How to Decorate Wood Paneling without Painting

How to Decorate Wood Paneling without Painting

Wood paneling has its series of ups and downs. With its raging popularity that started in the 1950s, almost every home has wood paneling. Though this validated the design’s popularity, it’s somehow become the reason for its downfall. Suddenly, the most coveted and dreamed wood paneling became too common and mainstream until people grew tired of it. 

Painting a different color might be the easiest option for you. Covering it might be the best solution. However, there is more you can do about it. Learning how to decorate wood paneling without painting is easy. Unknown to others, wood paneling is an aesthetic wood design that’s practical and easy to decorate. You need to find the right interior design to complement its color. Learn the easiest and the most fun ways to make the most out of your wood paneling. 

What do You need to Decorate Wood Paneling? 

Planning is always the first choice when it comes to decorating your wood paneling. How do you want it to look? If you consider lighting up the wall with a few designs, you can prepare the following materials. 

  • Picture frames
  • Tapestries 
  • Curtains
  • Unique Art with large frames 
  • Bright and colorful rugs
  • Hanging plants/ Potted plants 

How to Decorate Wood Paneling? 

Look at the different ideas on how to decorate wood paneling without painting it. These different ways could light up your wall or make it more pleasing to your eyes. Not only will it enhance the wall’s feature, but it can make the room bright and pleasing. 

1. Gallery Wall 


If you’re tired of looking at the bare wood paneling, you can use it as a gallery wall. Put picture frames of different sizes strategically to create a wall of pictures. You can choose to cover the whole paneling wood or add a few pieces. They can be an inch or two apart. Hang them using nails. The spaces in between will add a nice touch. The picture will steal the show, and the wood paneling won’t overshadow the whole look. You can put images of yourself and your family or abstract and colorful favorites that you have. 

2. Background Wall 


Since wood paneling has its unique look, this wall will be suitable as a background for anything, including your eye-catching art pieces. If you have any large art pieces, sealed them in beautiful frames and hang them for everyone to see. Wood paneling will enhance the painting’s shadow and let it shine brightly. You can use nails or screw hook to hang different large frames. 

3. Cover It With Curtains


If you are apprehensive about painting but still want to cover your whole wood paneling wall, you can cover them with curtains or large tapestries. It will not only give you a new background of your choice, but it will not do any harm to your wood paneling. When you want it back, it stays sound and still in the background. 

You can choose to cover the whole background with warm-toned curtains for good effect. Large colorful tapestries will likewise make the room brighter. You can install curtain brackets on top of the wood paneling for your curtain, while you can hang tapestries using nails or screw hooks.   

4. Furniture


Your furniture, especially the solid colored ones, will make a nice compliment to your wood paneling. Position your sofa in front of the wall. You can use wood furniture to match the wood paneling as well. Design your wood furniture, be it a small side table or a cabinet, with dried flowers or colorful ornaments on top. Natural colors like green or brown will do well with the wood paneling. 

Another piece of furniture you can add is a bookcase. The wood paneling is the perfect design as a background for your books. Aside from books, you can add different things such as figurines and glass accessories. 

5. Plants 


Since green compliments wood paneling well, you can add plants to decorate your wood paneling. Simple potted plants will look good on each side, along with the furniture. It would create a great vibe that will go well with the wood panel. If you are feeling a little bit crafty and want to go all-in, you can add hanging plants to fill the empty spaces above. It’s up to you what kind of plants you want. It’s nice to mix both green plants and flowering ones to add a pop of color.  

6. Accent Wall 


Another good thing about wood paneling is you can use it as an accent wall. You can use it as the background of your pictures. It will easily create a nice color and a sophisticated look. Wood paneling will likewise furnish a nice touch to the room. If you are planning to get wood paneling, choose one wall instead of all four. This way, when you get used to it, you can only cover and design one instead of all. You can learn many ways on how to decorate wood paneling without painting over it.  


There are many ways you can do on how to decorate wood paneling without painting. You need to be a little creative with what you have. Wood paneling is a nice feature, and it can improve with a pleasing design and some furniture. You have to experiment, and with your imagination, you can make the room more beautiful. It is no wonder that wood paneling is still the choice of many people. Though some would want to tear them all up, it would be such a waste not to give it a chance with the help of a few decorations. 

Do you have more ideas on how to decorate wood paneling without painting? Let us know in the comment section. 



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