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DIY Toy Box Plans – Easy to Follow Project Plans

Are you a parent who’s tired of picking up toys and books? A toy box can solve all your problems in a heartbeat! With a toy box, your child can learn to pick up his own toys, learn simple organizing tasks and of course, help you with your daily chores. There are many types of toy boxes available but none can compare to one that you made yourself. Here are some DIY toy box plans to inspire you.

A modern simple toy box with a lid`

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We know you want to keep your kids happy and at the same time live in a clean house. This is why this simple yet modern toy box would surely help you get all your kids’ toys organized. It is made of wood and comes with a lid to keep all toys out of sight by bedtime. 

This toy box plan makes use of a few wooden beams but you can also recycle old wood if you have one at home. The base of this box is all wood; it’s strong and you can move this box wherever you want. The lid is also made of wood with metal hinges.

The cover opens by lifting the lid from the front of the box. The top also works as a spacious table or an area where you can display more toys. You can paint this in any color you want and place it in the bedroom or playroom, anywhere your child stays and plays.

Slide storage system toy box

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Older kids will need more than a storage box to keep toys. They need a storage system to segregate their toys better. This is a plan to make a slide storage system; a toy box that uses the classic Ikea Trofast utility baskets. 

Think of combining old and new concepts as the shelf is made of hardwood with three levels capable of holding three baskets in every level. This play will help you make nine boxes that slide forward and back with a chalkboard front so you can label what’s inside. 

This toy box will make toy segregation tasks easier plus you don’t need to check a huge bin just to look for a tiny toy!

Toy box console with moving toy bins

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At the end of the day, toy cleanup can be a pain especially when you need to pick up toys from one side of the room to take them to the bin that’s on the other side. This toy box console with bins comes with easy to move coaster wheels.

The toy console looks like a barnyard feeding trough only it’s taller to allow the two movable toy boxes on wheels to fit. From the cabinet sections, you can keep all kinds of toys and display their favorites on the top shelf too. 

Take the movable bins with you when playtime is over. Let your kids pick up every toy and place this in the movable bins. And what’s great about this toy storage shelf is that it’s huge and requires minimal maintenance. 

The pirate’s toy box chest

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Kids love their toys like treasure so why not keep these inside a treasure box? This is a toy box plan that will help you build a toy treasure chest. This toy box is simple, easy to do, and is very spacious. You can even divide the box into sections to segregate your child’s toys. 

They can use this to hide Legos, books, toy trucks, dolls, stuffed animals, and game boards. As they grow up, they can continue to use this box to keep their books, school work, and things they need for school. Choose a good, sturdy type of wood and apply varnish instead of paint. Varnish or stain will turn this ordinary DIY project into a real pirate treasure box. 

DIY toy box with a seat

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A small bedroom won’t be a problem even if your child has a lot of toys. This is a toy box plan will help you make a cute toy box that doubles as a soft seat. Like a regular toy box, it has a lid that your child can prop open to store toys or to take them out.

It’s made from wood or repurposed wood and you can paint it any color your child likes. The top is made from a soft material such as felt or an old thick towel. Place some foam on top and cover with the felt or towel to make the seat. Use an upholstery fastener or staple gun to fasten the seat cover. 

This toy box will work great in keeping your little one’s toys and books. She can also sit on top to play or read her favorite stories. As she grows older, she can also use this to keep her stuff as it’s spacious and can be divided into sections. Construct a strong toy box so an older child can use this as a seat for study.

A few tips when making a DIY toy box

  • You don’t need to fit all your child’s toys inside this box. Keep only the ones that he or she loves to play with daily. Toys that your child rarely uses can be kept on a shelf or a bookcase.
  • For toy boxes with lids, use a safe soft close hinge. This will close the box safely and protect your child’s hands and fingers each time. 
  • Use non-toxic paint and varnish. Remember these products emit dangerous fumes and toxins. 
  • If you plan to use refurbished wood and other materials, check if it’s free from pests, molds, and dirt before use. 

There you have it, the best DIY toy box plans. These toy boxes are easy to make, require basic woodworking skills and tools. You can use new wood or refurbished wood to make these boxes and most of all, you can paint it or stain it any way you want. Have fun making DIY toy boxes with these easy plans.





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