Skill Saw vs. Circular Saw

Skill Saw vs. Circular Saw: Learn the Difference

With all construction and wood tools, it’s no wonder you’d get confused at all their different names and uses. It is true, especially when most of the workers interchangeably call these tools either by their names or brand. Aside from this, some of them look alike and may even have the same uses. These large tools often have scary looks and a more confusing name. One of the most confusing names in woodwork is skill saw vs. circular saw.

One look at both tools and you may not notice any striking difference. In a way, they almost have the same blade size, with only a few inches of indifference. However, one carpenter or two may call one with another. It has been a source of confusion, especially for those who just started getting interested in woodworking. However, there’s no need to get puzzled. It’s extremely bemusing once you understand the difference between a skill saw vs. a circular saw.

Skill Saw Vs. Circular Saw

It is essential to know the differences between skills saw vs. circular saw. The first question to answer is – Is there any difference between the two? To answer the question, there is no actual difference between the two tools. They work and do the same purpose and even look the same. So why do most people get confused between a skill saw vs. a circular saw? The answer is simple.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is a handy and most efficient tool to cut large pieces of wood and even tough materials such as concrete or tiles. Due to its precision and efficiency, this tool is the constant favorite of those who love woodworking. It’s easy to spot a circular saw because of its shape. It has a circular blade snuggled fitly in a handy machine.

The earliest circular saw isn’t what it is now. It used to be more complicated and needed a lot of hands to get the job done. Before, a circular saw was the best tool to cut lumbers of wood. Today, you can use the circular saw all by yourself.  The modern circular saw is more efficient; you can bring it closer to the material, rather than hauling the pieces next to the saw. The circular saw blade size ranges from five and a half inches to seven and a half.

Skill Saw

Now that we recognize there’s no official distinction between a circular saw and a skill saw, where do we trace the line from here? The answer lies in a simple truth. When a brand becomes so popular that it embodies the product itself, people tend to forget which is which. It is the case for skill saw. You see, the skill saw is a product from a brand name called Skil. Thus, a skill saw is simply a circular saw. It happened to be called differently by its brand name, hence the skill saw.

It is no surprise since people mostly use it in different well-known brands. Instead of saying the product’s category, you tend to remember the brand’s name instead. Perhaps, this is why the name skill saw became intact and caused a lot of confusion for many people. They have been calling it by its brand name rather than what type of saw it is.

Is Skill Saw worth it?

If this brand name is strong enough to replace its category, then we can conclude that skill saw is one of the leading circular saws on the market. The company Skil began in 1937 and since then continued to manufacture the best wood tools there is. Fortunately, the company likewise offers affordable skill saw on the market. You can order one for yourself for as cheap as $60. If you’re looking for an affordable and trusted circular saw, then Skill Saw has your back.

Circular Skill Saw Uses

Now that you know the difference between skill saw vs. circular saw, it pays to learn more about its uses and advantages. This tool may be handheld and preferably used to cut smaller wooden boards, but this is the most convenient tool in the market.

With this, there is no need to get the bigger saw to cut different materials. Since it’s portable, taking your circular saw anywhere is not a problem. It’s likewise not heavy and monstrous. Keeping a tool like this makes everything easier without any hassle.

Quality-wise, the circular saw gets the job done effortlessly. It’s truly a powerful tool that can cut pieces in a matter of seconds. It’s additionally convenient to use considering you can place it on the ground. It allows you to complete control of the material and the wood for precise cutting. Once you get the hang of it, you wouldn’t want to use any other saw.


Your confusion about skill saw vs. circular saw might have you scratching your head. But now, you understand the difference. It’s only a matter of name branding that stayed, and many carpenters use the same name without minding whether it’s a brand or category. Everyone gets left asking more questions concerning a skill saw vs. a circular saw.

Yet, in the end, the circular saw has one thing to boast. It is a powerful tool that makes cutting pieces of wood or any material easier. This convenience allows you precise cuts while you stay safe and comfortable. If you’re considering getting one, then it’s your sign to buy whatever circular saw you’re eyeing on.