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Ryobi vs Dewalt: A Complete Power Tool Comparison

When searching for a perfect power tool to complete your tasks at home, there are several options that you can take into consideration. Still, you would want to invest your hard-earned money in something that is not only very reliable and efficient but also fit your budget. 

In terms of brands, many are considered efficient and capable. There are a few names, however, that require proper time for research and attention, particularly since the reputation that they have established for years. Among the top names in the industry are Ryobi and Dewalt. They have become rivals, with people always considering which to choose between Ryobi vs Dewalt, thanks to the quality of power tools that they produce. 

If you are planning to buy any product coming from these two brands, let us take a closer complete power tool comparison to determine which brand deserves your trust. 

Company History


Ryobi is originally a Japanese brand but has earned a good reputation in Australia, New Zealand, and North America. It is owned originally by Hong Kong’s Techtronic Industries. Most tools under this brand are sold primarily through Home Depot and through online sources. 


This brand has its existence tracing back to 1922. The founder, Mr. Raymond Dewalt completed his first woodworking machine while serving as a superintendent of Seabrook Farms. Eventually, he formed the company in 1924 with an office and plant in Pennsylvania. The company features a tag line, “Guaranteed Tough”, ensuring their customers’ complete confidence in their products to work even in the toughest conditions in the Jobsite. 

Best Value for the Money

Ryobi is a relatively new company when compared with Dewalt. As such, it is easy to conclude that as a company, it has less experience when it comes to creating professional tools. Still, the company was able to establish a good reputation for its brand and its products, particularly in terms of dependability and price range. 

On the other hand, Dewalt is an old company, known for creating and manufacturing high-quality tools, designed for use by the national defense, and other wartime-related machinery. Since its beginning, the company has gone through several changes in terms of ownership and management. In 1955, Dewalt introduced its first electronic line of power tools and accessories designed specifically for residential contractors and pro woodworkers. 

Technology Used

What makes a company earn a step ahead of others is its ability to keep up with time, along with the use of innovative technologies and approaches in its product line to satisfy the changing demands and needs of its consumers. In this area, Dewalt is ahead of Ryobi, no questions asked. 

Dewalt uses brushless motor technology in its line of power tools. This technology is amazing when it comes to increasing performance, power, and efficiency, particularly when compared with other models that feature brushed motors. The use of brushless motor technology further extends the life and durability of products under the Dewalt brand. 

Still, it is important to remember that with any amazing technology, there will always be a hefty price tag in exchange, which explains why brushless tools are usually more expensive. Ryobi, on the other hand, uses brushless technology for their standard cordless drills and impact hammer drills. 


As mentioned earlier, Dewalt products are usually more expensive because of their use of the brushless motor technology in all products under its name. As such, they are generally more expensive than the other tools under the Ryobi brand. 

However, if you are a beginner or a budget buyer, Ryobi is something that you might want to take into consideration. Their lineup of tools is good for those who are still exploring their potential and are just looking for a tool that is durable, strong while offering a good output in half the price. 


The warranty of a certain product is no doubt one of the most important considerations when looking for a power tool. Regardless of a tool’s price, having a warranty that will back up its quality no doubt speaks a lot about its overall dependability. 

For many, the more expensive Dewalt products allow them to conclude that they are backed up by a better offer in terms of the warranty. However, this is not the case, since both brands offer the same warranty – a standard three-year limited warranty, covering almost all tools that they have under their names. 


As discussed in this Ryobi vs Dewalt comparison, both brands have become famous, even being recognized as two of the most respected names in the power tool industry. Dewalt is a name that is highly recommended and trusted and is known to produce easy-to-use power tools. On the other hand, Ryobi offers a range of products that is more affordable in terms of performance and power. Ryobi products include a single battery with no money-back guarantee or service contract attached. 





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