how to get smoke smell out of wood furniture

How to Get the Smoke Smell Out of the Wood Furniture

It gets frustrating when your furniture starts to smell. The most common and stubborn one is the smoke smell. It lingers and taunts you as you get close to your wood furniture. 

Luckily, if you noticed the unpleasant smell right away, you can start getting rid of the smell. There are several ways on how to get smoke smell out of wood furniture. Just a quick reminder, these steps don’t usually generate immediate results. Thus, you have to patient and extra generous with the amount and effort you put. 

What Do You Need? 

These are the different items you need when you get rid of the smell of smoke from your furniture. You can choose any of these, or you may need all of them, depending on how grave the odor is. 

  • Mild Soap

Your usual mild soap will work well in washing out the smell of smoke. You can choose either the unscented or the scented ones. The soap will try to take the bad smell away and clean the wood surface. 

  • Citrus Cleaner (wood-base) 

Another cleaner that works well in getting rid of the dank smell is a citrus cleaner. It gets specifically made to rid odors on any items, so this might work better if the mild soap isn’t sufficient. 

  • Vinegar 

Another natural smell remover is vinegar. The white vinegar has powerful acid that takes away any smoke smell from the wood. Though the vinegar itself has a strong smell, if it doesn’t bother you at all, this could be a perfect alternative. 

  • Baking soda

There is no question about baking soda’s supremacy. Like how effective baking soda is for cleaning, it likewise works in removing any foul smell. It is known to absorb any unpleasant smell, leaving the wood smelling better and fresher. 

  • Coffee grounds 

An excellent alternative to baking soda is coffee grounds. If you don’t have the baking soda at home, the coffee grounds work well in absorbing the smoke smell of your furniture as well. Besides, who wouldn’t want a piece of coffee-smelling furniture. 

You will also need clean water. You can put it inside a spray bottle. Then, prepare a clean towel or clothes you can wipe on the wood furniture. A soft sponge will work as well. 

How to get Smoke Smell out of Wood Furniture 

Use these different ways and techniques to finally get rid of the smoke smell out of your wood furniture. Here’s is how you start the process. 

1. Absorb and Eliminate the Odor 

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First, to help you lessen the smoke smell, apply these different items. These will all help absorb and eliminate the smoke smell. 

Baking Soda

Sprinkle baking soda all over your furniture. Put a generous amount on the surfaces and inside the drawers and corners. Let the baking soda rest for two hours or more. You can leave it overnight, depending on how severe the smell is. 

Using the brush attachment of your vacuum, start on the exterior of the furniture. Give more time for the baking soda on the insides to fully absorb the smoke smell. After a day or even a week, you can vacuum on the inside of the furniture as well.  Repeat the process until the smoke smell vanishes. 

Coffee Grounds 

Coffee grounds can help eliminate the smoke smell effectively too. Others sprinkle the coffee grounds all over the furniture, just like the baking soda. However, if you don’t want to get the sticky and melted coffee grounds on your wood furniture, you can use some newspaper. 

Get a sheet of newspaper and line it along the furniture’s surface. You can put some on the inside drawers as well. Then, sprinkle some coffee grounds on top of the newspaper. Leave it for two days or more. Slowly, the coffee smell envelopes the area, leaving the furniture free of any smoke smell. 


You have different ways of using vinegar to take away the smell. First, you can place a generous amount of vinegar in a small bowl. Then, place it inside the drawers. Let it sit for two days. The smoke smell will eventually go away. 

Second, you can mix vinegar and water. Use an equal part for each. Then, using a clean cloth, rub the water-vinegar mixture into the furniture’s surface. It will help take the smoke smell away. 

2. Wash and Scrub the Smell Off 

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Even after using the different ingredients to absorb the smoke smell away, it may not be enough to fully clean the furniture and get it smell-free. So, scrub the stubborn smoke smell using the following items. 

Mild Soap 

Dissolve some mild soap in water. Then, with a clean towel, rub the soap on the furniture. Focus on where the smell is still obviously strong. Don’t drench the towel too much. Use only a tiny amount, just enough to dampen the towel. 

You can use oil-based soap as well. These are effective in taking away the unpleasant, leaving only a clean and fresh smell behind. It may be more expensive than the usual mild soap, but it is more effective as well. 

3. For Any Remaining Odor 

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If there happens to be a faint smell in the wood furniture and you are too bothered about it, you can try the last option. 

Wood-base Citrus Cleaner 

Some stubborn smell refuses to go away. To fully get the smoke smell off the wood furniture, use the wood-base citrus cleaner. Either spray the citrus cleaner directly on the wood furniture or get a clean cloth and dampen it with the citrus cleaner.

Rub all the surfaces of the furniture well. Don’t leave a spot. If the wood furniture has a lot of removable drawers, you can take them out. Air them properly. It will help the smell disappear quickly. Then, after wiping everything with the citrus cleaner, let the furniture dry in the open air. 


The smoke smell, especially from cigarettes, is a nuisance. You want to get rid of it right away. These easy ways to keep your furniture smelling horrible are proven and tested by many. You can experiment with them out yourself and see which is most suitable for your wood furniture. 

Knowing how to get the smoke smell out of wood furniture is essential, especially if your home isn’t free of any cigarette smell and other unpleasant odors. It is one way to take care of your furniture better, so it will last longer in top condition.  



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