how much is white oak per board foot

How Much Is White Oak per Board Foot

If you’ve ever navigated the labyrinth of White Oak pricing, you know it can be as unpredictable as a weather forecast.

But fear not, understanding the factors influencing these costs can help you make informed decisions and potentially save you a bundle.

Understand the dynamics behind the fluctuating prices of this versatile wood.

Factors Affecting White Oak Pricing

What factors drive the pricing of White Oak lumber per board foot?

White Oak pricing can be influenced by various factors such as the grade, cut (including quarter sawn White Oak), and region where the lumber is sourced.

Quarter sawn White Oak, known for its durability and attractive grain pattern, is often priced higher than flat sawn lumber due to the specialized cutting process required.

In addition, the thickness and quantity purchased can impact the price per board foot, with volume discounts typically available for larger orders of White Oak lumber.

Market demand and availability also play a significant role in determining White Oak pricing. Fluctuations in demand, particularly for specific characteristics of White Oak, can lead to price variations.

Moreover, external factors such as economic conditions and supply chain disruptions can influence the overall pricing of White Oak lumber.

Understanding these factors is essential for individuals or businesses looking to purchase White Oak and navigate the pricing dynamics of this sought-after hardwood.

Current Average Price Range Analysis

The current analysis of the average price range for White Oak lumber per board foot reveals a range from $5.75 to $16.35, with variations based on thickness and quantity purchased.

Specifically, for 4/4 White Oak, the pricing stands at $9.25 (100-249 B.F.), $6.75 (250-499 B.F.), $6.25 (500-999 B.F.), and $5.75 (1000+ B.F.). If you opt for quartered or Rift 4/4 White Oak, prices increase to $16.35 (100-249 B.F.), $14.35 (250-499 B.F.), $12.60 (500-999 B.F.), and $12.10 (1000+ B.F.).

Moving to 8/4 White Oak, you can expect to pay $12.85 (100-249 B.F.), $10.35 (250-499 B.F.), $9.85 (500-999 B.F.), and $9.35 (1000+ B.F.).

These fluctuations in pricing reflect the nuances of Oak Lumber, including thickness and quantity, with Select and better White Oak commanding premium prices.

It’s evident that the price of White Oak varies significantly based on these factors, highlighting the importance of understanding these distinctions before making a purchase.

Tips for Buying White Oak Lumber

When purchasing White Oak lumber, carefully assess the thickness and sawn type to guarantee you’re getting the best value for your project needs, considering prices ranging from $9.25 to $16.35 per board foot.

Determine the required board feet using a project planner, factoring in extra material for adjustments and testing.

Understanding the workability of white oak, known for its importance to liquids and weighing approximately 3.9 lbs. per board foot, is vital for your project’s success.

Choose between custom run white oak S4S dimension, mouldings, trim, or flooring based on your specific application requirements.

White oak is a versatile material used in industries like shipbuilding and furniture making, offering various thicknesses and sawn types for customization.

Understanding Board Foot Measurement

Evaluating the board foot measurement of white oak lumber is important for accurately calculating the volume needed for your woodworking project.

A board foot is a standard unit of measurement that represents one square foot, one inch thick.

Lumber thickness is commonly denoted in quarters of an inch, with 4/4 equating to 1 inch and 8/4 to 2 inches.

When purchasing white oak lumber, you may encounter designations like S2S (surfaced on two sides) or S4S (surfaced on four sides), indicating the level of finishing.

Understanding board feet is essential as it allows you to calculate the amount of lumber required for your project precisely.

By knowing the board foot measurement, you can determine the cost of the lumber needed, ensuring you buy the appropriate quantity for your woodworking endeavor.

Mastering board foot measurement empowers you to make informed decisions when estimating lumber volume and cost for your projects.

Comparing White Oak Costs to Other Woods

For a cost-effective comparison of White Oak with other woods, consider the pricing per board foot for each type of lumber.

White Oak typically ranges from $9.25 to $12.85 per board foot, making it a mid-range option.

Red Oak, on the other hand, is priced lower than White Oak, usually falling between $3 to $6 per board foot, offering a more budget-friendly alternative.

Walnut, known for its high-end quality, comes at a higher price point, costing between $7 to $17 per board foot, surpassing the cost of White Oak.

Cherry wood, a popular choice for its aesthetics, is priced similarly to White Oak, ranging from $4 to $9 per board foot.

Maple wood, with Hard Maple being a comparable option to White Oak, is priced around $7 to $10 per board foot.

When considering cost along with the desired characteristics of the wood, these pricing differences can help you make an informed decision based on your budget and project requirements.


To summarize, the pricing of White Oak lumber per board foot is influenced by various factors such as thickness and quantity purchased.

With a current average price range analysis showing competitive rates for different volumes, White Oak remains a cost-effective choice for woodworking projects.

By understanding board foot measurement and comparing costs to other woods, buyers can make informed decisions to maximize their budget and achieve high-quality results.

Choose White Oak for a versatile and economical option in woodworking.



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