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Woodworking Kits for Kids – Choose What Fits for Them

If you want your child to take a break from looking at the small screens of your iPad and phones, these fun woodworking kits will help them engage and have fun. Not only will these kits make them busy, but they get to reap different cognitive benefits as well. There are several woodworking kits for kids available in the market today. 

For any age range, there are woodworking kits perfect for children as young as five. It will help your children get interested in playing with toys where they get to learn and have fun at the same time. Yet, with all the woodworking kits available, finding one may be a nuisance. Well, take this guide to help you choose what fits your children best. 

Woodworking Kits for Ages 5 to 7 

There is a list of different woodworking kits children from ages 5 to 7 will enjoy doing. These woodworking kits for kids are fun and easy to do. Plus, they get to have fun doing anything they want with their woodworking kit. They will feel a sense of accomplishment when they finish doing these easy woodworking tasks. 

1. Birdhouse Woodworking Kit

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One of the most manageable woodworking kits and projects out in the market is a birdhouse. These woodworking kits have clear and easy-to-follow instructions. Plus, most of the parts are simple and easy to determine. There is no need for any complicated and unknown tools. Even 5-year-old kids can do it.  

Some birdhouse woodworking kits will allow you to paint the wood. You can find different brands that offered this. However, choose the good quality ones to avoid buying cheaper products with toxic paints. The birdhouse woodworking is a basic woodworking kit to teach your children hands-on building and creativity. 

2. Wooden Vehicles Woodworking Kit 

Classic Wooden Fire Truck Play Set | Toy fire trucks, Fire trucks, Toy  trucks

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Another woodworking tool for the kids to enjoy is the wooden vehicles woodworking kit. It is a kit that allows children to build wooden vehicles out of different cuts of wood. There will be several pieces, so you have to remember the number of wood pieces if you want not to lose any. 

Most of the wooden vehicle woodworking kits allow you to paint. It also needs sticking, so you may need glue or tape to put some pieces together. Kids should have your assistance when playing this. Thus, if you want something you can bond over with your children, this is the ideal woodworking kit for kids. 

3. Decorate Your Own 

Baker Ross AT945 Make Your Own 3D Jungle Animal Woodcraft Kits for Kids  Arts and Crafts Projects Painting Pack of 5 Assorted - Educational Toys  Planet

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Another woodworking kit to help your children learn is the decorate your woodworking kit. This type of kit has cut pieces of either animal, fruits, and other different items. It is easy to assemble. Plus, you get to have fun painting it too. 

The decorate your woodworking kit is ideal if you want the children to team up and help each other build different items. It is a great kit to spend an afternoon inside the house. Since it needs painting, adult supervision is essential.

4. Catapult Woodworking Kit 

Catapult Kit | Purchase Wooden Mangonels & Catapult Kits for Your Classroom  Physics Lesson Online at teachersource.com

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Another woodworking free of any complicated tools is the catapult woodworking kit. It makes it an ideal choice for younger kids. The catapult kit has different cut woods that children will have a fun time fitting the several cut pieces together. You will need some glue, so your supervision is essential. 

The kit has different versions. Some are easy, with only a few pieces needed. Some may have more cut wood pieces with a more complicated catapult design. Look at the label and instructions to see if it fits the preference you want. 

Woodworking Kits for Ages 8 and above 

These woodworking kits for kids ages eight and above are more complicated, with intricate designs and complex but doable instructions. Thus, the kids will have fun while getting challenged with these woodworking kits. These will help them solve problems, get creative, and have a lot of fun. 

1. Build It Yourself, Woodworking Kit 

Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit at Lakeshore Learning

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One of the most common woodworking kits is a build-it-yourself kit. It has everything you need, including a big box of cut wood pieces, wood glue, and some nails. The cut pieces are smooth, so it is safe. Though it has multiple pre-cut pieces available, it won’t be too complicated to use. You can let the children get creative. 

However, because of the tool inclusion, parents need to supervise their kids using these. It is to help them avoid any accidents or get hurt. Children may need more instructions and reminders from parents. 

2. Construction Woodworking Kit 

Kraftic Woodworking Building Kit for Kids and Adults, with 3 Educational  DIY Carpentry Construction Wood Model Kit Toy… – BLINKEE.COM

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You can help your child improve his problem-solving skill, as well as kit motor and cognitive skills with this construction woodworking kit. This kit has different variations, with several project choices from battle machines to construction equipment. There will be different designs you can pick. 

It includes cut woods and some rubber bands. Parents may need help when using this kit, especially when they have a hard time with rubber bands. However, it has easy and clear instructions so it following them won’t be a problem. 

3. Woodcraft 3D Woodworking Kit 

Original Hobby Vehicle 3D Puzzles

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The woodcraft 3D woodworking kit is a more challenging version of the Decorate Your Own. This woodworking kit has a more complicated design. Instead of the simple animals made of a few woodcuts, this kit has more parts with varied designs. Thus, older kids will enjoy the challenge. 

This kit includes different paint as well. After building the design, you can readily paint and color it any way you want. Though most colors only have the five primary ones. It won’t need any tools nor glue. The pieces need to fit together through the cut and holes. It will be easier with clear instructions given. 


These are only some of the woodworking kits for kids. There are others you can easily find online or in your local store. You can likewise look for known brands to get great deals out there. These woodworking kits are a helpful game and craft that helps your children get an all-embracing grasp of their growing skills and creativity. 

Plus, these woodworking kits are a pleasant chance for parents to bond with their kids. When you don’t know how to spend a rainy afternoon at home, these kits will help lift any boredom.  Thus, get yourself a woodworking kit or two for your child to practice and play. 





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