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What is A Scroll Saw Used for? – Complete Tool Guide

Whether you are a professional builder or a newbie who is planning to start a woodworking project, having the best tools at hand will help you accomplish your goals. While there are several tools that you would want to add to your woodworker’s toolbox, there is one tool that easily stands out among others – the scroll saw. 

What is a scroll saw used for? This highly specialized power tool is designed to produce highly intricate cuts from wood. While it is mostly used for woodworking, its applications also expand to creating sculptures, and even in making one-off workpieces for other functional purposes. This means that if you see a very intricate and ornate wooden piece of art, featuring various forms and patterns ingrained on its surface, then most likely you are looking at a piece that is created by using a scroll saw. 

Scroll Saw Uses

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If you are not yet familiar with the uses of a scroll saw, let us take a look at the details and uses of where a scroll saw excels the most.


A scroll saw is a common tool that is used by artists in many parts of the world. It allows them to produce intricate designs on wood, glass, and stone. This power tool gives them precise control over the object that they are working on. Among the most common examples of pieces produced by the use of scroll, saws can be seen in ivory carvings and other similar artworks. 

Intricate Carving

One of the reasons why scroll saws are favored by many in the woodworking industry is because of their capacity to produce precise and highly detailed cuts. With the use of a scroll saw, artisans and woodworkers can ingrain patterns, profiles, and joints on woods and other types of materials, including plastic and metal. 

Creating Dovetail Joints

Due to the highly intricate nature of a standard dovetail joint, most masterpieces of this type are made using a scroll saw. After all, this is the weapon selected by artisans since it can offer a good amount of cutting power and overall control required to produce a very complicated joint output. 

Advantages of Investing in a Scroll Saw

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One of the most important factors that need to be taken into consideration about using a scroll saw is the fact that it offers several benefits which cannot be found in other options currently available on the market. Here are some of them:

Great Degree of Control

Unlike other types of saws, a scroll saw is designed to be different because it offers users incomparable capacity in cutting intricate contours. With a scroll saw, you can avoid damaging a block of wood, slab, or sheet of any type of material. This is done by giving enough space for it to work well while making each cut in the most appropriate way.

More Compact Design

Another benefit that is offered by a scroll saw is its compact design. This means that it can save you a good amount of space since the size, even after complete assembly, is smaller than other saw types. If you are looking at saving space in your shed, shop, or facility without the need to compromise functionality, a scroll saw is worth the consideration. 

Improved Finishes

Thanks to its more durable and sharper blades, the resulting created edges produced by the cuts have a better and uniquely finer finish when compared with other types in the market. Rather than waste time in sanding, the use of a scroll saw can extremely help with transitioning from moving to cutting in a much faster way.

Better Degree of Control

Before scroll saws were introduced, many budding woodworkers and artisans were prone to losing potential control over the speed and motion of their saw. This, later on, resulted in the overcompensation of cuts which are unsightly because they are highly accidental. Modern artisans, however, have the offer to provide better control over the cuts with the use of a scroll saw using a foot pedal, making it a lot easier to move and sustain with the orientation and RPM of the blade itself. 


Even though a scroll saw may seem heavy-duty and specialized, it is no doubt a must-have in a woodworker’s arsenal because of all the benefits that it offers, along with the wide range of ways in which it can be used. If you no longer want to continue botching cuts and require a more sustainable option that places value on unparalleled control and accuracy, then a scroll saw is a good option to consider. 

What is a scroll saw used for? This article highlights the power that this power tool can offer. Why not share with us your experiences in using a scroll saw? Leave them in the comments section below. Share this article too!





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