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Scroll Saw vs Band Saw – What’s the Difference between the Two?

As someone who loves DIYs, there could be times wherein you will need a saw to carry out your project. There are actually various kinds of saws that you can find in the market today. Some of the cutting saws that are quite confusing to choose from are scroll saws and band saws. A lot of people do not find it easy to compare scroll saw vs band saw. Some cannot even decide which one is best for them.

This article will determine the difference between a scroll saw and a band saw. If you are currently working on a project and you are not sure which of the two tools to use, it is recommended that you read on so you will learn which saw is best for the task you are working on.

Scroll Saw vs Band Saw Comparison

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If you are to choose between a scroll saw vs band saw, you may want to check their features and specifications:

Blade Speed

The blade speed of a scroll saw is determined through its strokes for every minute and it normally varies from 400 to 1800 SPM. The blade speed is regulated by a variable-speed knob or a foot pedal. Because of the blades’ TPI, scroll saws can do tight turns as well as create complex designs. The greater the TPI of the blades, the tighter and faster these blades can rotate.

On the other hand, the blade speed of a band saw is determined through feet per minute and the speed is normally at 3000 FPM. You can, however, find some models that run second-rate, a lessened speed which is roughly between 1000 to 1500 FPM. If you are working on non-ferrous metals or other compact materials, these slower-speed models would be great.


Generally, the scroll saws are very portable considering their weight that ranges from 5 to 60 pounds. On the other hand, band saws are more suitable for immobile placement considering their weight is more than 250 pounds.

Blade Width

Blades of a scroll saw typically have a width that ranges from #2 to #12. Moreover, the width reflects the TPI. Blades with a greater number have lesser TPI. These models are ideal for harder and thicker materials. They cannot cut closely the complex corners. If you require higher precision, then you should find blades in lower numbers since they have greater TPI.

Blade Length

The blades of a scroll saw measure can either be 5 or 6 inches and they can either be pin-end or plain-end. The blades of a band saw, on the other hand, are available in different lengths. They can be anywhere from 52 to 261 inches.

A band saw, on the other hand, has blades with a width that ranges from 1/8 to 1 inch. The wider blades could cut strain although they are not ideal for narrower diameters. If you are working on lighter and subtle work, you should use narrower blades.


If you are working on a minor project that utilizes a thin material, the recommended tool would be the scroll saw. Some of these works could include complex wood decorations, cutting numbers and letters, or DIY jigsaw puzzles. Scroll saws can provide an expert, smooth finish.

However, if you are handling bigger projects that utilize thicker materials, band saws are the right tool for you. This tool is ideal when making a piece of wooden patio furniture, hanging shelves, and tabletops. Band saws are also popular for quick and aggressive straight cuts. This is because its blades always follow the same path. You will often see this tool used in a professional or industrial setting.


Obviously, power tools aren’t affordable equipment. Surely, the cost is one of the things you will have to consider when differentiating scroll saw vs band saw.

A scroll saw is oftentimes the affordable option. A lot of DIYers and crafters own this tool. A band saw, on the other hand, is quite expensive considering the fact that it is more commercial. Many professional woodworkers are actually using this tool.


When trying to figure out the difference between a scroll saw vs band saw, you can say that there really is no definite winner between them. Although both are quite similar, they exhibit abilities that can be different from the other. Hence, it is necessary to understand the features of each tool and what they can do. It will be easier for you to know which one to use if you are familiar with its features.

Bear in mind that a scroll saw is suitable for people who are working on smaller projects but with subtle items. For larger projects with harder and thicker material, the speed and power of a band saw can provide the kind of cuts you want.





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