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7 Woodcrafts to Sell at Craft Shows: Easy and Profitable Projects

Wood crafting is a rewarding hobby and it often includes simple steps. But why not maximize this hobby by generating an earning from it? You can find plenty of wood crafts to sell at craft shows. And since your hobby is already in wood crafting, you may consider making one of those easily-sold items. 

What are the Best Wood Crafts to Sell at Craft Shows?

Here are some of the best wood crafts to sell at craft shows:

1. Coasters

Coasters is one of the fast-selling wood crafts in a craft show. Every home needs coasters to secure their furniture from glass rings. These crafts are simple to create. They are easily sold too because of their affordable price. You should always include coasters in your display when selling in a craft show.

Nevertheless, you can earn more money from selling coasters if you personalize them. You can offer clients some options such as having their name or carving a symbol on the coaster. With this effort to customize their preferences, you can sell the item twice its regular price.

2. Coat Racks

If you are looking for the best woodcraft to sell at craft shows, then you should consider making coat racks. Wooden coat racks can make a great addition to anybody’s home. Buyers will surely be enticed to buy this product. 

What is even better about this item is that it is very easy to assemble. All you have to secure are pieces of wood, nails, and a hammer. These should be enough to make a beautiful wooden coat rack. By exerting minimal effort and doing constant practice, you can create a coat rack that can draw attention from the crowd in the craft show.

3. Wooden Frames

Who does not want to buy a wooden frame? You will not have a hard time finding a buyer for this particular woodcraft. 

Wooden frames are ageless. Compared to plastic frames, wooden frames will always be the favorite. Wooden frames are the most saleable item in a craft show. Whether you are an expert and have just tried making a wooden frame, you will find it easy to design and sell it.

You can create wooden frames distinct by embellishing them and putting different color combinations. The more extravagant the wooden frame appears, the higher profit you can get.

4. Wooden Jewelry Box

Creating a wooden jewelry box would make a good choice. Nearly all women in the world have jewelry. It could be a ring, bracelet, necklace, and earrings. All of these are treasures to their owners. Hence, they will likely buy something where they can store the beautiful gems. With the wooden jewelry box, customers will be coming to you to ask and buy.

This woodcraft is easy to make and very promising in terms of earnings. They are normally sold at a higher cost as compared to a plastic-material jewelry box. If you have ample time, you may consider designing an intricate wooden jewelry box and sell it at a higher price. Many people, especially women, would love to get a wooden jewelry box to match with their precious jewels.

5. Candle Holder

This woodcraft project is suitable for beginners. Furthermore, it is an ideal woodcraft project for craft shows. It only needs a few raw materials. Of course, one has to have the skills to structure a piece of wood into a gorgeous candle holder.

You might find it smarter to sell this craft together with a candle. You can earn more money by doing so. You’ll just have to strategize. Aside from shaping the wood, it is also best if you design this woodcraft attractively.

Remember that other sellers in the craft show may also feature candle holders. You should make your product unique.

6. Soda Rack

People enjoy drinking soda. Nearly all occasion features a soda. With that in mind, you can make a wooden soda rack. This project is one of the famous wood crafts that generate profit.

Furthermore, it is one of the simple woodcraft projects that can potentially earn. The steps of making a soda rack are quite simple and it only needs minimal effort. But despite the minimal effort being rendered, you can get higher earnings. 

As you grasp the skills of making a wooden soda rack, you will also learn how to design it uniquely. This will increase its value. Hence, you should consider investing in your skills. There are lots of possible designs that you can incorporate with the soda rack. Learn to seize these options.

7. Utensil Carrier

A wooden utensil carrier is affordable to create since it only needs a few raw materials. Also, the steps involved in making it are easy to follow. This product will look great on the dining table and kitchen. People would be eager to buy wooden utensil carriers.

A wooden utensil carrier is also an easy choice if you want to take chance in creating intricate woodworking crafts. Compared to other wood crafts that are featured in the list, the wooden utensil carrier is the most complex. If you have the skill to make it or if you are willing to learn the steps, then you should try making this craft.


Those were just some of the best wood crafts to sell at craft shows. If you want to earn more profits from these crafts, you should consider expanding your skills so you can incorporate intricate designs and style into your craft.

Woodcrafts could never go obsolete. They will always remain a beauty and depending on their practicality, more people would be inclined to use them. You can also explore other options and consider making other designs that could be a hit to your customers. Make sure that you have products that could compete with other sellers.





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