how to measure a chainsaw blade

How to Measure a Chainsaw Blade: Tips and Guides

Learning how to measure a chainsaw blade would be essential, especially for the chainsaw operators. Whether you want to know the size of your current blade so you can get a new one to replace it or you want to confirm if a bigger blade can suit your saw – this article could help you find the answer.

Measuring a chainsaw blade can involve detailed steps. It is not a one-size-suits-all scenario. Not all blades are best for each saw. You might see bigger blades working well with powerful chainsaws. However, you should not feel burden with the thoughts of measuring the blade. Measuring its length is quite easy.

What Do You Need to Follow this Tutorial?

With this tutorial, you can easily measure a chainsaw blade. However, you need to secure one thing to do it:

  • Tape Measure

This is an obvious material for this tutorial. You will use a tape measure to get the measurement of the chainsaw blade. You do not have to buy a new tape measure. Your old one will do, as long as it still usable and the readings are still visible, then that should be fine. You need to get the right measurement for your blade, thus, your tape measure should have readable numbers. 

If you have the tape measure you, then you can proceed with the tutorial.

Step-by-Step Instructions 

If you plan to buy a new chainsaw blade, you should be able to obtain two measurements. These are the cutting length and the actual length. To help you obtain these figures, these are the steps that you need to follow so you would know how to measure a chainsaw blade:

1. Switch off the chainsaw.

Before trying to measuring a chainsaw blade, you have to make sure that you switched off the machine and unplugged it. The best way of ensuring the chainsaw will not turn on by accident is to pull out the spark plug wire. When doing this, clasp the spark plug cover and gently tug on the boot to remove the wire.

2. Secure your cutting length measurement.

Lie down the chainsaw on a flat surface and get a tape measure. Start measuring the blade right into where you see the blade transpiring from the casing of the chainsaw. Measure the chainsaw blade starting from the tip going back to the cutter, near to the body. Oftentimes, you will have to round up to the closest even number by inches. 

This means that if your blade measures 18 ¾, its cutting length will be 20 inches after round up. If you think the extra inches could harm the performance of your chainsaw, then don’t worry. Those extra inches are insignificant and will not do any harm.

3. Detach the casing of the saw.

This time, you should get a socket wrench to take off the nuts that connect the body of the chainsaw to the casing. After doing this, it should be easy for you to completely remove the casing. Detaching the casing will expose the entire length of the chainsaw. This will expose the entire chainsaw blade.

Remain the chainsaw flat on the surface so you can easily see the entire chainsaw blade. You may bend or turn right or left to have an easier view of it.

4. Get the actual length.

Get your tape measure to begin measuring. Get the length by measuring from one end of the blade to the other. It should include the newly exposed portion. Check the number that is given by the measuring tape. You will see that the length is around 2 to 3 inches longer compared to the rounded-up figure you obtained earlier. This will be the actual measurement of your chainsaw blade.

There is no need to round up the number when you get the actual length since there is no longer a hidden part of the chainsaw blade upon reaching this step.

5. Reassemble the parts.

After completing the measuring job, you should now reassemble the parts you disassembled a while ago. Remember to connect the spark plug just as how it was attached before you removed it.

Furthermore, under-tightening or over-tightening any socket or screw will not be favorable for the chainsaw parts. You must fit them accordingly to prevent operational risks during cutting tasks. 


By learning how to measure a chainsaw blade, you can easily get a replacement blade. As mentioned, you must get the actual measurement of your blade since not all blades can suit your chainsaw.

The actual length of the blade is always longer compared to the cutting length of the blade. Considering the fact that the cutting length is the uncovered part of the blade, it means that a certain part of the chainsaw blade remains kept inside the body. Hence, you can never obtain the same measurements for the cutting length and actual length.



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