does rubbing alcohol kill mold

Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Mold?

Mold is mostly noticed in wet surfaces and damp areas. A lot of people are not disturbed by the presence of mold as they thought that these are not harmful to the body. However, a study proves that mold can cause an allergic reaction and some serious health problems. 

To prevent these concerns, you may want to eliminate the mold completely and efficiently. You do not want to see any of your loved ones getting sick because of these molds. But the question now is how. Does rubbing alcohol kill mold? 

What are Molds?

Just to correct some people’s perception about molds – they are not plants. Molds are little organisms that dwell in damp areas. They can prosper anywhere, both indoor and outdoor. The color of molds can differ ranging from purple, green, black, white, brown, and orange. 

When cultivating in nature, molds play a significant role as they help in destroying dead plants or trees. Moreover, molds quickly grow on moist surfaces. These organisms grow in numbers by taking off the small spores right into the air.

Rubbing Alcohol for Eliminating Mold

How to eliminate mold? Does rubbing alcohol kill mold? These are the common questions from people dealing with mold. The concern of having mold at home should be immediately addressed. It is because the prolonged exposure to mold can cause diseases to the family members. 

Thus, rubbing alcohol can make an alternative solution for killing molds at home. However, you should understand that utilizing rubbing alcohol to get rid of mold can only work for minor cases.

The use of rubbing alcohol is both safe and effective, particularly if used in areas that are damaged easily. Also, it can be an alternative to bleach. A lot of people use a household cleaning product or bleach to get rid of mold. Hence, to answer the question “Does rubbing alcohol kill mold?”, it is a yes. 

If you have enough supply in your house and you want to use rubbing alcohol to finally eliminate mold, you will have to use a higher concentration level. Ideally, you should go more than 60 percent when tempering. Otherwise, the solution will not be enough to fight the mold in the area. If you do not use 99 percent rubbing alcohol, you should lower the quantity of water.

When killing mold, alcohol can work as an emulsifier and a drying agent. It simply supports the claim that it can help kill mold. They do not work as efficiently as the other mold removal products but they do work.

Why Use Rubbing Alcohol to Kill Mold?

Here are some of the reasons why you should try rubbing alcohol when killing mold:

  1. It dries quickly. Molds survive on surfaces with moisture. When cleaning up, you can be certain that the solution will not contribute to the existing moisture on the surface.
  1. It is affordable and readily available. Almost all households, especially during this time of the pandemic, has rubbing alcohol in their home. If by any chance you already consumed your rubbing alcohol, you can easily buy one from any of the nearest stores in the area.
  1. It can be used anywhere.
  1. It is natural, hence it is harmless from a fumes viewpoint
  1. The smell quickly disappears.

Can You Prevent Molds?

Using easy tricks and tips to manage moisture as well as other factors that take part in the building up of molds, you can stop molds from multiplying.

  • Bear in mind that moisture nourishes the molds. Hence, if you notice any leakage in your home, you should immediately repair it.
  • Do not just allow wet items unattended and make sure to properly dry them to prevent molds from forming.
  • Molds can also develop in plant soil. Thus, do not overwhelm your house with indoor plants.
  • Use exhaust fans on areas where consumption of water is frequent.
  • Wipe off the water right away after washing the floor and shower.
  • Use some mold-killing products


The rage of molds is that they can trigger some respiratory problems which can be severe. This can even get worse if you have someone in the family that has asthma and allergies. In other words, molds are not only a threat to the property but even to your health.

When you see molds in your home, you must immediately do something to kill them. Does rubbing alcohol kill mold? You now know that you can use your rubbing alcohol to defeat molds. It is also important that you commit yourself to follow the tricks and tips above so you can prevent molds. Prevention is still better than cure. 

If you disregard the existence of molds in your house, your family can suffer. Killing molds can be challenging but if you know how to defeat them, then there is no need to panic.



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