what is an angle grinder used for

What is an Angle Grinder Used for? A Complete Tool Guide

Angle grinders also go by the names disc or side grinders. They can be described as portable power tools that are designed specifically for grinding and polishing tasks. They are often seen in industries and workplaces including construction, metalworking, as well as emergency rescue operations. The power that is used in operating an angle grinder may come from an electric motor, compressor, or petrol engine. 

If you are not that familiar with this tool yet, you may wonder, what is an angle grinder used for? This complete tool guide will give you the information that you need. 

1. Grinding

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Angle grinders are primarily used in grinding. All you need to do is to install a grinding wheel, and start grinding and cleaning up welded joints, perform chamfer and deburring, and remove excess material. 

2. Woodworking

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Angle grinders can also be used together with special woodworking discs to carve, cut, and polish wood. Even though it may be challenging to carve intricate details to artwork and small décor, excess material can be removed easily and quickly.

3. Metal Cutting

By using the best attachment, such as a cutting wheel, an angle grinder can also serve as a machine for cutting metal. With a thin abrasive cutting wheel, an angle grinder can be used to cut sheet metals and do rebars. Construction workers also use angle grinders and other metal cutting chop saws for cutting rebars that are typically used in reinforcing concrete. 

4. Tool Sharpening

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With an angle grinder, you can easily restore any sharp edges, or sharpen flat surfaces. Note, however, that a metal blade can easily overheat using an angle grinder. The moment that the temperature reaches the point of recrystallization, the cutting edge will end up losing hardness. When this occurs, the edge will become straw-colored or bluish-black, with the possibility of wearing off fast. To avoid this from happening, you can make sure that the grinder is moved throughout the operation. Frequently drench the metal using a cloth or wet sponge. 

5. Mortar Removal

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An angle grinder can be also used in removing old mortar without the need to damage the bricks. A diamond tuckpointing wheel can also be used, one that comes with a thickness that is almost similar to the width of a mortar. There may be a need for several passes on the grinding wheel to completely remove the old mortar. 

6. Concrete and Tile Cutting

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Construction and renovation jobs usually require cutting concrete and tile pieces. With an angle grinder, all you need to do is to attach a dry-cut diamond disc to complete these tasks. When cutting straight lines, using a professional tile saw is the best option, and is often preferred in construction work. 

7. Masonry Cutting

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Aside from cutting tiles, an angle grinder can also be used for cutting masonry. With this, you can use a diamond cutting wheel. Note that using your angle grinder to cut these types of materials may wear off your motor fast, so it is best to invest in a powerful tool from the start. 

8. Rust and Paint Removal

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To use an angle grinder to remove rust and paint, you can use a cleaning fleece or a paint stripper that will remove rust and old paint quickly without endangering the work surface. This tool can also be used in smoothening rough surfaces and removing thermal bluing that is caused by heat treatment or welding. 

9. Metal Polishing

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To polish metal, use an angle grinder with a buffing wheel. This is effective in polishing steel and aluminum. Before polishing, however, makes sure of the removal of burrs and deep marks using a grinding disc. 

10. Metal Cleaning

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With a cup brush or wire wheel, you can remove rust and paint efficiently and fast. These attachments are specially designed for various purposes. Wire cup brushes are for removing paint and rust. On the other hand, wire discs may be used in cleaning spots that are hard to reach, including crevices and corners. 


No doubt, angle grinders have become more and more popular these days. Given that you have the right disc fitted into it, this tool can replace several tools in your shed. Angle grinders are designed to perform challenging tasks. When using one, it is recommended to ensure safety first. 

What is an angle grinder used for? In this guide, we have discussed that an angle grinder is designed to perform a wide range of jobs, and can work on different types of materials. If you are planning to get one, reading this guide gives you a better view of what this tool can do. Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below! Feel free to share this article if you like!





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