Reputation

Milwaukee and DeWalt tools have impressive reputations. The two manufacturers make exceptional, high-quality tools that it’s hard to say which one has a better deal when it comes to quality and reliability.

Years ago, DeWalt was the top brand and its reputation was solid with people demanding their trademark yellow and black tools. But when Milwaukee launched its lithium-powered cordless tools, everything changed. People wanted long-lasting lithium-ion batteries and traded their old DeWalt for more versatile Milwaukee tools. DeWalt eventually caught up through its FlexVolt 60V tools.


Milwaukee and DeWalt are known for their brushless tool line. Milwaukee was the first to introduce this technology pointing out they’re easy to control drills and enhanced driver speeds. The company excelled in brushless technology and electronics as DeWalt was able to catch up after a few years.

One-Key vs Tool Connect

Milwaukee’s One-Key vs the Tool Connect from DeWalt. One-Key is more sophisticated, easy to integrate, and has more features. The Milwaukee One-Key offers inventory, tracking, and improved tool control however, DeWalt is slowly catching up.

Both brands excel in brushless tool technologies and employ outstanding tool electronics to boost speed and overall power. Whether you’re using a Milwaukee or DeWalt drill, driver, or saw, you can guarantee impressive performance.

Milwaukee and DeWalt tools get high points for speed, variable speeds, tool control, and safety. Milwaukee is concentrating on small brushless motors which make smaller and more lightweight tools. These small tools can produce the same amount of power as regular-sized power tools. Also, Milwaukee’s One-Key feature is unlike any kind of system that DeWalt can come up with.

Comparing basic tools


Let’s compare Milwaukee and DeWalt’s most popular portable drills: the Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2806-20 and the DeWalt DCD997. The DeWalt drill produces a softer torque than the Milwaukee drill. DeWalt’s DCD997 can hold better under huge loads and can drill faster and more efficiently on hard surfaces like concrete.

However, the Milwaukee 2806-20 produces awesome power for high-speed work. It can drive a 2- 9/16 – inch bit through very thick and dense material at very high speeds.

Impact Drivers

Can the Milwaukee 2857-20 impact driver match the DeWalt DCF887? The Milwaukee impact driver has better speeds and torque but it has no bit ejector feature. The 2857-20 driver has no LED light which is a plus when working in dimly lit areas.

Impact Wrenches

The high-torque impact wrench from Milwaukee outmatches the DeWalt DCF899 impact wrench. It offers better power and you can choose from compact impact wrench models and brushless impact drivers with 12V power.


When it comes to circular saws, Milwaukee M18 and the DeWalt FlexVolt 60V have many similar features. For sidewinder saws, the DCS578 from DeWalt is lighter than 2732-20 from Milwaukee and thus is easier to handle. The DeWalt has a better handle design.

When comparing rear handle saws, the FlexVolt from DeWalt and Milwaukee saws have similar characteristics and features. The Milwaukee has a smoother base while the DeWalt has a larger handle that can move forward.

Miter Saws

Milwaukee wins hands down when it comes to miter saws. It’s portable, very durable, and produces great fence clearance. However, this does not have an LED outline feature that the DeWalt DWS716XPS possesses. The DeWalt has a stable vertical base with secure crown molding.

When it comes to cordless miter saws, the Milwaukee cordless is only a fraction of the weight of their corded models. The DeWalt DHS790 offers amazing power and has an AC adapter so you can switch to corded power in case you run out of batteries.


When you’re comparing Milwaukee vs DeWalt, it’s clear that Milwaukee power tools excel in power and features. However, DeWalt offers smaller and lightweight tools with unique features.

What do you think about this comparison article? Let us know your thoughts about Milwaukee vs. DeWalt in the comments section below. Also, share this article with anyone who wishes to know which power tool brand is best for their needs.





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