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Top 11 Most Expensive Wood

Wood is available in many types and species. Most of the wood used as building materials is readily available and affordable. But have you ever wondered about the most expensive wood species? Here is a list of the 11 top most expensive and the rarest wood species available.

The 11 most expensive wood 

1 African Blackwood

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As the name suggests, the African Blackwood is very dark, almost black in color. It has very fine pores and straight grain and thus, it’s very easy to cut. The heartwood is strong and can withstand water and moisture than other types of wood. 

This is commonly used in turning projects including ornaments, bowls, pens, and chess pieces.  It is also used to carve musical instruments and for different indoor ornaments. The African Blackwood has a distinct odor but is not as off-putting as other types of wood. 

2. Agar Wood

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Agar wood is valued highly and is even known to be more valuable than gold. A rich oil can be extracted from agar wood and is used to make different materials. This wood is rare and is available in deep jungles in small plantations. 

The price of agar wood can be anywhere from $20 up to $20,000 or more for every kilogram of dried wood chips. Meanwhile, the essential oils from the agar tree can cost $30,000 for every kilogram. 

3. Black Wood or Ebony

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Another rare and every expensive type of wood is ebony or black wood. It is used to make small items including piano keys, components of musical instruments, chess pieces, doorknobs, and floor inlays. 

This wood is very strong and is impenetrable to insects and mold. It has an even texture and a lovely fine grain. You’ll notice that the wood has a natural shine and this is from the oils in the wood. A wonderful characteristic of ebony is that it can be bent using steam. This allows you to use the wood in many applications. 

4. Bloodwood

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Because of its bright red hue, Bloodwood is easy to recognize anywhere. But the color won’t stay bright red for long. It can lighten or darken depending on how long it’s exposed to UV rays. Bloodwood is durable and can stand insects and moisture and because of this, you can use this wood to make musical instruments, furniture, knife handles, inlays, and trims. 

5. Bocote

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Bocote is very lovely with its striking grains and impressive colors. This is why it’s commonly used to make musical instruments, turned objects, gunstocks, and many more. This wood is expensive and thus, it’s used only in limited amounts. 

Bocote is strong and thus will last a long time. However, it’s very heavy and is prone to insect damage. And because of its oils, some people may suffer an allergic reaction to it.  

6. Bubinga

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The Bubinga is another expensive wood because of its unique appearance. It has lovely rings and varying textures because of its different fiber growth directions. You’ll find this wood in fine furniture, musical instruments, and decorative veneer. 

Bubinga wood is cut in thin sheets to line luxurious rooms and even in aircraft interiors. The wood is so beautiful, it’s used to make fine boxes, jewelry cases, display cabinets, and other extravagant applications.  

Aside from its lavish beauty, the Bubinga is also prized for its strength. Doors made of this wood will last a long time and will never crack, break or crack. This wood naturally repels insects, termites, and other marine borers. 

7. Dalbergia

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Dalbergia is found in the tropical forests of South America and Southeast Asia. Also known as rosewood or cocobolo, Dalbergia is also used to make guitars and other string instruments. It’s also commonly used to make veneer flooring and expensive furniture. 

This wood has a light to dark golden color with purple streaks. The color will eventually darken and turn into a very deep brown over time.

8. Iron Wood

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Also known as lignum vitae, this is common in tropical and sub-tropical forests of Central America. This wood has a high oil content and thus it looks polished with a high luster. Iron wood is available in a different color from olive to dark green to black. 

Iron wood is used to make tool handles, mallets, bearings, and outdoor projects. But because of its high oil amounts, it is resistant to glues and epoxies. 

9. Pink Ivory

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There are many color variations of pink ivory but the most impressive and the most valuable is the one with a bright pink color. This is a durable wood and is used to make chess pieces, knife handles, veneer, and billiard cues. It is also used to make home interior components and as interior accents. 

10. Purple Heart Amaranth

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The purple heartwood has a dull purple color but as the wood ages, the surface will turn to deep violet color. Eventually, this expensive wood will turn dark brown with only a tinge of purple along the grain. This can be avoided by avoiding exposure to UV light. 

Purple heart is useful in building floors, boats, and furniture. It is water-resistant and will resist insects and pests. You can also select purple heartwood n varying grains to match your needs. 

11. Sandalwood

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Sandalwood is prized for its natural oils and heavenly scent. Even objects made from sandalwood will retain their natural scent for many years. This is why it’s common to find sandalwood gift boxes, jewelry cases, jewelry, and other personal items. The oil is used to make perfumes, soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, and other personal care products. 

Sandalwood timber comes with a straight and fine grain. You’ll find sandalwood chairs, tables, floors, and other interior pieces as well as other items available for home use. 

There you have it, the top most expensive wood available today. Remember to order your wood only from reputable dealers. Take time to check for the quality of genuine wood before you place your order. Reputable suppliers will offer you alternative wood species in case the original wood is not available. 



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