Hackzall vs. Sawzall

Hackzall vs. Sawzall: Determine Which One Fits Your Task

An example of a power saw is a reciprocating saw. The reciprocating saw is the best tool when it comes to home repair. It is easier to remodel and construct different items using this type of saw. Whether you want to break or make things, the reciprocating saw provides a helping hand in doing more manageable and safer tasks. Reciprocating saw is used for many things, including cutting holes on ceilings and pipes. It can cut through metal and even fiberglass. You can use it for design and plasterwork. 

When it comes to a reciprocating saw, you may think of two leading names: Hackzall vs. Sawzall. These two tools are from the same manufacturer, the Milwaukee Electric Tool Company. This company has been the leading business in the industry since 1924. Now, they offer two kinds of reciprocating saw, the Hackzall, and the Sawzall. You might be wondering which one fits your task best. First, learn the differences between Hackzall vs. Sawzall. 

Hackzall vs. Sawzall

You must know the uses of Hackzall and Sawzall first. Then, it is easier for you to know which one to buy and use for your project. To give you a brief explanation, a Hackzall is smaller than Sawzall. A Hackzall is lesser powerful but manageable to use with only one hand, while the Sawzall is more powerful and needs both your hands to operate. 

All about Hackzall 

Many would say that Hackzall has no redeeming differences from all the other tools they’ve used. However, Hackzall has practical and innovative qualities that make it convenient and easy to use. Instead of the usual two-handed and elongated saw, Hackzack was built specifically for one-hand use. It has a gun-like style and a balanced weight. It comes with an easy, one-handed grip handle like a power drill. You can use it to cut holes in the pipe or ceiling while your other hand holds for support. 

With the anti-vibration system, the Hackzall products are made so you can get control and accuracy even when using only one hand. The Hackzall is lighter than the Sawzall. The Hackzall is small, easy to carry, and use even in cramped spaces. 

All about Sawzall 

Sawzall may look like any standard reciprocating saw. If the Hackzall looks like a gun, the Sawzall, on the other hand, looks like a rifle. It has mounted support out front that you can hold while using. Since it’s elongated, taking hold and control of the tool is easier. Because this is a 2-handed tool, you can get a good grip when cutting material, which may feel different and better than using Hackzall. Sawzall offers a more flexible way of cutting difficult material. 

You can choose between a cordless, battery-operated Sawzall or the cord electricity-operated one. Today, this brand has offer Sawzall models operated with One-Key. It made it possible for the unit to connect to an app on your smartphone. You can easily track the performance and battery percentage of your Sawzall. 

Difference: Hackzall VS Sawzall 

Aside from the difference in their design and physical look, they also differ in their power. 

The cutting power differs concerning their strength. For example, Sawzall tools, like reciprocating saws, can cut through metal, wood, and pipes. However, Hackzall can’t equal the same cutting power. It’s not a lesser tool by any means. Hackzall is incomparable to other reciprocating tools from other brands.

When it comes to flexibility and readiness, Hackzall dominates. It is true due to its manageable and small size, which can help it get accessible even in the smallest possible space. It offers safety as well. On the other hand, Sawzall is best used in a comfortable and breathable space while making bigger cuts. 

Another difference is the price. Since mostly everyone used Sawzall, the price is affordable or a bit lower than Hackzall. Even if the difference in price is hardly any significant, you might want to take note that Hackzall is pricier than Sawzall. Still, many argue that both prices aren’t affordable in the first place. 

Determine Which One Fits Your Task

When determining which one fits your task best, you have to know the task situations at hand. Do you need a convenient tool that will let you work even in uncomfortable tight spaces? Or is there a need for that when you want simply use the other one in a wide space? It all boils down to what you are planning to use to them. 

Hackzall is powerful, but Sawzall will give you raw and great power. Sawzall will force itself to anything without holding back. It is the best option when working on demanding materials. While Hackzall can do pretty much what Sawzall can offer, it likewise gives a safer choice, especially in an unflattering working condition.  

Both are not cheap tools and are both made of excellent materials that will surely last long. So, think of what you want the saw for and decide which one to buy based on the tool’s strength. 


There isn’t much difference between Hackzalls vs. Sawzall. Both are proven to be powerful tools that give marvelous results. You won’t feel bad about investing in both of these saws. Buying either one can make cutting different materials easier. Once you figure out what you use it for, then knowing which one to buy is simple. This determining factor is the answer to which Hackzall and Sawzall is the one that fits your task. 

Generally speaking, neither is better than the other. Both tools simply happen to be of the same category but built differently for different reasons. It is what made them worth your money. Tell us your experiences with Hackzall vs. Sawzall. Which one do you think is more preferable? 





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