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What is Teak Wood? – Is it a Good Wood for Furniture?

You may have heard of this name before. But what is teak wood? Teak wood is popular among furniture makers. Some buyers also specifically look for this wood. There was a time when it was heavily used, which is why the deforestation of this species is controlled strictly, ensuring a consistent and rejuvenated supply of teak wood. What makes it desirable as a furniture material?

Natural Beauty

Teak wood stands out so easily. The grain and color of the teak make it a spot earner in the list of the most attractive wood options. Even though teak wood for outdoor use may be left to the natural elements and simply turn into an attractive piece with silver-gray color, indoor use of teak wood requires for the piece to be oiled to maintain its warm gold color. 

Aside from beauty, the strength of this wood makes it attractive. It can produce items that may not otherwise be possible out of softer woods, making the possibility of creating many things out of teak wood is endless. 

Strength and Durability 

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Teak is categorized under hardwood, making it both strong and durable. As such, it can withstand, even the most extreme exposure to both heat and cold. Even though this wood is ideal for outdoor purposes, it can also offer better longevity and more purpose of use when indoors.

The durability of teak wood also means that it is less likely to suffer from other common wood issues such as rotting, and others that usually attack other types of wood. By making sure that you are using the right type of teak wood, with high quality and a good quantity of rubber and oil, you can be assured of the possibility of creating gorgeous furniture pieces which can withstand any element thrown at them. 


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There are several natural benefits offered by teak wood, including its warm color, strength, and durability, resistance to termites, and other potentially damaging elements. As a result, this wood is extremely adaptable. It also has water-resistant properties and tends not to easily splinter. For this reason, it has become a favored option for shipbuilders for many years already. It is used for both indoor and outdoor pieces of furniture. From huge dining tables to elegant patio furniture and cabinets, teak wood offers flexibility that is loved by many furniture makers today.

How to Identify Real Teak Wood for Furniture

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As you search for options on teak wood, you will be amazed to find out that there are some options on fake wood. Real teak wood can stand even the harshest of elements, without you having to worry about snow, rain, or sun possibly causing damage to it. 

When placed outdoors, real teak wood displays strength against weather damage. When buying teak wood, make sure that it is, indeed, teak wood. Going for options that are labeled as “better than teak wood” or “teak oiled” will provide no guarantee of its capacity to handle the weather. 

Some outlets sell wooden furniture that comes with the label “teak oiled wood”. This means that teak oil has been used in treating the wood. However, this treatment will wear off after some time. Also, buyers have to know that this furniture is not teak wood. Many have been misled into thinking that they are buying teak wood when it’s not. This conclusion is often a result of misinformation, or lacking information provided by the seller. 

A reason for this challenge is the fact that everybody wants to get a good deal, which usually means paying less. However, most of the time, looking for high-quality products could also mean paying a little extra. To avoid getting the wrong deal, why not ask the seller or research to make sure that the wood that you are getting is what you are looking for. 

Another potential label that you may encounter is “teak-like” furniture. Note that real teak wood contains a high concentration of silica, which makes it durable against elements. It can also last for about 75 to 10 years even when left outdoors. If it is “teak-like”, as claimed by others, it is not teak wood. 


What is teak wood? You already have the answer to this question. When looking for furniture made out of teak wood, make sure that you read the label well. Many sources can trick you into thinking that you are getting a good deal of teak wood, when in fact, you are not. 

Teak wood is an exotic hardwood. It is rated Class 1 wood, which means that it is very durable and insect resistant. Real teak wood does not need to be oiled or treated. Before setting out to purchase teak wood lumber or furniture piece, make sure to do your homework first. If you find this article helpful, feel free to share it. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!



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