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Woodworking Gift Ideas – DIY Project Plans

Giving someone something that you created using your hands is very special. While it is possible to simply buy a gift to give, giving a gift that you have personally created will not just be a memorable experience to the receiver, but also very satisfying on your end. In this article, we have highlighted some woodworking gift ideas that might just fit your preferences. Why wood? They are unique, timeless, always a classic. With these ideas, there is definitely something for everybody on your list!

1. Space Saver Wine Rack

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If you are planning to give someone who loves wines a gift, then a wine rack might just be a good idea. This wine rack is easy to make, and even designed for beginners to complete. It only needs two 1×4 boards, which are of the same length as the cabinet bay, along with a ¾-in plywood strip which is of the same length as the boards. The plywood strip should have a width of 8 inches. This gift will be loved by your wine-loving friend!

2. DIY Phone Stand

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With our phones being our closest friends these days, anybody will surely appreciate receiving a gift like a phone stand. With this design, it is possible to place your phone while charging. There is also space where a motivational quote can be placed to brighten up the day. 

3. Wearables

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Making something that can be worn is a very nice idea. Each time the recipient will wear it, he or she will remember you. These wooden jewelry pieces will no doubt be durable, making them last for a very long time under their care. This will certainly become one of their favorites. 

4. Shoe Organizer

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Any friend would surely appreciate receiving a shoe organizer that can help keep their shoes off the floor. The best part is that this shoe organizer is natural and clean. This easy-to-make storage rack can carry almost any type of shoes, from summer sandals to winter boots. The best part about having a shoe organizer is that there is no need to deal with scuff marks on your wall or mud buildup.

5. fLaptop Stand

Laptop desk stand with post it notes and planner underneath

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If you are planning to give a unique gift, why not create an ergonomic project as a gift? This laptop stand is a great idea to take into consideration. It is so easy to make that it can even be completed in just less than 30 minutes. The finish and the design can be altered to match the personality of the recipient. 

6. Chopping Board and Serving Tray in One

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If you are searching for a beautiful and satisfying gift that you can give to somebody who loves the kitchen, this cutting board and serving tray might be a great woodworking project. This is particularly made out of maple and walnut. It is very easy to make. It is designed to be done and completed in just a few hours. 

7. DIY Storage Bin

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This storage bin can be used in the kitchen, which means that it could be a great gift for somebody who loves being organized in the kitchen. Aside from being a fruit and veggie holder, you can also turn it into storage for a different purpose, such as for storing books and toys. This versatile design will allow you to use it for different purposes. 

8. End Grain Coasters

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The best part about exploring your creativity with woodworking projects is that you have the liberty to try out different things. To achieve this, you may find yourself hoarding craps from different projects. With these end grain coasters, no piece is left wasted. They are fun to make because of the limitless patterns that you can create. The receiver of this gift will no doubt love its creative features. 

9. Plant Stand

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Planning to give somebody who loves plants a gift? This tiered plant stand might just do the trick! It is a quick and easy woodworking project that uses only half aboard! Paint with any color that you like, or add some graphics too!

10. Wood Tray

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This gift will make a beautiful gift for any hostess. The best part about this is that it is so easy to make that it can be completed using only three tools? Explore your creativity even further, and alter the plan if you like to give it a personal touch. 


Regardless of the occasion, anybody who will be receiving any of the results of the woodworking gift ideas in this list will surely be pleased! Personalized gifts are not just special, they are meaningful. Whether you are planning to give a family member or a close friend, any of the gift ideas mentioned above will surely leave a smile on the receiver’s face. Why not share with us your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below! You may also share this article if you like!





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