What is Manufactured Wood

What is Manufactured Wood? Is it Better Than Solid Wood?

Shopping for wood is getting tricky these days. Not only will you need to choose what wood you want, but you get to pick what kind and type they are. Maybe you want hardwood or softwood. Yet, there are different hardwood and softwood options.

These questions can become all too confusing once you know more about solid wood and manufactured wood. Yet, what is manufactured wood? From the sound of its name, you can guess how this wood came to be. Does this mean manufactured wood isn’t real wood? Here’s all you need to know.

What is Manufactured Wood?

There is a reason why there is expensive furniture, and there are cheap ones. It is because the furniture may look like real wood, but it is not. These days, manufactured wood is extremely popular. It is cheaper compared to the other type.

Manufactured wood is what a wood gets called after it goes through several different treatments and processes. The result is a new and improved set of wood that is more durable and long-lasting.

Perhaps what makes manufactured wood an excellent choice is its general reaction to insects, termites, and weather. There is manufactured wood that isn’t prone to any other insects. Manufactured wood with plastic qualities is termites-free. Plus, even with manufactured wood stays drench for a long time, it will have zero to minimum damage only.

The Types of Manufactured Wood

In the market today, you have many different types of manufactured wood to choose from.

  • The most common one is plywood or a laminated board. These strong, thick and durable plywood have multiple layers engineered to give it a smooth and strong resistance.
  • Another type of manufactured wood is a veneer. It is from a thin sheet of natural wood from a type of tree. A veneer remains mostly added to plywood and other types of manufactured wood since it has a smooth and clean wood finish. Add to the list its great resistance to water and stain.
  • Fiberboards are one of the most common manufactured wood. These fiberboards are from several wood chips that get heated and dried. Then, using a special type of adhesive resin, these chips are glued together. The resin makes this fiberboard dense and harder to break or chip.

One common type of fiberboard is the MDF or the medium-density fiberboard. It is cheaper and gets commonly used as tables and desks.

Manufactured Wood VS Solid Wood

Making furniture or shopping for one is never easy. You’d get to find different pieces made from several things. Some names are not even familiar to your ears. Most people only look at the outside look of the furniture and never bother knowing whether the wood is either manufactured, solid, or cheap.

For some, all wood is the same. It is why it’s easy for people to get furniture that quickly deteriorates and damage. For this reason, it is important to know the wood furniture better. Plus, understanding the different terms and names will help you pick the furniture you want to last for a long time.

To start, remember that solid wood is different from manufactured wood. There is likewise a fake wood sold commonly used in cheap furniture.

The Wood Weight

Solid wood is heavy. It is one of its most obvious traits. Solid wood is the lumber you get from a real tree. The tree gets chopped into several shapes and sizes. These woods go through a manufacturing process. Though the only changes you can see after are the sizes. Nothing gets altered, and that is why you get the same weight.

Because of its weight, a lot of manufacturers look for ways on how to make more lightweight furniture for easy transport. Plus, they want a cheaper alternative as well. It is why manufactured wood comes into the scene.


However, even when a manufactured wood is durable, it isn’t as durable and long-lasting as solid wood. The surface of a manufactured wood this thinner compared to solid wood. Thus, a small impact can cause damages. It quickly gets chipped.

Contrary to manufactured wood, solid wood last even up for a decade. Through the years, you can sand and refinish your furniture as much as you can. Manufactured wood can only get sanded once or twice due to its thin layer.


Solid wood does not work well with constant water and moisture. It can let the wood deteriorate or rot, while engineered wood is more resistant to moisture. It won’t quickly get warp or changes in its shape.


Another difference between solid wood and manufactured wood is sustainability. Solid wood is unsustainable because there is a need to constantly cut down trees to provide for the demand. Trees aren’t renewable resources and will need years to grow.

On the other hand, manufactured wood is sustainable, in a way that it only makes use of wood by-products. However, the chemicals used to manufacture the wood is toxic.

Cheap Type of Wood

One of the cheapest types of wood is particleboard. It is from sawdust glued together with a particular resin. These are dense yet durable as well. Some low-cost furniture gets usually made of particleboard.

Though some manufacturer adds sheets of veneer to the particleboard to make them more durable.  You need to be aware. Some manufacturers market it as manufactured wood, but it is just a particle board with a thin slice of veneer.


What is manufactured wood? Now, you know the answer to the most commonly asked question.  It will be easier for you to choose furniture and pick the right kind of wood you want for you. It is easier to determine when you know the quality and the different characteristics of the wood available.

You wouldn’t be able to pick the furniture that will quickly crumble and deteriorate. Thus, knowing these different terms and each kind and type of wood makes you feel more confident the next time you go wood shopping.



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