how to get wood stain off hands

How to Get Wood Stain Off Hands: 5 Simple Ways

Doing what’s best for your wood can give you different advantages. Your wood will have its protection from the harsh sun or moisture. It will deteriorate the fast rotting process, plus it makes the wood pleasant looking and fresh. Wood stain is one of the most used after-care for wood projects. It’s all exciting and fun while looking at the finished results until you see your hands. You may forget to use gloves or have used them, but stubborn wood stain covers your hands. 

Now, you have your hands looking dirty from all the painted wood stains. However, there is no need to worry. Like paint, wood stains are easy to remove from your skin. There are different ways to get them off, and in no time, you will get cleaner hands. Now, let’s find out how to get wood stains off your hands. You have several options you can choose from. 

What Do You Need? 

Getting wood stains off your hands is easier with the different trusted and effective ways. When washing and wiping it off with an unused cloth won’t do the trick, you can ask for help using these solutions and homemade products. The different alternatives work well. You need to pick one that’s convenient for you. To start getting the annoying wood stain off your hand, you will need the following.  

Stain Formula 

Stain formulas are the same chemical you can use to get the paint off. The common ones are the solvent or the thinner. Since these products are clean and water-like, they won’t leave an additional stan as well. It pays to get these products in your store, especially when doing different pain-related jobs. However, you may want to forgo this trick if you have extra sensitive skin. It may cause a reaction and will hurt your hands badly. 

Mineral Spirit

Some people generally call thinner mineral spirits, but they are different. Though sometimes, they get used for the same purpose. Thus, you can also use mineral spirit to get the stubborn wood stain off your hands. Mineral Spirit works well if you used the oil-based wood stain on your woods. 


Your ever-trusted alcohol can help you wipe the wood stain off your hand. Use this, especially if you’ve had a water-based stain for your wood. Since alcohol works well with almost all dirt, make this your first choice in removing the wood stain from your hands. 

Natural Oils 

Natural oils will prove their worth against wood stain on your hands. Different natural oils such as your trusted vegetable oil or olive oil will help you effortlessly wipe the wood stain off your hands. In case you don’t have any of the first two, you can use any natural or food-grade oil. All oils can be a natural remedy that can be as useful as all the others. 

Make-up remover

Another product to help you get the wood stain off your hands is your trusted make-up remover. Make-up remover has different and effective stain removing products such as alcohol and other oils. 

How to Get Wood Stains Off Your Hands

Now that we know all the different things needed to get wood stains off your hands, it’s time to start on how to get it off. Learn the five different simple ways to get your hands clean again. 

1. Using a Stain Formula

When using a stain formula to remove wood stains, get an old cloth you don’t use anymore. Make sure it is clean. Pour a generous amount on the piece of cloth – just enough to dampen a part of the cloth with the stain formula. 

Rub the damp cloth into your hands while focusing on the darker wood stains. The wood stains will slowly disappear. Continue rubbing your hands until all your skin is clean. Add more stain formula once the cloth dries and there are still stains left. Once done, wash your hands clean and keep the stain formula safe and away from children. 

2. Using Mineral Spirit 

Be careful when using mineral spirit. It is flammable and has a toxic fume. To start, get a small container, preferably a metal one. Pour a tiny amount on the container, or depending on the wood stain situation at hand. Start with a small amount and get a clean cloth. Dip the cloth into the solution, then start cleaning your hands. Rub the cloth into your hands. 

Once you see the wood stain starting to come off, place your hand in running water. Running water will stop the mineral spirit from causing any inflammation or irritation on your skin. Rub your hand again, then place it under running water. Do this until your hand feels clean. Wash them thoroughly after.

3. Using Alcohol 

You can use a neat fabric or cotton when using the alcohol to scrub the wood stain off. Take a piece of cotton, put alcohol on it, and then rub it on your hands. You may require a few cotton balls or pads for this. Repeat the manner till the alcohol cleanses the wood stain off your hands. Rinse your hands clean after using detergent and freshwater.

4. Using Natural Oils

Put a sufficient amount of natural oil on your hands. Rub it all over the wood stains. Let the oil soak and stay in your hands for a couple of minutes. Then, get a clean cloth and start rubbing your hands using it. You might need to rub a little harder to get the wood stains off. Once done, wash the oil away with warm water and your trusted dishwasher soap.

5. Using Make-up remover 

You will need cotton pads or balls to use your make-up remover. Pour a generous amount on the cotton, then rub it on your stained hands. Focus on the darker and more stubborn stains. Repeat the process and use another cotton once they are all stained. Then, wash your hands clean after all the wood stain is gone. 


Getting wood stains might be annoying and can create such a hassle. However, you can work on the dilemma with a few simple tricks to easily remove the wood stain and have clean hands again. The scrubbing and wiping may take a moment, but it all works well in the end. It’s better to use gloves always when putting on the wood stain. However, wearing them won’t entirely stop the wood stain from seeping through and staining your hands. Still, this precaution will help.  

Do you have any ways on how to get the wood stain off your hands? Share the different tricks you do in the comment section.



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