How to Remove Bed Bugs from Your Wood Furniture

How to Remove Bed Bugs from Your Wood Furniture

Bed bugs are a nuisance at home. They get found everywhere as long as they find their food. They get names as bed bugs, but they don’t remain on the bed only. Even when you take extra measures to clean your bedsheet and change them all the time, you will still find bed bugs anywhere.

You may find bed bugs on your sofa or even on furniture. These bed bugs like to linger in these dark spaces, waiting for you. That is why it is necessary to know how to remove bed bugs from wood furniture. However, you must begin learning how to identify bed bugs and if they fill your wood furniture.

What Do You Need?

Magnifying glass and Flashlight

To help you spot the bed bug better, get your magnifying glass and a flashlight. With only the natural light, you might not see it very clearly.

Rubber Gloves

Protect your hands with rubber gloves. Bed bugs will bite your hands once you can get in contact with them. Plus, these bedbugs linger in filthy areas. Keep your hands protected and neat by utilizing gloves.

Tape and an Old Credit Card

Use an old credit card to reach into tight and closed spaces. Cover the card with some double-sided tape. It will help get the bed bugs as they cling to the sticky tape.

You may need the help of these items as well:

  • A Washer
  • Vacuum
  • Steamer
  • Plastic Bags
  • Bedbug Treatment
  • Bedbug Interceptors

How to Remove Bed Bugs From Wood Furniture

These bed bugs are parasites. Once you are unaware, they suck the blood out of you. Your blood is what feeds these nasty creatures. As long as you constantly stay in this space, they will do ways to remain and find you.  Any place in your home can get infested with these bed bugs. Thus, before it gets too worst, you will need to check your wood furniture for bed bugs.

Check and Assess your Furniture

Checking your wood furniture first is one way to know and assess the occurrence of bedbugs in your house. Though you may know it at first when you suddenly feel and notice itchy and tiny swells on your skin. These usually occur on the back or the back of the legs.

Look for Some Bedbug Signs

Some signs of bedbugs are easy to spot. Usually, you can spot mature bedbugs easily. These bedbugs are bigger and have a red or brown color. Once they appear round, you know that they are well-fed with your blood. Younger bedbugs are very tiny and extremely hard to see.

If there are bedbugs, you will see the bedbug eggs as well. These eggs are white and are very tiny. Look on the sides or under your furniture. They usually are in places that get undisturbed.

Once you confirm and see the bedbugs in your wood furniture, it is time to take necessary actions. You have different ways to keep the bed bugs away.

Wash any washable Items

Take out all the things inside and on the surface of the wood furniture if you have any. If they are washable, give them a good wash using hot water. The hot water will kill the bedbug, whether they are already adults or still eggs.

Use your Vacuum

Vacuum all the surfaces of your wood furniture. Make sure you go through all the wood surfaces. You wouldn’t want any bedbugs left on the sides or underneath your wood furniture. Use a higher suction level to get all the bedbugs out of your furniture.

Once done, empty the vacuum in a plastic bag. Sealed it tightly and throw it out of your house as soon as possible.

The Heat Will Kill all Bedbugs

Once you finish your initial cleaning and vacuuming, one way to kill the remaining and stubborn bedbug left is to let a hot temperature kill them all. You can let your furniture rest under the heat of the sun.

However, this could be damaging, especially to your wood furniture. Then, you can cover the wood furniture in a plastic bag. The heat will still go through the bag and kill the bedbugs, but it will shield the furniture from any sun damages.

Your steamer will do the trick as well. It helps not only disinfect the furniture but kill all the remaining bedbugs that still cling to your wood furniture. A hot temperature of almost 48 degrees Celsius is enough to kill all the bedbugs in your wood furniture.

The Cold Works Well Too

If bedbugs can’t live under extreme heat, they can’t strive under cold temperatures as well. You can take your furniture outside in the cold and let the bedbugs freeze to their deaths. A zero degree Celsius is the perfect cold temperature to drive away from the bedbugs.

Chemical Treatment for Bedbugs

Luckily, there are several commercial bug sprays available these days. You can get one of those stacked in your drawers. That would be helpful. These will help get rid of the bedbugs. Plus, it acts as protection too. You may get rid of them now, but there is a high chance they will return.

Plus, another uncomfortable fact is that these bedbugs can survive even without feeding on people’s blood for a year or more. Once they get hungry again, they will come back and hide inside your wooden furniture again. So, always be ready with your bedbug spray all the time.

Bedbug Interceptors

You can use bedbug interceptors if your wooden furniture has legs. You can place the interceptors on each leg to prevent the bedbug from crawling back into the wood furniture. You can easily discard them right away since they will stay n the interceptors.

Check them regularly. It will likewise help you know if there are still bedbugs around your house, waiting for another opportunity to eat and attack.


Knowing how to remove bed bugs from wood furniture will help keep your home safe and your house in top condition. It will help you stay away from these nasty parasites that feast on your blood. However, if the bedbug situation gets severe, you may need to call professional help.

Thus, once you find traces of these bedbugs, act on them right away. Don’t allow these bedbugs to dwell and multiple. Instead, do the necessary measures to kill and get rid of them safely and effectively. Then, you will once again enjoy a bedbug-free home.



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