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Types of Wood for Furniture: Know What’s Best for Your Projects

When it comes to woodworking projects, knowing the best wood option will play a huge role in the overall output of your project. Regardless of the style that you are trying to achieve, there is always a specific type of wood that will meet your requirements. 

Wood, by nature, is beautiful, dynamic, versatile, and tough. With the right amount of care, it can even last for years, even generations. Whether you are working on a dining room table, a coffee table, drawers, desk, cabinet, bed frame, or others, learning about the different types of wood for furniture is a good place to start. 

1. Maple Wood

Maple wood is unique in its way. Species of Maple wood hail from cold-climate locations, making them amazingly strong and hard-wearing. There are specific species, such as the American Hard Maple, which is considered as one of the several beautiful pale kinds of wood that create gorgeous furniture. This is all thanks to its warm golden hues and creamy white color, making it very attractive. 

Maple wood is ideal for furniture projects that require an airy and bright, modern design. Maple is also non-toxic, making them safe to use. Even though this type of wood works quite well and finishes elegantly, its high density may make it quite challenging to use at times. 

2. Oak Wood

Oakwood is known for its classy, extremely dynamic, and gorgeous appeal. It is also known for its high density, making it among the strongest type of wood that is ideal for furniture use. The best part is that there are different colors of available oak wood. 

Among the most popular species are the American White Oak and the golden-brown European Oak. There are also red oaks that are available. Oakwood is a classic in furniture making, as they complement well with pale and airy interior furniture while looking their best with eclectic, modern, and contemporary furniture designs. 

Oakwood is also known to produce amazing results with finishing, staining, gluing, steam bending, and machining. Since they are also resistant to fungal attacks, the amazing strength of oak wood makes it a very popular choice for any type of furniture project. 

3. Walnut Wood

If you want to spice up your home with premium darkness, then Walnut wood, particularly the American Black Walnut species, is a good option to take into consideration. This wood’s outstanding and extraordinary color, unique grain, and texture have earned the attention of many. Walnut is a dense hardwood, performing quite well as a high-impact furniture wood choice. 

Its purplish and dark brownish hues are what characterizes Walnut wood. This feature makes it ideal for industrial and rustic designs. It is also appropriate for modern setups, giving a contrast in color. The chocolate brown color of Walnut is also ideal for traditional furniture, offering a good break from the usual airy and white ambiance offered by other types of wood. One thing to note, however, is that Walnut wood is usually pricier than others. 

4. Cherry Wood

Cherry is a durable wood. A particular species, the American Cherry, is scratch-resistant, making it an ideal option for different furniture projects. Through time, the warm pink-reddish and luscious brown tones of Cherry wood will gradually darken along with exposure to light. This is a perfect choice for a cottage-style interior or a country farmhouse design. 

If you are planning to create your furniture or would like to explore other woodworking projects, Cherry wood should be included in your list of wood-type options. It is non-toxic, making it a recognized all-around wood, thanks to its workability, stability, and straight grain which machines quite well.

5. Sapele Wood

Sapele wood is known for its classic reddish-brown tone. It is similar to genuine mahogany appearance-wise and has other physical features, making it a great substitute or alternative for mahogany. This type of wood bends easily, guaranteeing luxury, elegance, opulence, and iridescence. 

6. Zebrano Wood

If you are into exploring types of wood for furniture that can give a decorative, not to mention daring, touch to the furniture in your home, a bit of Zebrano wood may just be the secret. Otherwise known as Zebrawood, Zebrano got its name from its unique marks and dark stripes, offering a good combination of cream and dark brown colors. It can be used on furniture items that require a type of wood that can generate a bold statement. 


If you are planning to start on a woodworking project, knowing about the different types of wood for furniture will allow you to achieve the best output on your endeavor. The types of wood mentioned above are among the best options out there. 

At this point, you are already aware that there are specific types of wood for certain projects. Now, you are in a better position to choose and make a wise choice even before starting. Share with us your story in the comments section. Feel free to share this article if you like!



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