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How to Use a Circular Saw – A Complete Guide for Beginners

The steps in using a circular saw can be done easily if you were exposed to the wood industry. Other regions refer circular saw as a power saw. However, particularly for beginners, the use of this tool can be very challenging and difficult. One may need to engage in some informative lessons before setting it up. 

A beginner must learn the right way on how to use a circular saw. Taking this task for granted may cause harm both to the user and to the machine. With this article, you will learn the detailed steps on how to use the saw.

What do you Need?

If you want to know how to use a circular saw, you must first know the essential things. You need to consider these things to follow this tutorial:


The preparation includes your understanding of the operation of the circular saw and its maintenance. Know that there are plenty of blades offered in the market nowadays. These blades have a standing functioning procedure, however, the operating buttons can be seen differently.

You should review the user manual to comprehend everything. You may also want to utilize other resources such as YouTube links and company websites for more assistance. Although this tutorial is easy to understand, you must support yourself with some basic information about circular saws.

Addressing the Safety Concerns

The blades in your circular saw are extremely sharp and if you do not practice carefulness, serious damage can occur. Hence, you must get a complete understanding of the security guidelines of your circular saw before you use it.

You should not forget to put on protective gear. Eyeglasses and hand-gloves are best for this task as it secures the essential parts of the body. You might also find it necessary to put on earmuffs. 

Correct Measurements

You should calibrate the circular saw at a greater point compared to the size of the wood you intend to cut. It means that if you plan to saw a 2-cm thick member, then the blade of the saw must be roughly 2.36-cm. 

Setting it to the same sizes will make the blade stuck in the wood which could result in damages or wreckage. Thus, measurements are something to consider when trying to follow this tutorial.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Prepare the Circular Saw

The first thing that you should do before you use a circular saw is to prepare it. It means that you have to check first its workability. Load it with gasoline if it is operated through gasoline. Optionally, you may also connect it to a power source to initiate use.

2. Select the Right Blade

You should know that blades are made variedly. You can some blades with longer teeth while other blades possess shorter teeth. Blades with longer teeth are more promising as they do better cutting. Thus, if you want to make sure that you obtain the best results in cutting when a circular saw, get the right blade.

3. Accustom the Blade’s Depth

Lower the saw’s blade by ¼-inch under the base of the wood. That should be enough so you can smoothly cut the wood. Doing so can also extend the life of the circular saw and its blade. You mustn’t do power on the circular saw if you are making adjustments in the blade as it can be very risky.

4. Start the Circular Saw

This time, switch on the machine and move it to the object you intend to cut. It can either be metal or timber. Allow it to run to its maximum capacity before you begin cutting. That is an effective trick if you want to create smooth and straight cuts. Doing so will also lessen the risk of hurting yourself or producing wrong cuts.

5. Cut

Circular saws do upstroke cutting. Hence, you should position the wood on the floor to get the best contraction. The blade’s diameter is around 1/8-inch in thickness. Do not cut into the dimension or the lineup. You must downplay the two sides of the line.

As you continue to make the blade running at complete speed, shift the circular saw forwards and allow its edges to perform the job. However, you must see to it that there nothing under the wood you are cutting that can potentially destroy the blade. 

Wherever area possible, hang the wood on another wood as you position it for cutting, keeping a close eye while you are approaching the end part.


Learning how to use a circular saw as a beginner may seem very hard at first. Nevertheless, with minimal exposure and checking resources that tackle the method of circular saw operations, you will see that it is very manageable.

Remember to secure all necessary materials first before you try the tutorial featured in this article. You must also wear protective gear before you start cutting with the circular saw. Moreover, you should make markings before you proceed with cutting wood or metal.



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