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What is Acacia Wood – Facts & Helpful Information

Expect furniture made from acacia wood to be very durable, visually appealing, and very expensive. It’s the wood of choice because of its intricate grains, something that most woodworkers find alluring. But what is acacia wood really and what makes it stand out from all other types? Get to know more about acacia wood and its many amazing characteristics in this article.

What is acacia wood?

Acacia trees grow in different areas of the globe, in varying climates but tend to do well in areas with a tropical, temperate, or desert-like climate. There are 1000 species of acacia and all grow quickly.

An acacia tree grown in the right conditions will grow anywhere from 20 to 30 feet in a matter of 5 years! And as these trees grow fast, they help with pollution as they collect greenhouse gasses such as oxygen and nitrogen. Because of this, the tree is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials.  

Why use acacia wood?

There are many reasons why you should choose acacia wood over other building materials

  • It’s very durable

Acacia is about 55% harder than well-known durable woods like European white oak. It is 90% harder compared to carbonized bamboo. This wood has a 2,300 psi value based on the Janka scale which means it makes very durable and longer-lasting floors and other building materials. 

A home with acacia flooring, roofing beams, and posts is more durable compared to homes that use oak, hickory, and bamboo. 

  • It comes with lovely grain patterns

You can’t talk about acacia wood without mentioning its lovely grain. Many acacia species come with a medium heartwood but some have dark brown. The sapwood is distinctly demarcated and thus, it’s easy to see the grain patterns like curls and rings. 

And due to these characteristics, a lot of people prefer acacia wood to mimic farmhouse style or rustic style interiors. Acacia is also commonly used in making furniture, home décor, and other decorative items because of its stunning grain patterns. 

  • This is one of the most sustainable building materials

You’ll find more than 1300 varieties of acacia which are accessible from different markets. Farmers take advantage of this fast-growing tree and plant them almost anywhere. It only takes 20 to 30 years for an acacia tree to be fully grown and ready for harvest. The farmers first remove the sap, called acacia gum, and sell this separately. And in some countries, acacia trees have grown very rapidly, and have become nuisances to surrounding plants and trees. 

Some of the best uses of acacia wood 

Acacia wood has many amazing properties making it a smart choice as a building material. This wood is more expensive than other types but it’s also possible to find affordable acacia products from reliable suppliers. 

Acacia as a building material for furniture

Acacia wood has a variety of uses but it’s more widely used as a building material for furniture. This wood is very strong and can take a lot of weight without warping or changing its shape. Acacia can grow tall up to 82 feet and thus, builders can use its long beams to make cabinets, bed boards, tables, and benches.

The acacia tree is easy to handle and is the easiest to cut. It is very easy to shape but treatments and shaping have to be done fast before the wood dries up and becomes very hard. It can retain its shape, it’s very durable and resistant to scratches, bending, and warping. 

Acacia as a flooring material

Acacia wood is often used as flooring not only because of the wood’s strength but also because of its unique patterns. The wood grain pattern allows you to use the wood in different interior designs.

This wood is waterproof and thus will work great for high moisture areas like your kitchen. It won’t absorb moisture and thus, it won’t support bacteria or mold growth. All you need to do is to sweep or vacuum your acacia floor and mop it afterward. 

Acacia wood will never warp, buckle or change its shape which makes it the best flooring material for all types of homes. 

Acacia wood as kitchenware

This wood is very hard and durable which makes it great for making different kinds of kitchen utensils and kitchenware. It is useful as a cutting board, serveware, salad bowl, spatulas, and rolling pins. The natural grains of acacia wood give your home a homey style. Care for your acacia kitchenware by washing them in warm soapy water and air drying them. Apply mineral oil to preserve the wood’s natural shine and beauty.

Acacia as home décor material

The grain patterns make this tree a widely used decorative material. You can take advantage of these patterns and use acacia as wood laminates, kitchen tabletop, bookcase, and coffee table. Use the wood in different elements inside your home to enjoy consistency in your interior design. 

Acacia gum and oils

Acacia wood releases oils and gum and these are commonly used to make all kinds of materials including personal care items, essential oils, and skincare products.

How to care for furniture made from acacia wood? 

Acacia wood needs regular care to maintain its durability and impressive natural appearance. Items made from this wood need warm water and soap for cleaning and a soft, dry cloth for drying. It may also be air-dried outdoors. 

After you clean your acacia wood furniture, use a wood preservative to keep the wood in tip-top shape and appearance. Never leave acacia wood materials and furniture in direct sunlight. Do not place acacia kitchenware and serveware inside the microwave or dishwasher. And when not in use, store or keep inside a dry storage area or cabinet. 

Now you have an idea of what is acacia wood, you will now be able to distinguish it from other wooden building materials and decorative materials. This type of wood is strong, aesthetically pleasing, and very sustainable. Buy acacia wood only from reputable growers and support the sustainable growth of this in-demand wood.



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